Bahamut vol 8 ch 5 finished

Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut Vol 8 Chapter 5

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Bahamut vol 8 ch 4 finished

Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut Vol 8 Chapter 4

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Arifureta 300 finished

Arifureta Chapter 300

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Bahamut vol 8 ch 3 finished

Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut Vol 8 Chapter 3

Ugh, my motivation is at all time low. I almost fell asleep from boredom when translating this chapter. The problem with translating a series like this is how long the chapters are, and how many depressing things there are in the beginning and middle before the good and exciting stuff appeared only at the very end.

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Fanfic finished

[Fanfic] 21 Final Chapter

[Fanfic] 21 Afterword

[Fanfic] 21 Side Story

Finished, done. Sayonara work. Welcome, more work T_T


Btw, about FGO, Saber Wars. I finished all the available free quest. Now I’m collecting the drop item to exchange for mats. Should I focus on Scathach quest and Tesla quest to collect the drops? Or should I focus on MHZ quest instead to focus on collecting Altrium?

And if I should focus on Scathach or Tesla quest, should I choose support with limit break event CE so I can get the bonus +2 drop? Or should I just choose support with Pure Bloom installed?

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Fanfic 21 Final chapter half-finished

[Fanfic] 21 Final Chapter

Reach a good part to stop, so I published it first. I’ll finish the rest tomorrow if possible.

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Arifureta 299 finished

Arifureta Chapter 299

Anyone who can contact the moderator in novelupdate, please ask them to remove the notice for fanfic there. I got no membership there so I cannot do it myself.

Also fanfic has been edited until ch 5 by windgrace

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