HxH Drama CD Novel ch 1 finished

HxH Drama CD Novel Chapter 1 (3175 words)

The story of this bonus SS is exactly the same like the drama CD of HxH (I think), though it’s in the form of novel.

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Arifureta 323 finished + HxH Drama CD SS Prologue finished

Arifureta Chapter 323 (6060 words)

The author released the timeline finally. You can go to animesuki forum if you want to look at its translation because Borisdrakoni has translated it. Here is the link click here

Drama CD Novel Prologue (1765 words)

Someone has presented me with the bonus SS from the drama cd, vol 11, 12, and 13. I’ll start translating from the drama CD SS. It’s pretty long. Here is the prologue for now.

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HxH finished

HxH Vol 13 Afterword (2086 words)

HxH Vol 13 Electronic Special SS (1398 words)

With this it’s finished. They aren’t edited yet though. And also if anyone get the raw of the bonus SS, send it to me and I’ll translate it. (Edit: Someone has sent me the raw for the SS, and not only for vol 13, even for vol 11 and 12 and also drama CD bonus too. So no need for searching anymore. Man, just when I thought I can relax, suddenly a ton of work come rushing again, huhhh)

For now I haven’t decided what I will translate next. I’ll read up some LN and WN I didn’t have the time to read until now for a few weeks before I made up my mind about the next project. Though currently this title is the strongest contender in my mind: 乙女ゲー世界はモブに厳しい世界です, a WN from the author of Sevens.


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Hxh 13 Epilogue finished

HxH Vol 13 Epilogue (6955 words)

Only afterword and the side story left. Also, it seems that there are side story for Sylvia and Himekawa for their H-scene, which came as extra if you bought the physical copy of the novel at certain shops in Japan. Right now I don’t have the raw for them, so it will be much appreciated if anyone can help with that. Eros!

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HxH vol 13 ch 3 finished

HxH Vol 13 Chapter 3 (9214 words)

Goddamn, the material needed to ascend Arturia Lancer, Ozy, and Serenity is no joke. Why do they needed that many, is it that easy to farm them?

For the first time I was farming for ascension material yesterday, usually the material I got from the events are enough. I only needed seven seed of yggdrasil, and yet I spend around 8 golden apples doing lancer training ground intermediate and expert alternately before I finally got them all. Will it be that hard too to get the new materials in Camelot?

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HxH vol 13 ch 2 finished

HxH Vol 13 Chapter 2 (15405 words)

Say, is it possible I will get banned for posting this kind of chapter here?

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Arifureta 322 finished

Arifureta Chapter 322 (7943 words)

Subzero Daedra has started editing this series too. He has edited until chapter 190. I think Windgrace has also give some edit to the last 2 chapters.


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