The “fanfic” of you know what finished

Its finished. Now, anyone got the raw for v20?

EN: To those who create pdfs and distribute them (thanks for the hard work) but can you wait a few days before creating them? It has yet to be completely edited.

Much thanks~Grace

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Chapter 4 finished

One more chapter.


Also, WN recommendation:

-Kumo desu ga, nani ka?

-Hachinan Tte, sore ha nai desho?

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Chapter 3 Complete

I’m assured now that this is well hidden, after all the traffic for these chapters are still so few. If even the reader haven’t find this yet than I don’t think the official can find it.

Btw, can you guys tell me from where you guys aware of the translation of this current series I translated? Don’t tell me you guys only know it from following my post in this blog?

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Happy Sexy New Year~

So well here is a kaguya gift just that it has 9 version because I cant choose so I leave that to you ~ Top 1-3 versions will be added in gallery, Have a sexy 2017~


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Chapter 2 finished

Happy new year 2017!!

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Vol 19 Chapter 1 Finished

I’ll pull down the illustrations tomorrow so that it will be harder to detect. Any of you who want the picture better save it fast before it is gone from here.

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The translation about you-know-what

To reduce the chance of getting DMCA, please don’t write up the name of the you-know-what’s name. It might be futile, but let’s just give it a try.

I also won’t list the link at the menu bar so it won’t be too standing out.

Anyway here is the link to the pages   vol 19

Also a lot of thanks for Elberet from and Symbiancross for providing me the raw.

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