Arifureta 393

Arifureta Chapter 393 (6949 words) wordpress

The fourt challenge of the event is really a killer. I spent a whole night just to clear that one. Times that I planned to use for translating and farming.

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Arifureta Bluray SS ch3

Arifureta Blu-ray SS Chapter 3 (22145 words) wordpress

Managed to farm 25000 lottery ticket so far. How about everyone else? Perhaps you all have managed to farm 100 k or 200 k unlike my lazy ass?

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Soudouki v11c3

Soudouki Vol 11 Chapter 3 (11877 words) wordpress

I was actually going to upload this some hours ago, but I got too busy farming that I almost went to sleep without remembering to upload this, ahahaha. Lucky I remember it just before I shut down my laptop

Also damn that AUO, it took me 33 tickets and 450 quartz, almost everything I got before he deigned to grace me with his presence. I almost fell into despair when he miraculously show up at the last moment. Got a lot of Moolah at the same time.

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Arifureta 392

Arifureta Chapter 392 (7798 words) wordpress

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Arifureta Blu-ray SS ch2

Arifureta Blu-ray SS Chapter 2 (10936 words) wordpress

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Soudouki v11ch2

Soudouki Vol 11 Chapter 2 (19292 words) wordpress

Damn, the way to edit wordpress has been drastically changed. Now I don’t know how to use ruby text anymore. Someone help

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Arifureta 391

Arifureta Chapter 391 (7170 words) wordpress

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Arifureta 390

Arifureta Chapter 390 (8868 words) wordpress

Just a revised chapter. There is still the real chapter after this. I’ll try to finish it as quickly as I can.

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Arifureta Blu-ray SS ch 1

Arifureta Blu-ray SS Chapter 1 (9452 words) wordpress

Posting a chapter of arifureta 3 hours after the author posted new chapters. Damn I’m good!

Well, joking aside, this is the bonus SS from the anime’s blu-ray. There are still three more chapters of this.

The author has also just posted two new chapters of arifureta today. They are chapters of Tortus travel journal.

One of the chapter are just revision of tortus travel journal 20. The author revised it so it will match with the side story of Tio that he published in the latest LN. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish it quick.

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Soudouki v11c1

Soudouki Vol 11 Character Introduction (245 words) wordpress

Soudouki Vol 11 Chapter 1 (21845 words) wordpress

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