Sevens vol 3 prologue finished

Sevens Volume 3 Illustrations

Sevens Volume 3 Prologue (5032 words)

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Sevens vol 2 finished

Sevens Volume 2 Chapter 30 (1958 words)

Sevens Volume 2 Epilogue (3008 words)

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Sevens ch 29 finished

Sevens Volume 2 Chapter 29 (4155 words)

The amazing Mr. Lyle has cometh!

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Arifureta ch 340 finished

Arifureta Chapter 340 (5569 words)

Windsgrace- Chapter is edited. Phew this time it was really hard. Anyways Enjoy (I did the best I could)

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Sevens ch 28 finished

Sevens Volume 2 Chapter 28 (4309 words)

Onward to Arifureta new chapter.

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Sevens ch 27 finished

Sevens Volume 2 Chapter 27 (6978 words)

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Sevens ch 26 finished

Sevens Volume 2 Chapter 26 (4901 words)

Finally the hellish slavery farming is over, only managed to get 37 box in total. I think my parallel thought skills has leveled up quite much these few days from farming at the side while doing other things. How much box do you guys managed to farm?

Also want to try for chibi Medusa, but saw the rate and now I’m hesitating. Only 1,2% odd, that doesn’t seem good at all, almost like trying for a five star. With my luck it feels like only damn Gil will come at me. When will be there an event where we can choose any 4 star we like?

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