Magika series finished

Magika Vol 14 Epilogue 2

Magika Vol 14 Afterword

The first series that I translated, and now it’s finished.

When I first start translating, I never imagined that I would actually translate this until the end. In the back of my mind I always assumed that I’m going to drop out midway. Looks like I’m pretty lucky though, nothing drastic stand in my way that can hinder me to finish translating.

A total of 13 volumes translated, seeing that most of the first volume is translated by jn19930. Looking back, that’s quite a lot. Hard to believe I translated that many books.

Now that I’m finished, I’m filled with sense of accomplishment and fulfillment…………….not. What the hell, I feel normal, no fulfillment at all, I don’t feel any particularly pride or anything, no joy or satisfaction from the hard work. Sense of accomplishment, what’s that? Can you eat that?

I feel cheated, why the hell am I doing this again, and what’s more for free, how can I do something so stupid…………………….ah right, I’m a baka.

Well, I don’t think that this idiot will wise up any time soon, so I’ll continue for some more indeterminate time. Hope you guys enjoy this series. Now I’m going to catch up at my list of novel and game.

For anyone who is wondering, right now I’m not thinking to translate anything new, I’ll decide after I catch up somewhat with my list. So no need to waste your time asking.

Editor: (Omega)

My edits for Magika, are complete. Enjoy guys


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Magika Epilogue of Lotte and Hikaru finished

Magika Vol 14 Epilogue 1d

Magika Vol 14 Epilogue 1e

The end is near, only the last epilogue is left, dammit.

Editor (Omega):

My edits for these chapters are complete.


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Magika Kaguya Epilogue finished

Magika Vol 14 Epilogue 1c

I tried installing Fate Grand Order english in my smartphone but was unable to. What is the requirement to install it? I’m using Samsung A-3, with Android 6.0, and is living in Southeast Asia

Editor (Omega):

My edits for the chapter are complete.


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Magika Koyuki’s Epilogue finished

Magika Vol 14 Epilogue 1b

I’m using a really controversial word in this chapter. If you guys have better alternative please tell me.


Edits for the chapter are complete. Enjoy.


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Magika Epilogue Mio finished

Magika Vol 14 Epilogue 1a

Even though this is the epilogue, the end, my motivation is lowering instead, hahhh

Editor (Omega):

Hi all. My edits for the chapter are complete.


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Arifureta Chapter 281 complete

Arifureta Chapter 281

Sorry for those who kept asking for magica, decide to this first to clear away some heavy feeling. Well, I also post three parts of Mio’s epilogue just now if anyone interested.

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Magika Epilogue I finished

Magika Vol 14 Epilogue 1

Should I translate Arifureta first or continue with Magika, that’s the question.

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My edits are complete for the chapter. Enjoy.


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