Fanfic 20 finished

Fuuh, finally. Enjoy.

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Fanfic 20 chapter 6 Finished

Finally only epilogue left.

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Fanfic 20 Chapter 5 Finished

Okay, just a bit more. Though the last chapter is also the longest. Hahhh.

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Edits for the Fanfic

I apologize that the edits for the “fanfic” is and has been going slowly. I have been extremely busy as of late. Same with Omega. I have only had time to do initial and secondary edits. (Generally there are up to 16 drafts all for the pleasure of the readers) For this I am sorry. I will try to catch up.

Best regards


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Fanfic 20 chapter 4 finished

The story is starting to pick up here I guess, I’m more motivated in this chapter.

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Fanfic 20 chapter 3 finished

Haaaah, still half to go.

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Fanfic 20 chapter 2 finished

Slow going.

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