More images

Thanks to Harris I got better image of the Beatrix.

Also thanks to Ultragunner and shadow1296 that I got the link to Kaguya’s picture by the manga artist. Special thanks to Rinvelt for the redrawn & Uncensored version of Mio from the samples.

You can find it at the bottom of the Gallery

By the way, is there any chance my blog got hit by wordpress admin or anyone because I’m posting that kind of picture?

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Beatrix image from manga vol 5 afterword has been uploaded

It’s in gallery page. Enjoy.

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Twin Gallery Update

Magika Lu shang coloring from vol 8

and Kizuna x Aine kiss from HxH vol 7


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HxH BD Short Story complete


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Egyptian Hottie Gallery Update

whats da name btw. And any one knows color scehem of school nurse in vol 8 who milked MC in her milk bags

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Minor Gallery Update

Been busy with classes so didnt do much, but heres a Zel for ya all because that purple beauty is gorgeous af

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HxH Vol 9 Complete



Edits for volume 9 are complete.



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