Arifureta Chapter 288 finished

Arifureta Chapter 288

Got 20 free quartz today, which I spent immediately on summoning. Got my third Emiya at my first draw, yay………the rest isn’t worth mentioning.

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HxH Vol 12 Extra story complete

HxH Vol 12 Extra Story

Sorry, I almost forgot that there is this chapter. Luckily someone reminded me.

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HxH vol 12 complete

HxH Vol 12 Chapter 5

HxH Vol 12 Afterword

I’ll continue Bahamut now.


Regarding FGO, after spending about 250$, I think it’s safe to say that this idiot has learned his lesson. Yep, it’s not a waste of money, not at all. It give me a valuable lesson that I will use for my whole life, never gamble on 0,5% chance, no matter how many try you got. And it also give a warning to other people not to waste their money too. Thinking about that, I was using my money for a good and wholesome cause, really! 250$ is nothing at all, yeah imagine all the other useless thing I would use that money on instead if I didn’t use it for this, like LN, doujinshi, unhealthy delicious food, etc, etc. Hics, yeah, hics, it’s not a waste at all, my 250$!!!

Anyway, this idiot is a changed man, no more wasting money. I’m returning to being a filthy free player.

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HxH vol 12 ch 4 finished

HxH Vol 12 Chapter 4

Heheh, hehehehe, just bought 280 more SQ. I got Martha and my second Elizabeth. Also like 6 five star CE. Five star CE has 4 % drop rate chance, so I must be pretty lucky right? Right? Right? Heheheheheheh, heheheheh, heheh.

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Arifureta Chapter 287 finished

Arifureta Chapter 287

Anyone can tell me how far the translation of Date a Live has reached?


And about FGO, at halloween event I manage to get all the event items that I want with some time to spare and qithout using too much golden apple. But in this gudaguda, even if I used all my apple I don’t think that I’ll be able to get all the ascension material. Will all the other events in the future as hard as gudaguda?

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HxH vol 12 Ch 3 finished

HxH Vol 12 Chapter 3

After reading ahead and discovering a certain fact, my motivation is a bit lowered. (I’m lying, it’s lowered by a lot)


In regard to FGO, I finally lost to my stupidity and bought 140 quartz. Damn it, I don’t know that I’m this weak. And the result worth mentioning from that bout of stupidity is Emiya and a five stars………Orion. I don’t know whether to thank my luck or curse, Okita, whyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!???? And what the hell I’m going to do with all this Archers, Emiya, Nobbu, then Orion. Of all the five and four star Saber that exist, why the hell I’m getting Atlante before this and now Emiya and Orion. Thank god that it seems like god stopped my bout of stupidity, now each time I’m trying to buy more quartz it returned error message on my apps, if not then perhaps I’ll have emptied my saving already. Kids, be careful to not copy this idiot here.

Well, it makes me breath a bit easier getting that off my chest.

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HxH Vol 12 ch 2 finished

HxH Vol 12 Chapter 2


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