Bahamut v 17 prologue, ch 1 finished

Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut Vol 17 Illustrations

Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut Vol 17 Prologue (1047 words)

Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut Vol 17 Chapter 1 (4037 words)

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Campiones vol 3 ch 1 finished

Chapter 1 – Tokyo Ravens (7461 words)

Now to wait for bahamut.

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Sevens vol 4 finished

Sevens Volume 4 Epilogue (3578 words)

Sevens Volume 5 Illustrations

Finished. Hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze out a chapter of Campiones before Bahamut come out

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Sevens ch 55 finished

Chapter 55 – Poyopoyo (4255 words)

Only epilogue left.

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Sevens ch 54 finished

Sevens Volume 4 Chapter 54 (4665 words)

The terrifying leader of second faction is here.


PS: Seeing Jeanne was in rate up yesterday with Ecchan made me decide to throw caution to the wind and invest my tickets. Spend fifteen tickets, yet only damn Elizabeth (who I already have until NP5) appear. This morning I said to hell with saving and rolled thirty quartz, and what appeared was only a silver berserker card, which then proceeded to spark gold and transform into the beautiful gold color. Until now everytime that happened it will only show four stars, but not today. Finally got my first 5 star of this year.



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Sevens ch 53 finished

Chapter 53 – Automaton (4480 words)

Mr. Lyle is here. Mr. Lyle is hereeeeeee!!


I’m gonna focus on Sevens until vol 4 is finished because there is only a little of it left. Then I’ll focus on Bahamut that will come out next week before getting back to Campiones and Sevens. Sorry for those who are waiting for new chapter of Campiones.

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Sevens ch 52 finished

Chapter 52 – Circry Sisters (7283 words)

Shannon, what a terrifying child, I shuddered at the depth of her scheming.


Btw, tried two more tickets yesterday for Ecchan, and she appeared. That black clothes, that yellow eyes, the blonde hair, that alter aura. Arturia Alter has appeared!!! In saber class…

Damn it, last time when I was rolling for gramps, it was a papa assassin that appeared. Now when I was rolling for a five star arturia, it’s only her 4 star that appeared. What’s with this lower quality results!?

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