Arifureta ch 223 finished

Arifureta Chapter 223

Abyssgate arc finally finished. Next chapter we will be back to the Nagumo family.

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Arifureta ch 222 finished

Arifureta Chapter 222

One last chapter left for the abyssgate arc.

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Arifureta Manga vol 1 SS finished

Plan to finish the next chapter of WN today, but dimlik suddenly send me the raw for the ss of the manga vol 1. So here it is. Manga Vol 1 SS

I’ll try to finish the next chapter tomorrow I guess.

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Arifureta Chapter 220 & 221 finished

Arifureta Chapter 220

Arifureta Chapter 221

Chapter 221 is quite short.

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Arifureta ch219 finished

The link Arifureta Chapter 219

Kousuke’s chuuniness is a bit hard to translate.

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Arifureta Chapter 218 Finished

Here is the link Arifureta Chapter 218

Also, no one got raw for Omodume doujin? The out of circulation ones.

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Arifureta ch 217 finished

Here is the link Arifureta Chapter 217

I’m conflicted whether I should put the link like this or not. Won’t this affect my view count because people won’t visit the table of content page like this?

Also, does anyone has the doujins of Omodume? The ones that are not in circulation. There are still a lot of them that aren’t uploaded. Please if anyone has them, gimme.

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