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Merry Christmas. Here is your present

Merry CHristmas to you all. As a present I hope you can be satisfied with my humble present of a completed chapter. A whole volume for a Christmas present is just too much.

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Hi ^^

Well, Nice to meet you ^^ I’ll be posting some stuff in gallery here well that’s all xD

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Hi. I’m OmegaWeaponZ from BT and the Animesuke forum, as well as the other editor for this site. Kinda late for a greeting,ye? But, better late than never. 🙂 I hope that I will be able to provide good edits … Continue reading

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Volume 8 finished

Intermission and afterword added. Now Fully Edited & Transferred to BT-Windsgrace~  

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Chapter 4 finished

Finished with chapter 4. Also, anyone who want to post this in BT, feel free. Cuz I’m too lazy to do it myself.

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Hi everyone this is Windsgrace from BT and Animesuki. I am the new editor of Magika no Kenshi so treat me well. :3

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Making a blog is really a pain. I’m really taking BT for granted. Well, here is where I’m gonna post Magika from now on. The format gonna be a pain to see because there is many convenient function in BT … Continue reading

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