Chapter 4 finished

Finished with chapter 4. Also, anyone who want to post this in BT, feel free. Cuz I’m too lazy to do it myself.

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16 Responses to Chapter 4 finished

  1. nielsjuh555 says:

    Thank you for the translation!


  2. charasuu says:

    just ask you editor to post them in BT :p


  3. FighterFei says:

    Honestly speaking, even wordpress isn’t technically safe (being that it’s based in the US), but this generates way less exposure. You should be prudent and back up everything you work on to be safe, assuming you don’t have them already. I imagine a lot of translators are going to move their stuff “offshore” of Baka-Tsuki because of this. It’s much, much, much too popular a platform. That’s generally the case with a lot of content aggregators. Sooner or later, they get large enough to paint a target on their backs and the publishers most definitely will send DMCAs regardless of jurisdiction and expect you to comply.

    I know several use Geo-blocking to block Japanese IPs nowadays if they’re hosting content, even if it’s in English, to safeguard themselves somewhat. As someone who used to be “in the biz” with manga, I always looked at B-T in a more positive light because it wasn’t a for-profit platform like many aggregators (*looks at Mangafox*). To see this happening to it is a little heartbreaking but I noticed that a lot of the pages they requested deletions of were already abandoned, so it’s highly probable that they ran a sweep, saw that there were “pages” and requested them to be deleted regardless of actual content. If you go to the main page, there isn’t even an “abandoned” tab anymore, which is telling.


    • charasuu says:

      just like AMA that kry must purged cause the french one in BT got nuked, yea, blog and wp isn’t safe :v
      another case is the first one that tling this series, Jn blog, get nuked cause danmachi :v


      • FighterFei says:

        Kry’s is different. His is a pre-emptive purge. Fact of the matter is, until they actually send you a notice, you do not have to remove anything. Furthermore, a notice on B-T does not mean you have to remove your material that is not on B-T unless the target of a DMCA is YOU and not B-T. That’s a very important distinction.

        A blog or release platform is fine, but if you want to be “completely” safe, it’d be best not to pick one whose servers/company/owners are housed in the United States of America because it’s their jurisdiction. To complicate things even more, we’re having an extra-jurisdictional fight right now over something in Europe with Microsoft with the US trying to claim ownership over European data because the company in question is an American company (which doesn’t make ANY sense).


  4. Tallion says:

    It’s ok, i’m lazy myself, so i don’t have the right to judge 😀
    It’s great that you posted when you finished the full chapter, since i only read when the whole chapter’s out! 🙂


  5. mashazmi says:

    wow, thanks for the translation! 😀


  6. vaans02 says:

    I have finally found this blog. Thank you for the TLs. I think this place is feels better for discussion than on animesuki. i feel bad about BT but I think it won’t go down so easily.

    I hope you or someone else post this on BT.


  7. Avaritica says:

    Big thanks for the translation. xoxo


  8. charasuu says:

    testing post, in page vol.8 cp 4 some how my post not showing up…..


  9. flamekira says:

    hello. there is no link to this chapter…


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