Hi ^^

Well, Nice to meet you ^^

I’ll be posting some stuff in gallery here

well that’s all xD

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14 Responses to Hi ^^

  1. Windsgrace says:

    Hi there.


  2. jralvarez1 says:

    Oh I see, it’s one of the images that’s not normally colored huh, did you do that yourself or did you just happen to find the image?


  3. Shiro Kuro says:

    Nice coloring for the illustration.


  4. charasuu says:

    Viole right?


  5. kenchan223 says:

    Hi Viole! You should colour more :3


  6. Mega no Ikarus says:

    Wow …
    You doing a great job viole 👍


  7. teppei says:

    just say hi :3


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