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Favorite Girl Poll

I tried creating a poll at my profile page in Here is the link polling Though to give your vote there you need to have a account, anyone interested please give your vote there. For anyone who don’t … Continue reading

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Independence Day

Gentleman, today I proclaimed the Independence Day. We have fought long and hard, against real life, against sloth, against the temptation. Yet we have never retreated, never taking a single step back no matter what comes our way. Advancing forward … Continue reading

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Plan After Magika

Hope I’m not jinxing myself making this, but seeing a lot of people starting to ask me if I’m going to take another project after finishing volume 10, the answer is no. I have no plan of it, I’m going … Continue reading

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To those who post Magika no Kenshi on BT

Besides myself, Omega and BakaPervert there are those who post this series on BT from the blog. So thanks. 🙂  We are thankful but please wait for it to be edited. x.x there are many sentence re-structures, additions, things that … Continue reading

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Chapter 5 Finished

I can see it, the light at the end of the tunnel. My editing is done-WindsGrace~ Omega the rest is up to you. ^^ Edits complete – OmegaWeaponZ

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Chapter 4 finished

The end is near.

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Chapter 3 Complete

Half left.

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