Volume 9 complete


Finished my editing. Will post to BT should the page go back up. Windsgrace~

Edit: Many BT admins are trying to change to foreign servers outside the US. Thus the hopeful survival of BT. Windsgrace~

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32 Responses to Volume 9 complete

  1. GM_Rusaku says:

    / ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ \
    |  Thanks!!!! Nepu!!!! |
    \_____ ___/
    ぶお~ん( ⊃┳⊃
       ( ( ・ω・)


  2. cyberGame says:

    Thanks so much.. Please Save as pdf and upload in Solidfiles or google drive, To keep that has dmca (not found or 404).. Thanks


  3. dsds9696 says:



  4. Robert M says:

    Thank you very much for your hard work!


  5. Hamakaze * says:

    hoping to see vol 10 soon :’>


  6. Mega no Ikarus says:

    Thank’s for your hard word


  7. Tallion says:

    Thank you for the good work!


  8. doyouloveme says:

    Thank’s for your hard work!!This is a finish chinese fantasy novel!! child-of-light.net hope help you!!


  9. Irina_Akashira says:



  10. Bapakmesum says:

    Wait, what? Did Kazuki just porked Mio in the epilogue?
    Guess I know what I should have as my midnight ‘snack’ for tonight.


    • Ren says:

      Sorry for breaking your illusions (I’m not Touma), but Kazuki just did the same with Kaguya, Hikaru and Kazuha…..BUUUUUTTT, from my perspective, Mio gave him a HANDJOB XD


  11. pierre98 says:



  12. Anonymous says:

    Thank you soon soon much!!! Really we cant thank you enough!!!


  13. Ashmedia says:

    That was fast thanks guys~!!!


  14. Kyusen says:

    Great work as always, but I don’t know if you know anything about this but have been unable to connect to baka-tsuki for the whole day. Any ideas? Though I am thankful for the hard work.


  15. One man army says:

    Thanks man, really enjoying every chapter on that, hopefully you will have a nice day!!!


  16. luiz117 says:

    Thanks for your hard work and time. Really looking forward to read this volume.

    Thanks again


  17. charasuu says:

    So when this blog move out from US server?


    • Windsgrace says:

      Depends…but BT is moving for sure. With this they can most likely add other series back. BakaPervert will ultimately decide if we change to a foreign server…which will become a major pain…


      • kizrock says:

        Maybe you don’t have to. If what you said about BT is correct then just move back there


      • islas27 says:

        Eh, if you like the blog format, you could just backup the whole site, and re insert it in other hosting not in us soil. The only requisite is that it can handle install WordPress (support PHP language), if I recall correctly. If you need help, tell me! I’m a Web Applications programmer (although blogs are not in my specialty, I’ll study them to help)


        • omegaweaponz says:

          Out of curiosity, what do you need to learn to do that? Currently I have a bachelors in computer programming (mostly java and c++), but I’m looking to broaden the languages and such that I know.


          • islas27 says:

            Eh, mostly, the logic behind Web applications, and that’s it, languages, there are a ton, so, it’s not really recommended to just pursue one. Send me a mail, and we can chat more about it. Always good to help a fellow programmer (I’m actually about to finish my major in software engineering too!)

            islas.27 at Gmail dot com, or hotmail dot com


  18. Random Anon says:

    Thanks for the great job!!!


  19. Lolicon says:

    Bakapervert is one of my favorite people alive right now, regular updates despite beling lazy and stating it. Rememinde me of myself execpt of the translating part


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