Plan After Magika

Hope I’m not jinxing myself making this, but seeing a lot of people starting to ask me if I’m going to take another project after finishing volume 10, the answer is no. I have no plan of it, I’m going to take a break to play the game and read the LN that I have not the time to read until now. Thank you for all of your high evaluation for me that some of you still want me to translate another LN, but as for now, I simply don’t have the motivation for it at all. I’ll take a break and continue the vol 11 when it comes out.

Also I plan to make a poll for who is the favorite girl after I finish the volume. Looks like wordpress doesn’t have the function for it, so I’m planning to make it in my account. Or any of you guys have another recommendation how to make polling?

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63 Responses to Plan After Magika

  1. DNAnime says:

    At least you plan on doing 11 when it comes out. All that matters to me âĪ
    Thanks for all your hard work thus far!


  2. charasuu says:
    try this link:v


  3. nicholaevich says:

    Fak uuuuuuuuuuu!!! Second!!!


    • nicholaevich says:

      Also, if there is a LN deserves to be translated, then it’s leviathan of the Covenant , or absolute duo


      • Amaranthis says:

        Leviathan is being translated and riki said that he might start translating absolute duo again.
        Just take this needed 1 month break when you are done with volume 10. You can always decide to pick something up after you are done with magika 11 seeing as it will take a lot of months till volume 12 will be out.


        • nicholaevich says:

          Then. Then. Then…………………
          Seiken tsukai no world break?
          Or seikoukou no dragonir


          • Kyusen says:

            Please do enjoy your well deserved rest, and then when vol.11 is released we will once again owe you for more of your hard work.
            Though if once vol.11 is done maybe, just maybe you could have a look into ‘Seiken tsukai no world break’.
            But once again we are thankful to you any all your efforts.


  4. blahto says:

    Thanks for the work! what game are you playing?? Also have a nice break…..


  5. direwolf1618 says:

    While it’s a shame that you won’t put your talents to any other LNs, I guess it’s a good thing. There are a few series out there that I would love to see translated, but they fell into the trap of being the translators second or third priority. So they spend years isles because someone is sitting on them.

    The effort you brought to Magika which used to be one of those, can not be understated. I look forward to seeing volume 11.


  6. matssel says:

    A translator should do as they feel like. Having many projects at once with few brakes would probably just make you lose interest in translation


  7. Irina_Akashira says:


    Anyway, thanks for your hard work


  8. frozendeva says:

    Thanx for all the translations done so far 🙂


  9. KozuKy says:

    Thanks a lot for all the hard work 😀


  10. blahto says:

    Hope we see more Bea-chan in vol. 11 and Akane having the spotlight……


  11. pokeperson1000 says:

    will there be PDF files for volumes 9 and 10 once you finish translating?


  12. kizrock says:

    You’re awesome baka-ero

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  13. tracker says:

    you have already done enough take a break and see you later when vol 11 comes out. thanks for all your work!!!


  14. agustiin92 says:

    Thank you so much for your hard work. You deserve a long break!!! I enjoyed magika a lot, thank you very much again.


  15. farj says:

    thank you


  16. Flandre says:

    Too bad ðŸ˜Ķ


  17. Dark Jackel says:

    Have a good break, and thank you for your hard work.


  18. jorgelotr says:

    Take your well deserved break. The most important thing in fan translating is will and modd.


  19. neokryte says:

    I’ve been reading since the beginning translation started and I have to say thank you to all the hard working people driving this, thank you for your effort, and take responsibility for giving me an addiction to magika! P.s. I think having a focus on one thing is very good, also breaks are great, and take care of yourself!


  20. memotime75 says:

    Thank you and enjoy your Gales.


  21. Have a nice rest BakaP. You’ve earned after you translate Vol 10. What kind of VNs are you playing anyway? 😛


  22. uhsieh says:

    Thank you for your hard work!

    Have a nice rest and hope to see you when Vol. 12 comes out!


  23. FollowerA says:

    Have you played the Ikusa megami series ?


  24. Sergio says:

    Thanks for your work.
    If you had time for other novels after finish magika, maybe you could translate seikoku no dragonar, if you like of course. I think its a great ln but the translators stoped their work when the story became more interesting


    • omegaweaponz says:

      Dragonar has been picked up by zxzxzx. He’s the dude that’s doing DxD. Considering that DxD will soon be up to date, you can expect an update to it soon, I think.


    • Aprilus I says:

      And besides, he’s doing Ultimate Antihero. Better for us to suggest other LNs to translate after that or else, he might end up like Setsuna-san with more things on his plate than he can manage. (Not like I’m criticizing him or anything.)


  25. Sergio says:

    Thanks for your work. Maybe when you have finished magika you would like translate seikoku no dragonar, this LN is great and I dont know why anyone is translating the other volumes.


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