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Antihero Volume 1 Complete

Along with the prologue of vol 2 Editor (OmegaWeaponZ): Hiya. Volume 1 has now been completely edited.

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Antihero chapter 4 complete

I wonder, maybe the secret of series popularity is slower update? Maybe the impatient and the speculation from waiting is more beneficial to enjoy the story more, I guess.

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Antihero chapter 3 complete

One more down.

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Antihero chapter 2 complete

Wonder how many people read this series?

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Antihero ch 1 complete

Nothing more to say.

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Volume 11 complete

Finally finished. Now to move back to Antihero.

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Chapter 4 complete

A lot of guro description, you have been warned. (Pt 4) ———————————————— The cleanest version to explain what Guro (Ero Guro)is well…extremely vivid descriptions of erotic, violence and gore. In Art it’s violent scenes without showing pain or horror. Be … Continue reading

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