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HxH Vol 1 ch 3 finished

As usual, anyone who want to post this in BT feel free. Editor (OmegaWeaponZ): Edits are complete. Regards

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HxH Vol 1 Ch 2 Finished

Wish I have something witty to write. Editor (OmegaWeaponZ): Edits for Chapter 2 are complete. Regards

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HxH Vol 1 Chapter 1 complete

For all the pervert out there, sadly the really erotic scene will only be at the end. Endure. Editor (OmegWeaponZ) – Edits for this chapter are done. Regards, and enjoy.

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HxH Vol 1 prologue complete

Finally got volume 6 and 7, but I guess I’ll wait to read it when the translation reach those volume. Once more, thank you for the kind soul providing me with those volumes. Editor (OmegaWeaponZ): Edits for the Prologue are … Continue reading

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Last Project, I think.

Time to make sure that the pervert in my name is not just for show. Hida Kizuna visited the strategic defense academy Ataraxia based from the call of her big sister where he encountered the girl who operated the magic … Continue reading

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Volume 3 Antihero complete

It’s finished folks. Now to wait for volume 4 of this or Magika 12. Editor(OmegaWeaponZ): Hiya. All edits are complete. No to begin with HxH 😀 Regards

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Chapter 3 complete

Cliffhanger, damnit. And it looks like volume 4 still doesn’t show any sign of release.

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