Magika polling result

Well, the poll that kcz117 made just got closed and here is the final result:

Heroine: Votes: Percentage:
1. Otonashi Kaguya 155 25%
2. Tsukahara Kazuha 113 18%
3. Hiakari Koyuki 48 8%
3. Beatrix Baumgard 48 8%
5. Hoshikaze Hikaru 40 6%
6. Amasaki Mio 37 6%
7. Charlotte Liebenfrau 35 6%
8. Leme 29 5%
9. Hayashizaki Kanae 27 4%
10. Ryuutaki Miyabi 25 4%
11. Ryuutaki Shinobu 23 4%
12. Arthur Basilleus 8 1%
13. Virginia Dance 6 1%
14. Yagumo Akane 5 1%
14. Roshoukou 5 1%
14. Hikita Kohaku 5 1%
17. Kaya 4 1%
18. Kamimura Itsuki 3 0%
18. Liz Liza Westwood 3 0%
18. Ilyailiya Muromets 3 0%
18. Aisu Ikousai 3 0%
22. Hel 2 0%
22. Regina Olympia Folnar 2 0%
24. Mary Mayweather Jr. 1 0%
24. Asamiya Anna 1 0%
26. Jeremy Barrett 0 0%
26. Kami’izumi Iori 0 0%
26. Damian 0 0%
26. Silirat Denkaosen 0 0%
26. Koudzuki Kanon 0 0%
26. Yumeno Shiori 0 0%
26. Maya 0 0%
26. Asmodeus 0 0%
26. Katsura Karin 0 0%
26. Mibu Akira 0 0%
26. Eleonora 0 0%
26. Stella 0 0%
26. Fu Xi 0 0%

Total votes: 631

Editor(OmegaWeaponZ): Hope the edit made it more readable ^^’
Also, 26th is last place …

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23 Responses to Magika polling result

  1. Tabeleta says:

    Kaguya won!? But wait, 155%? And Kazuha 113%? Did they broke the poll?


  2. blahto says:

    The plot is so strong in this one!! At least Kazuha-chan is 2nd ^_^
    Mio still take dibs to Kazuya’s child xD


  3. Whynot? says:

    Kazuha Sempai ❤


  4. FighterFei says:

    I can’t believe Kaguya is on top. Ugh. Such an awful character 😐 Frankly, it’s all about the Leme.



  5. AlekAlcalá says:

    It was a surprise to find Kazuha-paisen in first place when I first voted. I though Kaguya was going to be the first.. Yet she still won.

    Not that I complai though my vote was for her :3


  6. charasuu says:

    i never belive in poll result :v


  7. nicholaevich says:

    Why u no vote for liebenfrau?


  8. D33M0 says:

    Kaguya FTW!!!!! And beatrix number 3 Ooooo


  9. Windsgrace says:

    I finally get to sound like a jerk but I am in the 1% xD Though I don’t mind some of the contenders. (Kazuha, Lotte and Leme, and Kanae) That says a lot about my preferences eh? xD


  10. otaku01llsif says:

    what the….. what is Asmodeus and hel doing there also fu xi?!


  11. I’m surprised Lotte doesn’t rank higher….

    Liked by 1 person

    • bakapervert says:

      Well, she doesn’t really have any big role recently.


      • True but she’s still my fav girl. Its not often you find a heroine as kind and pure as her. Especially in harem type stories. Hell, she’s the only girl showing up so far that I’m having trouble imagining anyone would put her in NTR situation


        • Dollar0019 says:

          Lotte may be pure and innocent. But so where all the other girls and they eventually all went down the road of doing more then kissing with Kazuki.

          NTR situation most likely won’t happen with any of the girls in this novel. They are all to in love with Kazuki.

          Besides Pretty sure if they were faced in the situation they’d probably just kick his ass and move on lol. Lotte is awesome I like her character a lot but right now the author is focusing on the other girls which in a way is good but he shouldn’t leave out the other girls either.

          Lotte played a huge part during the war in Japan and will probably play an important role in things to come. The next arc is basically a world war. By the way who became the king of America? It seemed to me that was just left with Kazuki stopping both king candidates and nothing being solved while it split off the Hel breaking Ikuosia out of prison.


  12. Dollar0019 says:

    I envy Kazuki… He has some mighty find women/girls in his harem with more to join depending on how far the story continues.


  13. Anonymous says:

    Beside kaguya and mio who else ask kazuki for a baby was hikaru or was it lotte


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