Antihero vol 3 prologue complete

Hmm, this series become more blatant the further it progressed. Well, all of you reading this must be not that fanatic anyway in the first place, so I guess it’s doesn’t really matter.


Edits complete for v3 Prologue.

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38 Responses to Antihero vol 3 prologue complete

  1. krambharos95 says:

    enjoy read this so thank you for tranlating


  2. krambharos95 says:

    aldo have you ever read tenchi muyo gxp light novel


  3. Dark Jackel says:

    Thank you for your hard work, and please don’t be so depressed at Antihero’s relative lack of popularity. Its competing against the extremely popular Majika, after all… :/


  4. stupidhentai says:

    I enjoy it and other might not cause it’s not echii enough for them. If you don’t want to translate it you don’t have to but a lot of people appreciate what you do. If you drop if, no one will judge you. I will read what ever you want to translate cause I enjoy it. I don’t know about others, but I check on the site twice a day even if I’m reading something else. But what I’m basically trying to say is do what u want

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  5. KozuKy says:

    “this series become more blatant the further it progressed.”
    popularity or the story itself ?


    • Dark Jackel says:

      I’m pretty sure he means how the human “leaders” are complete dicks. But that’s just my interpretation. Also, our illustrious translator seems really uncomfortable about how the story portrays the “Church”.


    • bakapervert says:

      About the heaven is the evil side thing.


      • KozuKy says:

        well that thing is kinda common on japanese LNs/WNs so im used to it,the only things i can recall with heaven being a good side is Highschool DxD and The Man Picked up by the Gods.

        and since the Author is the one who also wrote Rakudai they’re going to be 101% straighforward villains to fully piss off the readers.


      • john says:

        Don’t think about that in fact the author just did some resource about the Church and is just manipulating some acts that the Catholic church did in the past.
        The Catholic Church has some dark moments that were erased from history, but now is what you see, but there are still some that disagree with the Church, and now imagine if some catastrophe did happen and the Chruch our any other religion but at the core was some corrupted belivers, result something like this novel.
        Just don’t think about it.
        If you don’t what to translate something that you don’t feel, just stop and think what will you do next.
        By the way I’m Catholic that did all 12 years of catechism


  6. happinezz001 says:

    Well i kinda like this kind of novel everynow and then it kinda reminds me of antimagic and oregairu


  7. Reaper Phoenix says:

    The CHURCH in the story isn’t actually the Christian Church (Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, or any of the mainstream branches). From what I read it grew out of the ruins of the old religions when they failed during the demon invasion. Personally I see the Church in the story as something similar to those insane cults, only bigger and more public. Though its PR reminds me of televangelists.


  8. Baka Fan says:

    Bakapervert, Are reading or watching the anime of Hundred?? Since your name have pervert in it, you a re incline to watch this anime as there are”plot” and really damn sweet ass big titties.. Probably bigger than Kaguya or as big…


  9. Baka Fan says:

    Also who has the biggest tit you seen so far??


    • bakapervert says:

      Tsunade from Naruto. There is also some other series that I didn’t bother to remember the title who has really big ‘plot’.


      • Baka Fan says:

        Haha I see.. I personally prefer growing “plots” so loli is a no no for me cause they mostly have no growth. Also those around Kaguya size is a thumbs up… So far the biggest I have seen is from a one or two episodes anime cant remember the title.. but they were pretty huge


  10. LibertarianCicero says:

    Best to just take it as fiction is fiction, not to get caught up in the wording when translating. If you just take it as the fictional work that it is, makes things easier.


  11. rasray says:

    I try to see it as “The people in power will do anything in order to gain more power and suppress those who are weaker than themselves”. But it’s nice to read about those villains trying to catch up with the MC whether by hook or crook.
    And concerning religion I don’t find it that blatant as even in Hinduism which I follow, gods who are perceived as a force of good can be evil at times and the devils be good. It just depends on the Karma.


  12. silversword18 says:

    thanks busy reading many novels T^T 83 tabs on my cp to check every novels I read I know theres book mark but I just want to see it faster XD btw bakapervert im same as you more on balance and a little flat than big because in anime or manga its distracting you know when you see that its a huge waist of space XD just kidding I dont hate it but its the last in my size list lol


  13. Lann says:

    Well to be perfectly honest Angels aren’t exactly the nice guys in the bible to begin with. Also thanks for the translation!


  14. bailone says:

    i am really enjoying reading this so thank you for translating. i go to church every week and God was not a very nice guy in the old testament but remember he changed everything in the new testament. But lets try not to get in to this too deeply,


  15. Yamette says:

    Hello? Have you decided in your next project? I heard rumors that your going to translate Masou Gakuen HxH. If possible I’d like to translate it as well. If only if the rumors are true. I’m just a beginner. I would like to ask for permission to translate the series.


  16. morsuka says:

    Hello bakapervert. Thank you for your hard work in translating ultimate hero, I’m really enjoying it. I’m noticing that it’s sometimes a bit difficult to understand what’s being talked about because of grammar, so I’d like to ask if it’s possible for me to help you as a proofreader. It’s my first time helping with the translation process, so I’m happy to send you a sample of a proofread and corrected copy of Volume 2’s prologue. Feel free to contact me by email at I’m looking forward to hearing from you.


    • bakapervert says:

      Thanks for your offer. But currently I already have editor for this site. But this translation is also posted in Bakatsuki, you can freely edited in that one. But in this blog it’s better to not have many editor because it will be hard to track the change.


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