Antihero vol 3 chapter 2 finished

I have something that I want to put here this morning when I almost finish the chapter. But now I forget just what is it I want to talk about. Hmmm….

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15 Responses to Antihero vol 3 chapter 2 finished

  1. hyddty says:

    thank you for the chapter 😀 hope you remember what it is


  2. Dark Jackel says:

    It probably wasn’t important. Thanks for the chapter! 🙂


  3. FionaAllsace says:

    Thanks again for your work Bakapervert! I’m really enjoying this novel, thanks for translating and also indirectly recommending it (by virtue of picking it up) :P.

    I just wanted to say, don’t get too discouraged by the whole good vs evil, evil god vs Christianity dynamic. After all it is only a story, which reflects the author’s perceptions of what he thinks his audience may like.

    I personally don’t believe in any religion, but I think that what makes religion ‘real’ is the faith that people have in it. It is subjective to individuals’ or small collectives’ perceptions of what their higher power should be like.

    Long story short; don’t let whatever faith you have be swayed by other people, especially when their motive is monetary gain and not to spread their own subjective truth.


  4. KozuKy says:

    Thanks for the chapter 😀

    maybe about your plans after finishing Volume 3?


    • bakapervert says:

      Actually just two days ago someone contacted me that he want to translate hxh. Seems like a starting translator, so if he come through with it then that means I’m gonna go back to my slothful life. If not then I’m gonna take it in the hope for someone to finally be merciful to this pervert and gifted me with volume 6. I got volume 7 already from a kind soul but the sixth still prove to be an ellusive bastard.

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      • KozuKy says:

        uguu that’s going to be hit or miss,moreso he’s a starting translator,and there’s a chance that someone would compare him to you because he grabbed the project rather than letting you do it. though im just a leecher so it’s just my shitty opinion that doesn’t matter anyway.

        hope someone would be able to help you on finding volume 6


      • kizrock says:

        I know that starting translator. It seems that if you want to translate HxH, he will gladly let you do it
        The same thing happened to GATE vol 5. He was going to do that but skythewood got a head start so now he decided to do something else instead


  5. Harry Haran says:

    what is hxh can u tell me what is this may be i can help u


  6. ppedrolo says:

    Can someone upload an edited version pdf of volume 1 and 2?


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