HxH Vol 2 Prologue complete

Hmm, ermm, haaaa, uuh, ehhhhh,…………………………………….

Yep, I got nothing to say.

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14 Responses to HxH Vol 2 Prologue complete

  1. kizrock94 says:

    Don’t talk, just translate


  2. happinezz001 says:

    Why not just rant about random stuff that doesn’t make any sense or just share your opinions about the girls in the MC’s harem


  3. anon says:

    Hey thanks again for your hard work. Just finished toradora so I needed something else to read


  4. MyRightHandisSpecialCuzIChuu2ForLife says:

    I got really excited for a second, but then I see this
    I hope you had a good laugh


  5. Sheltis-kun says:

    Oh lol, it took me several seconds to realize that you got nothing to say, at first when I read the first line I thought you were doing “that” thing.

    Maybe just an aftereffect after reading that last chapter. Thanks for the vol 1 😀


  6. sineater05 says:

    *Cue straight poker face*


  7. 13thdan says:

    If the pevert translator maintain this speed I can really guess that up to date volume can be finished. Beforehand thanks.


  8. sega says:

    We love u man!


  9. anon says:

    Going to wait for this volume to be finished before I decide if I’m going to drop it or not.

    from searching it seems this ln has a bunch of upcoming stuff that I don’t care for or is on my nope list.

    From incest (Nope) loli (nope nope nope… and yes I know magika has that as well but they managed to hook so I’m willing to just skip it)

    from one illustration it seems to have tentacles and one girl seems to be enjoying it (not sure how extreme it gets but the picture has it edging me towards nope)

    bunch of yuri this one is minor but from what I noticed with these novels yuri usually = shiny keys to distract the reader from the fact the mc wont take the relationship any farther because tha tha that’s L-L-lewd (that being said maybe he does take it farther but I doubt it)

    and another nope according to a comment I found the mc apparently cross dresses for some reason

    So yeah waiting to see if the volume hooks me and I will be willing to ignore the stuff on my nope list


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