HxH Vol 3 Complete

Ugh, my weekly streak is broken.



Edits for v3 are complete.


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15 Responses to HxH Vol 3 Complete

  1. happinezz001 says:

    Well don’t worry about that streak of yours just do things casually i guess


    • happinezz001 says:

      Just to add i just checked the illustrations of volume 4 so the main events are kizuna doing lewd stuff to gravel, aldea and Sylvia and the debut of Sylvia’s hybrid gear which looks like a dragon


      • Mathiason says:

        I looked at the illustrations too and I can only agree on the debut of Sylvia’s Hybrid gear and that it looks like a dragon. Sylvia probably does something with Kizuna, but he doesn’t appear in any of the pics with her so its just speculation until the part of the story with the pic is translated. For all we know, the pic of her nude with the spheres and stars going forth could be due to having a core finished installing or activated for the first time. The only pic with Gravel from the story is a scene with another woman and Aldea doesn’t show up at all. As for the Gravel and Aldea pic it’s probably just a fan service picture as the one with Reiri wearing a micro-bikini in the last volume didn’t appear in the story, and both pics have the same black bar with white lettering giving the characters names. However, since Gravel does show up on Volume 6’s cover while being embraced by Kizuna they probably perform at least Heart Hybrid in that one or Volume 5. Don’t know about Aldea though.


    • devilsadvocate6 says:

      i think he is on a race against himself…constantly surpassing his own ghost…i mean this guys is just WOW


  2. kizrock says:

    If most translators are as fast as you, I’ll be thankful


  3. Mr.Snappy says:

    Thank you so much!!!


  4. kizumono says:

    all hail bakapervert 🙂
    and dont forget to get some rest


  5. You says:

    ALL HAIL BAKAPERVERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. You says:

    By the way is her Onee-san part of the harem?


  7. Sarksz says:

    The most important thing no translator broke your streak yet in translating Light Novel more than 2vol in 1 month thats the fastest i ever known so far


  8. FighterFei says:

    It’s all good. Grab your snuggie and take some nappies now and then. Given the monolithic amount of work you have put out even in three months, you deserve a nap. Don’t burn yourself out. We need our perverts.


    • Mathiason says:

      FIghterFei is right. Besides, worrying about a weekly streak is a waste of time, energy and brain power. Just translate as you usually do and you’ll finish a translation when you finish it. Just remember to get some rest, fresh air, and do some fun things to unwind like soaking in a hot bath with bath salts.


      • FighterFei says:

        Maybe not use bath salts, but man a hot bath sounds great. Could go for one of those instead of a shower. Think I’ll do that myself tomorrow instead of a shower. Baths are nice~


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