HxH Vol 4 Ch 1 complete

Anyone know what happen to jcafe. I cannot open it lately.



Edits for chapter 1 complete.


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22 Responses to HxH Vol 4 Ch 1 complete

  1. kizrock says:

    It’s been like this for more than a week now so likely there are 2 conclusions:
    1/ DMCA fucked it up
    2/ Maintenance


    • FighterFei says:

      It’s incredibly unlikely that the DMCA shut down the website. It doesn’t have the provisions to make that happen. It can aid in the seizure of websites, but seeing as it’s a .net domain, that’d require the cooperation of the USA and the results of a seizure would be more obvious. Ignoring the DMCA requests could result in police action (up to and including a server seizure), but then jurisdiction becomes an issue and I think there’d be some news about it by now if that were the case with it being down for four days straight now. Publishers everywhere wouldn’t be able to resist publicizing the destruction of this kind of “scourge” purely for its effect as a deterrent.

      The chances are more likely that it’s some kind of maintenance, or unpaid servers, or something to that effect.


    • devilsadvocate6 says:

      well wish it is just the second one cuz if it is the first one….we are fucked for eternity


  2. Ice says:

    The same thing happened at the end of last year. The Admin was on vacation or whatever it was, and forgot to pay for server costs. This time, it could be that he or she did not pay. Or just that DMCA happened.


  3. Mr.Snappy says:

    Is that where you get your raws?


  4. Dark Jackel says:

    Thanks for your hard work! 😃


  5. elberetet says:

    Hello. Now contact with you in jcafe is lost, so… I repeat my mail – juric8899@gmail.com


  6. The Thormentor says:

    Just started to read this series, but enjoying so far, thanks for your hard work. Generally I don’t comment or thank the translator (mostly because I really don’t know where to thank them). Keep it up and thanks again!

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  7. stupidhentai says:

    Baka, I would thank you every page you post cause I enjoy them but in all honesty, I usually want to read other LNs as soon as I finish reading one. No offence and all but I’m just saying, If it was me translating, I would never get anything done, I’ll get sidetracked, I don’t know how you do it


  8. Jim says:

    Better get your raws in rawzip, dl-zip or raw hunters. Jcafe won’t come back they were sued.

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  9. Mathiason says:

    I’ve tried googling and looking around various places. Bunch of stuff is years old, only recent stuff within this week is queries on what happened to jcafe but no answers. Nothing about being sued, server down, or anything. Could be the server is down again, their computer mistook itself for a firework and blew, computer wore out and broke down and is in therapy, admin forgot to pay dues on time and are offline for some reason, or something else, nobody seems to know and the admin doesn’t seem to be communicating. Might be able to find an answer on https://www.facebook.com/jcafe24.net/?fref=nf in a day or two,

    Doubt it’s being sued or DMCAd as those wouldn’t just give a ‘not working’ page but would have an official announcement with official markings and stuff saying “This site is currently being sued or has been closed by the DMCA for such and such violations.” If they forgot to pay it’d connect to one of those multi-commecial link pages. Since the pages say they’re not working it’s most likely a computer or server glitch or maybe the lines out got taken out in a storm or something. Hopefully it’s just something temporary and will be fixed soon.


  10. rozenmaiden says:

    Seems like server for Jcafe24 crashed. Not DMCA, there’s no such news from any source.


  11. ǝɔı says:

    Regarding jCafe:


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