HxH Vol 4 Complete

Now this is the most suitable point for taking a break. The best there is. Believe it.



Edits for volume 4 are now complete.


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48 Responses to HxH Vol 4 Complete

  1. kizrock says:

    Maybe a week, or two, but not too long please
    We need our dose of echiness


  2. Mr.Snappy says:

    Have a safe break baka-sama! You deserve it hehe. But mind if i ask how many weeks are you going to take a break?


  3. Reddy says:

    Ok when are you updating entire full text of volume 4 on baka-tsuki and please come back quickly from break we will miss your translation of masou gakuen


  4. maccoyid says:

    i thought robots don’t need a break?
    oh well..
    check and clean your innards so when you’re back you will be ready to go..

    how long will it take?
    3-4 months? hope it wont be too long..


  5. Nylem says:

    Enjoy your well deserved break. Just remember to stay hydrated during fapathons.


  6. Krux says:

    Farewell, Bakapervert……. 2015-2016 R.I.P


  7. Misery's End says:

    Your diligent translation work is very appreciated. Enjoy your well deserved holiday.

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  8. Dark Jackel says:

    Thanks for all your hard work! 😃

    …did you just say “-dattebayo!” 🤔


  9. antonio says:

    could you tell us how many day you will be in break thath way i know when to star cheking again thanks for your great job waithing for chapter 6 and gravel


    • Misery's End says:

      my guess would be when he feals like it. he’s doing this because he enjoys it, so there is no push himself to the point he burns out.

      So Mr Pervert, take your time, smell some….whatever it is you like smelling, and come back after your refreshed and ready to translate some LNs


      • Misery's End says:

        lol while I’m all for your much deserved break, you’re still an Evil Pervert for leaving us with such a huge cliff at the end of volume 4 xD


  10. Mathiason says:

    How is taking a break after a cliffhanger the best time!?
    Seriously though, you’ve more than earned a break. Remember to get some sun, fresh air, plenty of fluids and rest, and do something fun for at least 2-3 days minimum. How long do you plan on taking off? Thanks for all the translations!


  11. joko says:

    where is the traslation ? i just see blank page with logo only


  12. FighterFei says:

    Queue Simple Minds — “Don’t you (Forget about me)”


  13. Thanks for hard work, enjoy your break 😀

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  14. zuzu says:

    i really thank you for all your hard work and you desereve the break but you are killing me


  15. Dragnor123 says:

    Thx so much for your hard work and have a nice break!



    Thx alot bakapervert I LUV YA. Btw will the edited version get updated in baka-tsuki? because the whole volume was already uploaded there before it were edited


  17. charasuu says:

    did you know what happen to jcafe??????


  18. kizumono says:

    thx for the vol 4 hope u enjoy the break time
    btw still no news about magika new vol ?
    hope u can finish HxH until vol 6 before magika new vol come out 🙂


  19. amaranthis says:

    And here I thought Bakapervert is incapable to take a break


  20. Tommy Ifrit says:

    I haven’t read masou Gakuen hxh yet, I though someone said something about there being like 7 volumes out right now lol so I thought I’d wait and binge read the whole thing. Oh well 4 volumes is better then no volumes.

    I’m the type of person that lives under a rock and doesn’t follow news updates on stuff does anyone know when the next volume of Magika is supposed to be released?

    Also Baka enjoy the well deserved break, play a game or two read some new novels explore the ecchi world and come back when your ready. To be honest I have a difficult time myself finding works of the same genre translated else where that haven’t already been taken down due to DMCA or other reason. If you know of a secret Eden where these hidden treasure are that’d be awesome if not it’s cool to. Any how enjoy the break and see you in a few weeks.


  21. For Volume 3&4’s last page the images themselves don’t have the English text. http://imgur.com/a/b928D >PDFs and Epubs using that picture currently lie on my site – although anyone can use them as far as I’m concerned


  22. hao says:

    Thanks for the volume.
    I have a question, was the core really inserted into Sylvia’s “special place”?
    If that’s the case then Sylvia, a loli who was considered the most pure and innocent, is officially the first girl that got her virginity taken by Kizuna?


  23. Anonymous says:

    Normally its place in chest right? so why it inserted there i wonder?
    Also when Valdy extract Brigit core it place on her chest right?


    • Mathiason says:

      Cores are probably located in the chest near the heart as the heart is considered to be a person’s source of life, especially as they’re usually considered dead or mostly dead when it stops. Yes Valdy extracted Brigit’s core through her chest. As for why the core got inserted there for Syphie, probably because its closest thing to real sex could do with her (as she’s 16 real sex could be consider pedophilia,) shock value, and needed someplace could insert the core into the body through which would be difficult elsewhere since the cores are about 2 by 4 inches if I remember correctly. Considering what happened to Sylphie, I wonder if Kizuna could rub the place where the others’ cores are and upgrade them too during Heart Hybrid Also, considering Reiri is on the cover of the next LN, does this mean Kizuna isn’t her brother by blood, was implanted with a core by mother dearest, and will be doing Heart Hybrid with him soon?. Especially considering Reiri’s and Sylvia’s three lines in the afterword pic. Guess we’ll find out in the next volume.


  24. Mhaj58 says:

    I get you need a break Baka pervert but I hope you at least upload the antihero 4 illustrations when they’re released


  25. Reddy says:

    When are you going to resume masou gakuen translation we are missing it?


  26. Anonymous says:

    Jcafe still off Bakapervert-san?
    Are raw for Ultimate Antihero Volume 4 are Okay?


  27. redgaara says:

    Where’s the ”donation” button?


  28. devilsadvocate6 says:

    thank you bakapervert-san! in the while i did not check back, you shattered TL speed tests


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  30. Jesse Grillo says:

    I enjoyed reading this. You saved me a lot of hassle just now. Keep it up! On a scale from 1 to 10, You are an 11.


  31. Jesse Grillo says:

    I really love your writing style. Now I feel stupid.


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