HxH Vol 6 Prologue complete

Finally vol 6.

Editor (OmegaWeaponZ):


The edits for the prologue of volume 6 is complete.


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17 Responses to HxH Vol 6 Prologue complete

  1. zarvii says:

    how can you be this fast?
    did you also do Heart Hybrid to replenish your energy?

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  2. Dark Jackel says:

    Thanks for your hard work! 😃


  3. Anonymous says:

    can you do Hagure Yussha no Estetica? too there lots of action and lots of ecchi.


  4. Now that volume 4 of antihero is out will you translate that to?


  5. rougereader says:

    How the hell can you be so fast.. were you really taking a break or is it just like zarvii said.. you did Hear Hybrid… Thank you so much for the translation..


  6. Mr.Snappy says:

    Thank you for the fast translation! And can i ask if God sent you here?


  7. Anon says:

    If you guys ever decided to translate another light novel, I would recommend Shiro no Koukoku Monogatari. It has both a web novel version and a light novel version but looks like the web novel content was edited once the author got serialized so you may have to use wayback machine if you ever decide to just translate the web novel instead of the light novel but I am sure people would prefer getting a chance to read the light novel version if they ever got a chance too since there are 15 volumes of the light novel now the light novel is like a final draft of a story compared to a web novel which should be viewed as a rough draft or first draft of an author’s story.

    Shiro no Koukoku Monogatari already has a manga adaption but looks like they skipped a lot of strategist dialogue and just rushed the battle scenes which is bit disappointing since I love reading about battle strategy but manga adaptions rarely adapt such battle dialogue from the LN well so I been wishing to read the LN in all its translated glory one day.

    No one is translating the LN right now but there have been attempts by two people to translate the web novel version of Shiro no Koukoku Monogatari. One translator disappeared after translating the prologue and just chapter one. Another translator translated chapter one to chapter four of the web novel.

    Again, no translator so far wants to touch the LN version of Shiro no Koukoku Monogtari which has 15 Volumes out at the moment and it seems the LN has diverged from the web novel years ago.

    Shiro no Koukoku is a harem story as well but more of a historical type of harem with wives and concubines in the mix.

    I find the harem unique to most other harems because the harem actually gets into pretty messy catfights from what I seen from the harem’s actions in the manga version which I find intriguing since not many harems in other stories ever got off to such a rocky start in the beginning.

    Anyways, I hope you guys could consider the Shiro no Koukoku Monogatari LN as a potential LN to pick up one day. Thanks for taking the time to read my post.


  8. rozenmaiden says:

    Somebody knows what happened with jcafe24.net? I can’t open it. It’s down for me for around 2-3 weekd.


  9. D.K. says:

    I take a break from reading to do something I get paid for an this happens, Going to take me a while to get caught up.


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