HxH Vol 7 Ch 3 Complete

The list of WN I’m reading right from the raw:

  • Dungeoun no Maou wa Saijaku!?
  • Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyo
  • World Teacher (Considering to stop reading)
  • Isekai no Meikyu Toshi de Chiryou Mahou Tsukai yattemasu
  • Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou (Also Considering to stop reading)
  • Boku ha Isekai de Fuyo Mahou to Shoukan Mahou wo Tenpin ni Kakeru
  • Sevens
  • Shinwa Densetsu no Eiyuu no Isekaitan

I also read other WN that is translated to english, this list is only the one that I read directly from syosetu.

Windsgrace: If only each title had a link to the translation… I only know World Teacher.



Edits for chapter 3 are now complete.




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54 Responses to HxH Vol 7 Ch 3 Complete

  1. AlekAlcalá says:

    Don’t you read Pervert Healer? (I Became A Healer in The Other World’s Labyrinth)


  2. WatWatWat says:

    Ooh Sevens is good and really funny. I wish there was more translated. I really like Genjitsushugisha no Oukokukaizouki too, it’s up there with the WN I like the most, Mushoku Tensei. Give Mushoku a try if you haven’t, Baka.

    When I get bored of the vanilla ero depictions, (If You Got the Power of Flight, Invisibility, and Teleportation, What Would You Do?) is pretty good.

    All these have interesting character development and don’t feel like the author’s own wish fulfillment fantasy like many of them do.


  3. KozuKy says:

    Arifureta ……. still waiting for chapter 97 and 98 to be translated. going with summaries just doesn’t feels right.and Why drop World Teacher ? not saying that it’s entirely good but im just curious why.

    have you read Ore no Shibou Flag ga Todomaru Tokoro wo Shiranai?


  4. Reint says:

    try isekai smartphone no tomo ni bro

    its super happy harem with beautifull girl

    the LN has beautifull art and for some reason for me who like big oppai i allrdy falling in love now with small one like in that LN i just can’t explain why this happen to me


  5. luca says:

    sevens is really good. Arifureta too…im curious about some of the others you mentioned. is there a place where those of us not proficient in japanese can read the synopsis at least?


  6. antonio says:

    baka have you considere traslate arifureta i will be great if you do it think about it


  7. yukimari says:

    Why you are considering to stop reading Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou and World Teacher?


    • bakapervert says:

      Everything went too well for the MC without any real setback for them. There is also too many kind character in it without any real villain.


      • Local Area says:

        And yet you still read Arifureta?


        • bakapervert says:

          The story is funny, the development is interesting, and when the MC of get cornered, he really get cornered, and yet he still manage to get through it. The two I mentioned of considering to give up reading? So far I haven’t seen the MC really put in tight spot that seems impossible even for us readers where they could show their badassness.


          • Local Area says:

            I guess Arifureta is funny, though I can’t agree on the development being interesting at all, and everything goes way too easily for the MC that it gets boring.


            • Anon says:

              When Arifureta gets interesting, it’s seriously very interesting. When it gets boring, well it’s really boring.
              The author is bad at writing romance and he is too fixated on Yue. But it’s amazing when it comes to battle.
              I agree that the 1st arc is written exceptionally well, however to say that the later arcs are trash and rating the novel 1 or 2 stars as many say on novelupdate is by no mean fair.

              The readers seem inclined toward revenge and badass mc showing his op-ness while others showering him with praises and reverents but it’s like adolescents admiring superhero and there are so many xianxian of this type already.

              All that to just say I really like Arifureta.


  8. Habib Haji says:

    Thanks for doing this chapter! ^.^


  9. antonio says:

    what are you gone a do first antiheroe 4 or masou gakuen hxh 8 that is allready out i want to know how is the girl in the port could you tell me


  10. rozenmaiden says:

    Haha, i’m agreeing with you for dropping WT and Hishou Dungeon… They become boring in future chapters….


    • Anon says:

      For World Teacher, I drop it the moment the mc refuses to kill some bandits. I dislike meaningless killing but show no mercy to enemies especially when they target female companions for what reason we all clearly understand .


  11. FighterFei says:

    Reading things in another language on your own is cheating…!


  12. aron says:

    go for sevens and Shinwa Densetsu no Eiyuu no Isekaitan


  13. Pedro James says:

    i recommend seirei gensouki, a very good novel with a good plot so far a very well world building mixing light stories with politics, and a very good romance( this one have a romance very interesting, its because of this that i recommend) with possibility of harem in the future


  14. Pedro James says:

    and isekai maou, its very funny


  15. PlunderZ says:

    i am intrested for reading Pervert healer, where can i read it?


  16. Anonymous says:

    Bakapervert-san can u consider this a next project [Tenkuu Kangoku no Majutsu Garou] volume 1-5 currently, or this look good too [Boku wa Isekai de Fuyo Mahou to Shoukan Mahou wo Tenbin ni Kakeru] volume 1-7.


  17. Anonymous says:

    Ahh, this [Shinwa Densetsu no Eiyuu no Isekaitan] look good too, i cant pick. >.<


  18. Pedro James says:

    bakapervert, after you translated all 7 volumes and the volume missing of anti hero are you going to pick another series ?


  19. EosLts says:

    Translates “One Turn Kill of The Dark Partisan” please.


  20. dcis1 says:

    Lately I myself have started reading Chinese/ Korean WN. If you’re interested go to wuxiaworld.com to check it out. Sorry if was a bother to you. That was just if you are interested in reading some new stuff.


  21. Kara says:

    I stopped reading World teacher because the author putting more focus on the other guys harem and doesn’t focus on the MC


  22. Anonymous says:

    Bakapervert-san if after finishing the [Masou Gakuen HxH] Volume 7 and [Ultimate Antihero] Vol.4, and still you want to translate a new NL please considered this [Shinwa Densetsu no Eiyuu no Isekaitan] as a new project.


  23. more Anna-sempai says:

    plz do Shimoneta! (it’s pervy!)


  24. Anonymous says:

    so sad. Isekai no Meikyu Toshi de Chiryou Mahou Tsukai yattemasu looks promising but it looks like there are only 10 chapters translated and no one is picking it up. would you possibly have an interest in it? i hate starting a series and then having to stop pretty much at the start before it gets good.


  25. neokryte says:

    Guys wether he chooses to take on another project is ultimately up to himself so stop the begging, also so far he has the last antihero book and hxh 8 in the works (maybe magika), so he is pretty busy enough as it is, that being said if he takes another break or another project (don’t jeapordize ur health plz) is up to him. RANT OVER

    Also any upcoming news on the next magika vol? It’s been like forever ago (February?)

    Liked by 1 person

  26. Anonymous says:

    Just FYI, i join bakatsuki facebook group very last time and they recently post your site that translate HxH (with Ultra Speed) when their site cannot access past few months i think. Thank you for translating now i wait for PDF to keep it while reading rest of the latest chapter.


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