Antihero Vol 4 Prologue Complete

Just wondering, is there any female reader here?

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27 Responses to Antihero Vol 4 Prologue Complete

  1. nicholaevich says:

    I dunno~ though my gf is really into ecchi (hentai).


  2. KozuKy says:

    how i imagine female readers of Magika : “oh my god Kazuki so hawt,best husbando!!”

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    • bakapervert says:

      Nice to know. All this time I always under the impression that all the people I talk with in internet is male. Though even with you telling me that I still don’t get the feeling that I’m talking with girl for real.


      • FighterFei says:

        I live under the assumption that every woman on the internet has a penis until such time as i obtain proof demonstrating otherwise.

        Given how pervy the things you translate are I’d imagine you wouldn’t have too many in the women count. Then again, fifty shades of gray exists and that is hugely popular among women.


        • Frozen says:

          LMAO this comment. 10/10 you nailed it. I agree. XD

          Well, few of my friends that are girls (and no, they don’t have penises) do read the LNs pervert-kun translates. So yes, there are some…”Some”. *遠い目*


          • bakapervert says:

            Well, I guess just like there is a period where I read girl manga, there is a possibility that ‘some’ female reader will try to read what we filthy male is reading. Strangely, that kind of girl character has never appear even in manga or anime. There seem to be only fujoshi for that kind of character.


  3. Nello says:

    Hm, Only horny lads are coming here mate.


  4. Nerimaki says:

    So volume 4 is the last volume?


    • rasray says:

      Looks like it, since in light novels final chapter is mainly used only when the series comes to an end. And moreover this volume has more chapters than any previous volumes hence its highly likely that the series is finished.

      On the side note, I really liked this series. Thank you for the translations Bakapervert.

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  5. Escalation says:

    if i may ask, where did you get the raw?
    i think jcafe24 is unavaible because it won’t respond


  6. drake50s says:

    50 shades of gray, felt bad for da men watchn it when it was at da cinemaz, funny az hell when da movie was over and dey had to stand and leave, and I only agree dat its a gal I’m talkn to on da net if there iz proof


  7. MILF says:

    Can someone confirm… Is this the last volume?


  8. Blaxus 18 says:

    Perversion has no gender.

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  9. luca says:

    Im a girl…although i did kinda feel like i was the only one here. nice to know there are more of us

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  10. Pedro James says:

    there are girls reading those novels ? they like those ecchi scenes ? really ? i cant even believe lol


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