A polling, and also Antihero Vol 4 Ch 1 complete

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53 Responses to A polling, and also Antihero Vol 4 Ch 1 complete

  1. blahto says:

    Of course, it’s Magika ^_^… I hope Akane will star next volume…..


  2. Lina says:

    My choice would be magika the hxh. HxH is very close to magika though


  3. happinezz001 says:

    Well i guess it’s rather obvious that magika is in the top spot considering the fact it’s kinda like bakapervert’s debut series


  4. luca says:

    Magika all the way. im sorry but i cannot stand Masou. the first girl he met made me wanna commit murder


  5. elberetet says:

    Only Magika. Waiting for 12th vollume


  6. sdf says:

    Since Magika has more volumes and has been around longer, it’s only natural for it to win. Must people don’t even know about the existence of HxH, and it hasn’t even been added to Baka-Tsuki’s “Up to Date” list yet. So this poll is quite unfair for HxH and Antihero.


  7. dollar0019 says:

    I didn’t read HXH yet, going to start today now that there is like 7 volumes done… hehe beigin reading is the best. But Magika takes the cakes hands down, antihero isn’t the worst thing i’ve read but at the same time i don’t seem any ecchiness… a lot of religiousness and some decent fight scenes but i dunno i was a little dissapointed reading it.

    In the future while you are waiting for other volumes to release will you take a break or pick up something else? Cause there are some on Baka that need chapters here and there translated. If you don’t that’s cool to, I mean I’m just glad you’ve translated everything you have so far.


  8. rozenmaiden says:

    Ok, i don’t really like Masou HxH…Character is a bit shallow in my opinion, and they just fall in love with MC in first sight? Oh, come on, Not even Shinmai Maou no Testament has that shallow relationship.


  9. KozuKy says:

    trying to compare Main project to other two Side projects huh :))))))))))


    • bakapervert says:

      More like I want to compare the side projects


      • KozuKy says:

        well if on those two,i’ll go with Masou Gakuen i guess. because of Kizuna’s growth throughout the novel,and the seriousness on some parts despite being a borderline H LN. the thing with Antihero is that it’s only the MC that i find interesting,others are really meh.


        • danmachi1989 says:

          i find anterio interesting not going give it a 10 but it is different.Most harems i cant even consider them harems cuase mc never get with a girl all it is stupid pranks done mc pretty munch i cant say anything hxh i havent read it.But magika i like it to.Baka pervert i got give you solid 10 bud you actually pick legit harems in so on when translateing 🙂


  10. Sora says:

    My choice is Ultimate Kenshi HxH


  11. Anon says:

    HxH for 2 reasons:

    – main heroine is great. Other heroines are also superb (special attention to Ragrus and Gertrude)

    – mc growth is admirable though he was a generic shounen harem type at the beginning *cough* volume 3 *cough* but he later shines brilliantly, he even supposedly killed his mother “sayonara… kaa-san”


    • Dan says:

      Yeh reason 2 was kinda deep. Was expecting a bit more of an emotional impact on him but considering that she had so little interaction with him I guess it wouldn’t be too impactful.
      Also, gotta love that ecchi XD


    • Really I thought volume 3 was the starting point from when this series became good but I guess you don’t feel that way.


      • Anon says:

        You misunderstand me. I like HxH from the time when Kizuna first meets Aine.
        What I don’t like in vol 3 is the mc’s mentality, it’s very childish.


  12. armansyach says:

    between hxh and magika, i like hxh the most, don’t ask the reason why…it has “borderline h” of course. kizuna’s growth is something that make me keep reading hxh, from zero to hero, i like this kind of story.
    about magika, i read it too till vol 5, but i dont know why, more i read the story the more i think that kazuki conquer the girls just for to power up for his own sake as a king, try to get them by seducing them with beauty word..you beautiful you cute bla bla without action like kizuna lol eventhough these series are same in ecchiness.


    • dcis1 says:

      Unless Hayashizaki Kazuki is honest with his feelings for them then he can’t use the magic. They made that clear, when he first used Kaguya’s magic that it goes both ways. His feelings must be real and he has to believe in their feelings.


    • Krudelu says:

      btw did you read past vol 5? if so I think Kazuki already realized this already


      • armansyach says:

        i only read few chapter and stop halfway. yeah, he already realized it from the beginning he gain dat powa, when he only love one girl, but his fate as a king said differently even more that leme girl keep warning and forcing him to get more girls by seducing them, poor him, i know dat feel


  13. Anonymous says:

    Having read everything bakapervert has translated this far, I have to give it to Magika. It’s simply the best written story here. Hxh is too barebones in that department. Antihero isn’t bad, but the development isn’t good enough.


    • danmachi1989 says:

      ii agree anti is slow development.But you got also consider some light novel dont get interest tell volume 8 of so on so im keep reading it see where it goes 🙂 I do like how evil gods seem like good guys in good gods are pure evil in it lol


  14. Anonymous says:

    Magika for the story and HxH for the ecchi.


  15. noctepco says:

    I must say Magika, since I read it since bakapervert picked it up, though the America Arc is a bit dissapointing imo. HxH is becoming more and more interesting tho (and sexier too)


  16. Magika says:

    Magika rocks


  17. krambharos95 says:

    sorry guys but a like all 3 of them the same
    m reason is simple they are great reads man and i want more


  18. Adrian says:

    I voted Anti-hero, mostly because is the only one i have read xD, but at first glance is the one with more plot, that said i feel like it shouldn’t have been included here since the other 2 are wayyy more advanced so they have more time to show story and character developments


  19. Sterter says:

    Shinmai 😀


  20. maxwell3094 says:

    Magika > Anti >>> HxH for me. I still like them all enough to follow them all but HxH is pretty bland to me tbh. HxH is just all around average for the most part so its more of a “I have nothing better to read.” thing than a “I need to read this ASAP.” Though to be fair I’m totally indifferent to it’s borderline hentai.


  21. dollar0019 says:

    Can someone tell me how anti-hero is considered ecchi? I red to volume 3 (felt like nails grinding on a chalk board listing to the same religious dialogue over and over) but it had some interesting fights and different flare to magic but i don’t see how it fits into the ecchi category… some fan service yes, but other then bell appearing next to him naked in volume one that was about it…

    I see some mixed reviews on masou hxh on here as well, but i am going to read that for myself though once i finish re-reading highschool dxd again… lol

    Also any news on volume 12 for magika?


  22. bakapervert says:

    Uh, what happen here? Why does suddnely HxH almost catch up to magika?


    • Rain says:

      Somebody cheated. if you block cookies, you can vote as much as you want on polldaddy. Use http://www.strawpoll.me/


      • Ren says:

        I thought the same. I voted on monday and had the page open for a few hours. When i refreshed it, the difference between magika an hxh shortened a lot, while magika barely got votes. Kinda strange. It is possible that a lot of people voted for hxh, but ,tbh, that’s quite a low probability.


  23. Omega says:

    I would pick them all if I could but ive been really into hxh recently so thats my pick


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