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Guys Stop with the Spoilers & Arguments/Hate Talk.

Hi Windsgrace here. I have been seeing many comments on spoilers for both series. As well as hate speech and arguments that have gotten out of control.  I will lay down a few rules. Sorry to do this. It has … Continue reading

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MAgika Vol 12 Ch 3 complete

I was really, really tempted to post the second part up to a certain part before leaving it a few days until I update again.

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Magika Vol 12 Chapter 2 complete

Seems like the vote is in favor of not changing the name. So be it then. Thank you for voting. Told you so bakapervert-Windsgrace~ However it was close for a while. xD Ch 2 edits are done and credit goes … Continue reading

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Magika Volume 12 ch 1 edits are complete

Credits goes to WindsGrace and OmegaWeaponZ

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Magika Vol 12 Chapter 1 complete

Also can any Russian here take a look at Ilyailiya’s name at the colored image and tell me the reading of her name in alphabet.

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Magika Vol 12 Teaser finished

I’m back from the dead, and now I return back to my peaceful rest. Editor (OmegaWeaponZ): Edits for the teaser are complete. Enjoy  

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Volume 12 Teaser is out! Enjoy~

Its under Volume 12 ch 1. There is a wordpress glitch that lists Volume 12 X3 times. It doesn’t matter which you click it all goes to the same page. It should hopefully be fixed later. Grace~  

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