HxH Vol 8 Complete

Entering lazy mode. Bye bye.

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67 Responses to HxH Vol 8 Complete

  1. elberetet says:

    Greatly THANKS! Two weeks – and Magika will be with us again 🙂


  2. Reaper Phoenix says:

    May the loli goddess with big boobs blessed your dream!


  3. Ittosai says:

    Have a great time during lazy mode! You certainly deserve some rest.

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  4. Windsgrace says:

    Next up on the list Magika 😀 Before then enjoy your break. ^^


  5. neokryte says:

    Have fun on your break! And now the rest of us play the waiting game for magika and and PDF. Also a word of advice, the abyss can get pretty ugly so fair warning!

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  6. Imagine Breaker says:

    Try to escape the abyss. Lol.


  7. jomkingal says:

    Thank you so much for this~ âĪ Really love Okaa-san and Onee-sama~ âĪ âĪ âĪ I found the NTR a bit scary, but seeing the Afterword, we'll get something nice the next volume~ âĪ Thank you so much and may you have a nice rest for a while~


  8. shajk says:

    Osiris is the next target Kizuna this time make sure to add a god to harem not mama


  9. Anonymous says:

    Next volume will be released 1 of September or 9 of January?


  10. rozenmaiden says:

    Well, Thanks for your work Bakapervert!! Hope i didn’t see Incest act again in the near future…


  11. FighterFei says:

    That ending is balls


  12. Anonymous says:

    Thank you very much for you great work! Enjoy the break. Anyway, is there any chance you will pick Shinmai in the future?


    • Reint says:

      no bro he allready said he have no intention of picking shinmai/hunred/hagure yuusha


      • Okay says:

        The other translator translating vol 9 -10 requires to donate money to him/her first before he lets you read the translations via Email… What the hell is wrong with that guy!


        Unless you donate to her you won’t ever have the chance to read the translations


  13. habib says:

    I really find it fascinating.😆
    Please rest up.

    You have to be well rested for the 2nd round with Mahamed Ali Kelai ðŸĪ—


  14. Mathiason says:

    Quick, someone get Bakapervert a coffee energy drink mixed with an expresso STAT! Just kidding. 🙂 Make sure to get some rest, sun and fresh air to recharge your batteries. Would be a hoot if Hokuta and Osiris get into a catfight between each other, than the other girls joining in on getting a few hours alone with Kizuna on a date but everybody getting so into the fight that Heart Hybrid gear or magic armor never gets summoned. The fight ends when Reiri firmly orders them to stand down and appropriates both Kizuna and the date. 😀

    Thanks for the translations!


  15. Anonymous says:

    If the authors new series is good do you plan on translating it? And thanks for all your hard work rest up and enjoy your break


  16. zarvii says:

    many thanks baka-pervert
    I really didn’t expect the mother will join the harem
    somewhere in my heart i want her when i saw her first time in adult version illustration
    plus i like her eccentric character
    I didn’t hate her even the time she became a villain
    tho i still avoid motherxson incest in H manga
    since her new body is not related biologicaly with his son i guess its ok
    i hope she can grow up her new god body
    I love her original look


  17. hikki888 says:

    Will you be translating the drama cd as well? I really want to know what happens in it.


  18. Anonymous says:

    ntr-mament O.O


  19. grats to finish other volume


  20. Hildegarde says:

    bakapervert, sorry for asking this but…
    actually, what is your translation rate ?
    20 pages/ day ??


  21. Anonymous says:

    well I check this site on and off to see if anything I read is being translated and reading the comments makes me glad I didn’t stick with this series after reading volume one.

    ntr is one of the big Nope no no no /flips table and I’m out things for me. but Anyway have a good rest bakapervert


    • Its more like brainwashed than ntr and its a female doing it too another female so its less rage inducing.


    • Okay says:

      You dumbass fucker this is not NTR, those people saying this is Yuri NTR are just exaggerating it. The will MC will get both the girls in the end including the woman who NTRed (NOT NTR) Yurishia.


      • Anonymous says:

        Pull the stick out of your ass. So I didn’t get the correct “anal retentive anime fan definition” If half the comments are calling it Ntr I’m going to assume that’s what it is seeing as I said I haven’t read it myself.

        Besides still not my thing so brain washing/ntr /or whatever it really is not worth arguing about.

        So feel free to get the last word in I’m going to go back to waiting for bakapervert to start translating


  22. anonymous says:

    great job and thank you so much for your hard work bakapervert-sama!!
    have a long nice break and hope to see you soon!


  23. Harry Haran says:

    pl pick sekai no owari no encore , its in hiatus i think u must know about this novel ,if not pl give it a try u will like it


  24. Krauz says:

    Thanks for the hard work!


  25. Natsume says:

    Thanks for your hard work.
    Can you consider picking up ‘Sekai no Owari no Encore’?
    You can do it after you translate the new volume of Magika no Kenshi if you want.


  26. deepsalh says:

    Thanks for your Hard work.
    Any way, is there any chance you can consider picking Sword and Wizards…it looks good??


  27. Imagine Breaker says:

    There’s already teaser for Magika Vol. 12. 🙂


  28. devilsadvocate6 says:

    u deserve being lazy!


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