Magika Vol 12 Chapter 1 complete

Also can any Russian here take a look at Ilyailiya’s name at the colored image and tell me the reading of her name in alphabet.

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  1. Windsgrace says:

    Also note if you want the change to be from now on or to be changed for all previous chapters.
    Also the reason of BB’s name change is one can be spelled one way but read another. Thus both are correct. Up to you guys.


  2. Well, about the name. If you look at kana イリヤエリア the spelling should be – IliyaElia, but if you’ll at cyrilliс ИльяИлия it should be – iliailiia (using lower case for distinction). Yes it’s really confusing because there two names in one, but I think that author tried to reproduce russian naming system. From that maybe the more proper way to write her full name like “Ilia Elia/Iliia Muromets” or “Ilia” for short.

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    • And by the way Basileus Basileon will be the right way to write the name, and Vasielois Vasileon is just the romanisation of the byzantian name wrote in kana. Hope you understand what I mean. Fu Xi/Pu Zi maybe the same, anyway some of characters here have the names of the the historical characters.


    • bakapervert says:

      Thanks for the answer.


      • jorgelotr says:

        I thought I had already explained Ilyailiya’s name when it appeared at another illustration in volume 7 (it was at B-T, though, but you answered me).

        About Fu Xi/Pu Zi, it all comes to language evolution. “Pu Zi” should be correct, since “Pu” seems to be a common surname or middle name among emperors (the last emperor of China was called Pu Yi, so it may eve be a reference); however, the thing is that when reading chinese names, japanese use approximations to the ancient version (the one that existed around the time they imported the writing system), and back then chinese didn’t have a “p” sound (they got it a couple of centuries afterwards, most likely when the ruling race changed again), having instead a “f” sound, which is by the way the reason why japanese lost for some time the “p” sound and had to recover it afterwards, leaving us with the weirdness of the “h/b/p” (it should be “p/b”, changed due to chinese into “f/b”, after recovery it became “f/b/p” and then evolved to the current “h/b/p”).

        The B/V thing comes from medieval and post-medieval transcription rules from both ancient greek texts and bizantine ones, and is based on the fact that, at least at the time the rule came to be, the beta wasn’t said with the same sound as the latin b, but neither with the same sound as the modern v (take into account that originally, when v became a letter different from u, it represented a sound halfway between a b and a u). Both in current transcription and from the research of experts, unless you are trying to give it a Bizantine flavour, the correct spelling is with b.


  3. AAA says:

    May as well change it because Vasileios is a Greek male given name which also means royal or kingly and Basileus is a Greek term that refers to a king.


    • Well it is so but maybe it mean exactly Basileus Basileon (King of Kings) because there no one word about it being his name (The person that acted as the leader was known as ) in light of which we can conclude that it’s just his alias.


  4. Windsgrace says:

    Wow the results are close currently. If only the pole was split up like- VV with Fu Xi, VV with Pu Zi, BB with Fu Xi or BB with Pu Xi.
    Four different alternate pairings.


  5. rozenmaiden says:

    For me, i prefer Basileus Basileon. Why? Well, i actually search for the real source of that name, and i find it from Jesus’s epithet, King of Kings, Basileus ton Basileon (βασιλευς των βασιλευοντων). So, i prefer the one you are translated. and for Fu Xi or Pu Zi, it’s just another almost-same-type-in-sound. So, for the second, do as you like.


    • Windsgrace says:

      I agree. I like BB for the meaning and my familiarity. I also don’t want to confuse reader or make them think we are making an error in the translation. VV sounds cool but meh. As for the second Pu Zi doesn’t look right to me…it almost seems like an insult. Fu Xi is suppose to be an incarnation and that was how he spelled his name so…yeah. Maybe the author wants to make her sound more feminine? I don’t know.


  6. lnwnepubs says:

    Thanks for the Chapter


  7. MaCcoy Neri says:

    Keep it as it is. you Pu Zi.. xD


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