Magika Volume 12 ch 1 edits are complete

Credits goes to WindsGrace and OmegaWeaponZ

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11 Responses to Magika Volume 12 ch 1 edits are complete

  1. 13thdan says:

    2months early release on september
    Masou Gakuen HxH Vol. 9 cover.

    FAP FAP in Cleopatra style. whahahahaha


  2. jorgelotr says:

    Add some more edits:
    -“mantel” (also “mantle”, but that’s making things difficult) is a shelf on a fireplace; the cape-like cloth is “mantle”.
    -someone with good values in all the specs is called an “all-round player” or “all-rounder”, not “all-around player” (in fact, that means someone with very random values with no consistence whatsoever).
    -this is a common mistranslation, but with the exception of very specific contexts where the word “deceptive” is added, the japanese word for “planet” is the same as for “star”, which means that it has to be translated by context, meaning that BB (or VV according to the illustrations) says “this planet fell ill” instead of “this star fell ill”.

    As an addendum, being a typo I’ve seen everywhere in this sites translations, the third person of the verb “to suit” (to match, to go well, to look well on/with) is “suits” (written like the plural of “suit”); “suites” is only the plural of “suite”, a high-class hotel room.

    PS. by “first year” he shoud be referring to 1 AD, which is the start of the Christian era (contrary to what most believe, there is no year 0 in the Christian calendar, neither Gregorian nor Julian).

    PS2. I have the hunch that BB/VV is Lucifer.

    PS3. “But what that guy was doing seemed interesting so Leme became that guy’s ring.} [TN ring as in wife or power? Or both?]” <- most likely "ring" as in "metal band worn around the finger" (the Ring of Solomon is an occult staple).


  3. Hildegarde says:

    wow so fast, haha…
    nice to see you back ~~

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