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Side Project Arifureta: Cancelled

Looks like someone else has already translated the whole extra chapters of the LN. EnigmaticAxiom has just posted his translation at here.

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Arifureta Vol 1 Extra finished

Next to vol 2 extra

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Side project: Arifureta’s extra story

I’m taking a little side project, translating the extra story in the LN of arifureta. If you want to read the translation of the main story, go here

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Yet another gallery update :3

request of aldea x Gravel, which was posted yday but didnt make a post. And a himekawa one by myself~ Magika stuff next

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Gravel Gallery Update

Did the most asked one since PC finally running now 😛 expect most done in a week ~ with some bonus. Tho magika might take time, since i havent read past vol 11. And magic dresses are effing pain to … Continue reading

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Gallery update

A coloring of Rerei Hida :v If anyone has any request from the site novels for a Coloring feel free to ask for it.

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Magika Vol 12 Complete

Well, I’ll got some rest now before I got burned out.

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