Side Project Arifureta: Cancelled

Looks like someone else has already translated the whole extra chapters of the LN. EnigmaticAxiom has just posted his translation at here.

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47 Responses to Side Project Arifureta: Cancelled

  1. tamachii says:

    I wish someone could continue TL arifureta =x, so sad they stopped the TL…


    • deadtoxic says:

      arent they translating arifureta here ?


      • Anonymous says:

        Its the WN, not the LN. Not sure if there are differences with it, but those translating are commonly, extremely, mind-bogglingly slow except for some. Some of them don’t update for months and force other translators to guess if it hasn’t been dropped and translate them just to discover that the other party wants to continue the project but doesn’t have the time to do it, which is a joke for many readers as they just move on to other novels, losing the fans due to that translator who can’t cooperate with others. Fan translations are commonly better with more speed despite some mistakes, since the native English speaker or those who use it for formal/business purposes such as education can easily understand the mistakes, sometime point it out for the translators/editors/staff

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  2. Mhaj58 says:

    I have a suggestion. I recommend Bakapervert consider translating Konjiki no Wordmaster because there’s a lot of content. You could go at your own pace and many people don’t know how good this series is. Plz consider and give me your opinions


  3. kizrock94 says:

    Hey yeah Bakapervert, I was wondering if you have a future LN project in mind (don’t worry, this will be the first and last time I’m asking this)


    • bakapervert says:

      Not really. I’m usually translating following my impulse. I’m reading a raw and then suddenly I got this feeling ‘gotta translate this one’.


      • Tiago Oliveira says:

        Hello I wonder if you accept suggestions for translations of novels?
        If accepted I will be suggesting this



  4. Tommy Ifrit says:

    I know people will probably flip shit at this comment but….

    If your interested in something else, I suggest flipping through the raw’s if there are any for roku de nashi majutsu koushi to kinki kyouten. The manga although short wasn’t bad and apparently is on the TBA list for anime announcements.

    It’s got magic and a little bit of Ecchi and harem flare to it and well another powerful MC who has a dark past (only revealed a little in the manga).

    Anyways it’s 100% your choice if you want to check it out and or translate it. And sorry for being rude and suggesting this.


  5. deepsalh says:

    Thanks for the hardwork Bakapervert….Can you consider picking this novel….It looks good and matches all your preferences…


    • nishaven8 says:

      Can’t make out too much from the prologue but Mc looks like an alpha in the cover. It can be really interesting if bakapervert translates this. Also the fact that he is a swordsman and doesn’t have magic.


  6. Kampai says:

    XD if this continues you better start a recommendation thread bakapervert 😉 or else you will have
    recommendations in every thread you post.



  7. kizumono says:

    gonna wait for ur next project….but please i hope u can pick Ln with a weak Mc first and then become strong like hajime from arifureta…and a harem please….


  8. Hildegarde says:

    I personally recommend Hidan no Aria, so sad the progress is stopped now…
    Just saying, hope you’ll at least gave a look at it…~~
    by the way, thank you very much for all of this time bakapervert-sama !! ^^


  9. yadem says:

    what about Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden great light novel and only 6 of 13 volums translated that would be great if last 7 volums translated


    • Hildegarde says:

      well i like that one, Sazane Kei-sama book is definitely one of its kind out there…
      Plus Tasogare-iro no Uta Tsukai if you don’t mind, 4/10 Volume translated in BT, but halted right now, those two is definitely grand masterpiece that you could never ever forget once you’ve read it ^^


    • Sheltis-kun says:

      O yeah, I love Kei Sazane works. Seems like there are some people here that liked his works too. Bout HKnE, the site is broken, and the translator has been missing for a year and a half maybe? Tasogare, it’s been a long time too. Hope someone will pick it up again in the near future. HKnE is unique in it’s own way as a fantasy novel, definitely one of the best fantasy novels out there.


  10. anon-chan says:

    btw someone know if the light novel of arifureta has some drastic differents from the web novel?


  11. Novel reader says:

    What about finishing the Ore to Kanojo ga Geboku de Dorei de Shuujuu Keiyaku translations I think there is 2/5 or 3/5 translated and seems the current translator has put it on hiatus until they get around to it


  12. Anon says:

    When I read Arifureta wn, I always link Hajime’s appearances with Akizuki Souma from Shining Winds X Tears and Kaoru with Kureha Touka (only vaguely). So seeing the ln illustrations of Hajime really irks a nerve or two. Other than that I’m happy that the writing will be improved in the ln.


  13. Julius Juukulius says:

    Any interest in triyng to TL Re:Zero?


  14. What is the difference of Re:Zero WN in LN??Because Someone translating WN of it..


    • rozenmaiden says:

      Wn is like an unedited LN version. So there’s many chapter with grammar error. And for Re:Zero, WN version have many ‘not needed’ dialogue. Other than that, WN ver. is more gore than LN.


  15. Mr.Snappy says:

    The vol 9 of hxh is already out and may i know when baka-sama is going to translate or did he not get the raw version yet?


  16. Clamp says:

    The Author of HXH Masamune Kuji has a new series.. Would you be willing to translate it? It’s very interesting.. y’know


  17. philipbaxton says:

    Have you seen the illustrations for HxH vol.9 yet? They look really good and have gotten me really hyped. I can’t tell though if Kizuna is fingering the goddess or maybe even having sex with her, but I highly doubt it’s the latter. It kinda sucks that this volume has less sexual content than vol.8 did but still looking toward to it. I hope you can get the raws soon.


    • AAA says:

      You can see the pics with the text beside them at Akiba blog. I like the line during that pic with Yurishia near the end where she’s down on the ground naked with her ass raised up: “Haan! Noo, Master! Forgive me! Hyaan!”


  18. tits says:

    can anyone send me a link of hxh vol 9 illustration…..i opened 2-3 links but i couldn’t understand the language


  19. redpitch says:

    em, i don;t have j-cafe ID,can someone give me pdf link? please


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