HxH Vol 9 Prologue Complete

I’m back.

Editor (OmegaWeaponZ):

Hiya. My apologies for the late edits.

The Prologue has been edited.



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21 Responses to HxH Vol 9 Prologue Complete

  1. Windsgrace says:

    Here we go again. xD


  2. icehavoc says:

    I noticed that chapter 3 appears on the menu of volume 9, but not on the actual volume 9 page, anything up with that?

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  3. Anonymous says:

    So you finally got the raw or you translated the prologue from the preview pages?


  4. neokryte says:



  5. happinezz001 says:

    The S&M chapter already caught my interest


  6. Dried Squid says:

    Bondage is my fetish and Zelsione is my type of girl so I’m excited for this.


  7. stive ulloa says:

    thanks Master


  8. Imagine Breaker says:

    Be strong bakapervert.


  9. luiz117 says:

    So, it begins!
    Thanks again !!!


  10. jorgelotr says:

    Thanks for your work.

    As always, the same correction: the cloth one wears is a “mantle”, finishing “e”. “Mantel” with finishing “l” is something close to, but not exactly, a piece of furniture (it’s that part of a fireplace over where you put photo frames and little decorations).

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  11. Reaper Phoenix says:

    It’s not like we miss you or anything, baka!

    Don’t look at me! I didn’t say that! It was this short pink haired flat che… (GUHAAA)!!!


  12. 13thdan says:

    I guess masou gakuen is near end. I saw author release a new light novel. Ecstas Online. It’s echii too and have a new illustrator taira tsukune whose a doujin illustrator like hisasi.


  13. Anonymous says:

    Welcome Back Bakapervert-san. 🙂


  14. heroboy8 says:

    Thanks bakapervert…so it just went out recently, I thought it was out earlier, is there any coverpage picture or something?


  15. habib says:

    Thanks for doing the prologue!


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