HxH Vol 9 Complete



Edits for volume 9 are complete.



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62 Responses to HxH Vol 9 Complete

  1. Jon says:

    thanks for vol 9!


  2. shajk says:

    thanks sir


  3. kainaeomi09 says:

    BP-SENSEI are you going to help in translating realist hero?


  4. anon-chan says:

    thanks a lot BP =)
    if you are free and still have time, could you consider this maybe? http://manga-zip.net/archives/100228.html

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  5. reddy says:

    is there any information regarding release of volume 10 of masou gakuen


  6. Lnwnepubs says:

    EPUb/Dark PDF direct download of vol 9


    Thanks as always bakaperv! I’ll reupdate the files after editing has finished

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  7. Hendro says:

    So what are your plans now?


  8. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the translation BP. Will you keep on translating masou gakuen in the future?


  9. Shidasnider says:

    Thanks as alwalys Bakapervert for completing another volume !! If it wasn’t for you I couldn’t read this LN, hope you keep it up and would you translate Rakudai kishi no Eiyuutan, it’s a excellent LN its mc is not so cliché, hope you consider this suggestion and once again thanks a lot for your hard work.

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  10. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Bakapervert-san.


  11. Tathagatra says:

    mr. bakapervert can u give me the link for pdf of masou gakuen vol 9? many thanks.


  12. Will there be a Volume 10 or Is this the End of the Series. Will u be picking up Ecstas Online bakapervert if Masou Gakuen HxH has ended.


  13. Mr.Snappy says:

    Does anyone have a epub using mediafire?


  14. heroboy8 says:

    Thanks BakaPervert-sama!!


  15. Aftab7769 says:

    BP sensei thanks for the HxH Vol 9. But what about Magika? Are you gonna do that next


  16. jihan says:

    then when you will start project arifureta? i can;t wait for it.


  17. jorgelotr says:

    The anime went past minor omissions and mergers, and beyond oversimplifications to downright invent. I’d still give it an OK, but Kizuna’s detailed TF scene was too much, in special that sigh of lost innocence.


  18. Gil_Michaeli says:

    any word yet on when vol. 10 is coming out?


  19. Hao says:

    Bakapervert, the first HxH BD/DVD volume has a short story bundled with it. Will you translate it?

    Here are some images from the short story:


  20. AAA says:

    Baka, please translate the HxH short story bundled with first anime BD volume.


  21. Mhaj58 says:

    Some one send him the effing Raws right now dang it


  22. justsomerandompasserby says:

    bakapervert-san, tokyo ravens volume 14 onegaishimasu.


  23. philipbaxton says:

    Is the short story LN that came with the BD bases off of the poll we voted for a couple of months back?


  24. TheGodSlayer says:

    Any news on the LN special that came with the BD yet? Does anyone at least know what will be in the novel? Is the two illustrations we’ve seen so far is all that’s in the novel and is it a short light novel?


    • Erosensei123 says:

      Any idea on an approximate release of vol 10??? also how is the translation of the short story bundled with the br coming up?


  25. tiiit says:

    bp sensei both translator of shinmai moau no keiyakusha are gonna abandon this project ……can u please pick it up ……..please,one chapter once in a month would be enough or one chapter in 2 months ……I don’t want this project abandoned


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