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Vol 19 Chapter 1 Finished

I’ll pull down the illustrations tomorrow so that it will be harder to detect. Any of you who want the picture better save it fast before it is gone from here.

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The translation about you-know-what

To reduce the chance of getting DMCA, please don’t write up the name of the you-know-what’s name. It might be futile, but let’s just give it a try. I also won’t list the link at the menu bar so it … Continue reading

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Voting SS of HxH translated

Here is the link for the SS. HxH Voting SS Also I’ve got the you know what in the form of bookwalker. I can start translating it, but the format is a bit inconvenient so the translation will be far … Continue reading

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You know what Raw

Anyone has the raw for you know what? I’ll translate it if no one is translating it currently.

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