Voting SS of HxH translated

Here is the link for the SS.

HxH Voting SS

Also I’ve got the you know what in the form of bookwalker. I can start translating it, but the format is a bit inconvenient so the translation will be far slower than usual. So if someone has the epub or jpg images of the raw, please donate it to me.

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9 Responses to Voting SS of HxH translated

  1. Rick says:

    i have emailed you a copy its in chinese and epub format


  2. I can maybe convert the file to epub format 😉 so upload it here so I can try it out

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  3. amit34521 says:

    what format is the file??? we can help to convert it to whatever form suits you


  4. Robinxen says:

    If you’re translating from volume 19 onwards, will you be providing a link to the previously translated novels for newcomers?


  5. Symbiancross says:

    @baka I’ve been able to convert the kindle version to epub.Check your email,i already sent the file to you.

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