Chapter 3 Complete

I’m assured now that this is well hidden, after all the traffic for these chapters are still so few. If even the reader haven’t find this yet than I don’t think the official can find it.

Btw, can you guys tell me from where you guys aware of the translation of this current series I translated? Don’t tell me you guys only know it from following my post in this blog?

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43 Responses to Chapter 3 Complete

  1. I know about it only because I’m following the blog .

    No updates on novelupdates and mangaupdates could be the reason for the low traffic though that maybe preferable.

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  2. KHMTOWMAN says:


    It’s true. For me, I have come to know about the translation from this site and your post.

    Again many thanks for translating the V-19 of our favorite champion.

    Wish you good luck

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  3. GM_Rusaku says:

     ( ´・ω・) ∫ Thanks!
     //\ ̄ ̄旦\  Nepu!!
    // ※…\___\
    \\  ※….  ※ ※ ヽ
    Only the one following you are the ones who only know if-you-know-what-I-mean.

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  4. deepsalh says:

    Yup by following your blog very frequently.


  5. Windsgrace says:

    Your probably blushing right about now after reading these comments @ Baka.
    Also I did a rough edit on ch 3.


  6. amit34521 says:

    a week has passed and we have 3 chapters+introduction translated. With this speed the remaining chapters may get translated in the upcoming week. thanks for the chapter. Will you work on vol 20 as well @baka ???


  7. Phoenix says:

    Your blog is on page 3 of google results when you look up a common chain of words related to this translation.

    But yes, I’m only aware of this from being here before.

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  8. Neko MK2 says:

    Not yet check other site who send info about update and none from NU, dunno about animesuki and reddit normally those always update regarding something like this


  9. Cell says:

    Volume 3 of what is done


  10. rasray says:

    For me this is a followed blog so every update here I can view easily. 😉

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  11. Equa' says:

    Many thanks for the chapter of You-Know-What! Like everyone above, I’m following your blog (found it in your BT’s profile).


  12. /a/ says:

    Another one here. I check your blog about twice a month to see if there’s anything new, since ther aren’t even news about HxH or Basileuis new novels… And here I found about that Deicide! fanfic you are writing…

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  13. Anonymous says:

    Guys do you know if anyone is translating mahouka kouko no rettousei? Thanks in advance 🙂


  14. OrenoAo says:

    Same as the other guys, I only found about THIS translation because I visited the site. And I can’t tell you how happy I was when I found out ^^


  15. Wouldn’t even know you’re working at it if the guy on AS hinted about you trying to translate the series. I haven’t started reading yet since I’m waiting for you to finish it but good luck!


  16. Al Cop says:

    I’m not subscribed to your blog, I’m sorry. Still, I would always look it up. To see if there are new translations.

    Although, I did see an idiot post a link of you-know-what at the official group in Baka Tsuki in FB. Thankfully, the post was removed minutes after.

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  17. i hope after you end the traslation someone will make a pdf that way even if you removed you can live the link to the pdf so people that didnt have the chance can read it


  18. ADD Ninja says:

    I had come to a sudden realization today that it had been a while since i checked out your site. I saw the curious post about this LN that shall not be named. When i made my way to the images page and that fist picture with the title displayed appeared i literally jump out of my chair. All hope had been previously lost, but you are my one true savior. Not only for picking this up but for all work you do! Thank you!, you glorious pervert !


  19. Drkvdrm says:

    There is actually another translation on Reddit:


    • bailone says:

      stop putting the C word in your posts you want the google monster to find us !!!!


    • bakapervert says:

      Hmm, if only that translator put that out sooner. I would be waiting for his translation to read rather than translating it myself like this. His translation is better than mine.


    • I just checked this and I don’t think that site is translating it. since its most recent updates involve baka-tsukis old translation. that is just the a teaser describing the the series and what a {King} is. I should know. I have read the series multiple times and am rereading it again now plus I own the anime on DVD and have watched it nearly 20 times, 5 in the last week alone.


  20. bailone says:

    it wont last long that’s begging to be taken down.

    I know about the baka translation because I check this site everyday. I glad baka has taken on this since he always does high quality work and very fast.

    thank you for all the hard work baka


  21. i saw someone copy and paste it in pastebin and share it in reddit =x


  22. Arjun Verano says:

    Where Please!! T_T Send me a mail..


  23. Fueee says:

    In my case I’m still catching up on the previous volumes so I haven’t got around to reading these yet LOL


  24. eddy says:

    i only found it by following your blog


  25. kakaka says:

    i know it by chance of coming here. its been a while since my last visit when last vol of magika


  26. bypasser says:

    I saw it here and i was surprised, hoped you can finish it to, thank you very much 🙂


  27. sapper says:

    As a request may i suggest Kenshin no Keishousha as a possible LN series since its been all but abandoned on BT. Really Enjoyed it and i think it would be to your tastes as well.


  28. I am following your blog and from animesuki. Good luck with the translation.


  29. Yuri yuri says:

    Thanks Baka-chan


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