The teaser of Magika vol 13 finished

I also translated the map image a bit if you guys want to see it. Also should I translate the character intro page and does anyone want to edit up the image later then?

By the way, for anyone who still don’t know, I also just finished a “fanfic” of you-might-not-know-what. The link to the pages are not listed anywhere at the menu bar, but you can find the links if you search my previous posts.

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12 Responses to The teaser of Magika vol 13 finished

  1. Mr.Snappy says:

    Hey bakaP arr you srill going to translate the vol 20 of that fanfic of you might know what??


  2. Kyusen says:

    Just to check, will there be any further pictures for the latest Magika volume?


  3. Fueee says:

    Thanks for the translation 😀


  4. Raze1313 says:

    Is it me or is Ikosai starting to turn Yandere?


  5. San4z says:



  6. shajk says:

    Ikosai next target for conquest


  7. AAA says:

    When will you have the raw of the volume? I heard something really big will happen later in the volume.


  8. shadow20 says:

    thanks bakapervert for the translation


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