Plan after Magika vol 13

Personally I vote for HxH.

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27 Responses to Plan after Magika vol 13

  1. Windsgrace says:

    HxH really doesn’t suit my personal taste…story line primary. Gives me the vibe similar to IS Infinite Stratos…e.e

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    • Durandal says:

      HxH is what a lot of people hoped Infinite Stratos would be… with a lot less of H content, but the same amount of action.

      Sadly IS has fallen quite hard, almost like the autor doesn´t even know what to do with the series.


  2. yourstruly96 says:

    As long as both eventually get translated, I really don’t care which one is first. Flipping a coin gets an additional vote to HxH.


  3. Deux says:

    How about the new novel of the author of HxH?


  4. AAA says:

    LOL, do you really have to ask?


  5. ayato1990 says:

    Hi baka-kun, do you have any plans to add another series after you finish HxH and the ‘fanfic’?


  6. rasray says:

    I need more time to catch up with fanfic. Hence it will not affect me much if it is slightly delayed and moreover your translation speed is so much that we don’t really need to choose the novel for translation. Just go with what you want.

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  7. drake181 says:

    I have a suggestion can you translate stb aka strike the blood


  8. drake181 says:

    Or dragonar academy its already completed with 20 volumes


  9. happinezz001 says:

    i think you-know-what should go first cuz i think reading 2 volumes of stories with lots of ecchiness is kinda bad for my mind


  10. sweed says:

    Since I want to support you, pervert, I choose HxH (thought about HunterxHunter for a sec there)
    I had to vote on this page on Internet Explorer, strangely the poll wasn’t shown even though I disabled ad-block & ghostery .


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