HxH Vol 10 Ch 2 finished

The number of view really surprise me. It almost double compared to when I translated magika.

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16 Responses to HxH Vol 10 Ch 2 finished

  1. AAA says:

    Probably because HxH’s lewdness level is above Magika’s.


  2. gurucharanreddy says:

    hey Baka
    when are you going to upload magika in Baka-Tsuki we are waiting


  3. Blinder662 says:

    Now you know what they are waiting for )


  4. tits says:

    because viewers ‘wait’ for hxh….


  5. MexterJ says:

    Working on ecchi harem light novels will definitely get you more popular and working on more of those in future try working on other similar ecchi light novels and who knows you’ll be the most popular translator to go to.


  6. Anonymous says:

    baka i know u will finish this volume fast. any idea by when u will finish this


  7. Erosensei says:

    Apparently chapter 5 is shotacon. Another chapter that is not my cup of tea. Vol 10 is a disappointment for me 😦


    • philipbaxton says:

      The only letdown for me is Kizuna not having a scene with Odin in this volume. I was so hyped for a scene with them pleasuring each other so I’m a bit disappointed it’s not happening.


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