HxH Vol 10 ch 3 Finished

How many of you guys actually reading the story instead of just the ‘scenes’?

PS: I read Shishunki no Adam and Shinmai, only those kind of scenes though. I don’t really know the story in great detail. I wonder how many did the same thing like me with HxH.

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36 Responses to HxH Vol 10 ch 3 Finished

  1. I like the story. Well the scenes are still pretty good though 😀

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  2. mapuiawahaho says:

    Harems are usually lacking in story quality and HxH does a great job in covering that.And thanks for chapter 3,sir bakapervert.


  3. Winters Run says:

    i read everything thx to my friend Timelyraccoon here who keept saying that i should read this instead of waiting for the anime to come out


  4. standoutzone says:

    I actually read the story because it’s what IS should have been plotwise and PLOT-wise. wear as with shinmai/adam, i can just read dxd for that type of plot in spite of those 2 having better PLOT.


  5. Yū YaShirō says:

    for me depends how interesting the story. for adam i read for the scenes but shinmai and hxh i read the story


  6. Anonymous says:

    To:omegaweaponz, Windsgrace can u make the Magika Vol.13 Full Text on BT? Please.


  7. Akashura says:

    In the first place, I became interested in HxH due to the scene between Kizuna and Reiri in volume 5. So the story for me is secondary but despite that I don’t skip any parts.


  8. Anonymous says:

    I actually quite like the story; it’s not the best, but it’s not bad either. And yes, I also enjoy those ‘scenes’😅

    As for Shinmai, it’s definitely bolder than HxH (perhaps even the most bold scenes I’ve ever read!), but the story itself is also interesting, perhaps even more so than HxH (no disrespect to HxH of course, since they belong to different genres; Shinmai being fantasy, and sci-fi for HxH, in terms of story)


  9. Pervy Sage says:

    Shinmai is ok. The story is pretty much same with hxh. Both male and female mc powered up by doing ecchi stuff. But I personally don’t like Adam. The mc is bisexual.


  10. Zantengetsu says:

    I feel that the story is interesting (not including the cringe inducing Idol sections).

    While it might not be up to Magika’s standard I would still say that it is worth to read it instead of just navigating to the “plot scenes”.


  11. Durandal says:

    So far I have not found myself only reading “the scenes”, sometimes I may read those first or I could skip one part because I feel is slow but I do read it all eventually.


  12. philipbaxton says:

    Shinmai is alright. It does have way lewder scenes than even HxH in the later volumes and in recent years has set the bar in what an borderline-h series can do. Story is good but is a bit close to DxD, which isn’t a bad thing. The “plot scenes” are usually the main selling point considering it has amazing ones but I have heard that the last 2 volumes have been amazing.

    Adam is a bit too fetish pandering for me. The sex is good but tends to over stay its welcome. Mutsuki is usually this weak and scared MC until the sex scenes which makes no sense because he’s having sex with powerful females who just easily summit to him. Considering even the author dropped it I doubt the actual plot was all that good.


    • standoutzone says:

      I have to point out that outside of what happened in the newest shinmai volume and the scenes being slightly more descriptive, i dont find shinmai to be that much lewder. HxH has oyakodon incest, pseudo-NTR, BDSM, S&M play, public orgasming, Yuri breaking and most recently Yuri traps. I’ll give shinmai the benefit of having an orgy.

      Really i’d only give shinmai an edge for doing the deed.


      • philipbaxton says:

        Shinmai has had more graphic depictions of titjobs, Basara getting multiple blowjobs from the nurse, even releasing in her mouth, while on the phone with his other girls. Has put his member inside most of his girls panties and has rubbed it along there opening. Trust me it’s way lewder. HxH appeals to more ferishes but when you compare rhem you’ll see which one is more graphic in contnent. Your should read volume 6,7,8, and 9. Shinmai doesn’t have as much lewd content but it is lewder. Story wise I like HxH more though


        • standoutzone says:

          you are right in saying that hxh appeals more to fetishes, and shinmai is more graphic (hence why i said it’s more descriptive), but part of that has to do with actual penetration (basara cumming on chisato’s hymey since v8, the maou fucking his not-sister since v7, jin and basaras two moms). the closest hxh comes to that are the core installs but that hardly counts. Aside from that, bj’s are something they both have been doing for a while now (did you forget kizuna cumming inside nayuta and reiri’s mouth in v8?). and kizuna has been doing sumatas without panties since v5. (reiri, gravel, aine and grace together).

          I also agree about the story.


          • Erosensei says:

            I don’t think he came inside their mouth.

            From Kizuna’s tip, life energy spurted out when he passed his limit. It mercilessly scattered everywhere on Reiri and Nayuta’s face and hair, dirtying their bodies.


          • philipbaxton says:

            I agree when you say its the descrpitive way Shinmai writes its story that makes it feel lewder and graphic. Like you said the penetration parts does put it over a bit too and other than that they are about the same. (I wonder if they plan their stories together since they are good friends)

            I will say while HxH has a better story and plot Shinmai has better lewd scenes. While I do like HxH’s lewd material some feel weak at times while others feel like they over stay their welcome (Gravel and Aldea’s scene went on a bit too long for me). I’ve really been liking when Kizuna gets with the machine gods because it’s not with the same girls, Aine, Hayuru, or Yurishia, and it feels refreshing and different. I hope next volume Gravel gets more time with Kizuna. I wanna see him with his other girls more.


      • What do you mean by pseudo ntr please reply i fucking hate ntr


  13. tits says:

    i read story just before the scenes so that it can make sense what’s going on….otherwise i don’t even know some characters yet


  14. bionicle94 says:

    HxH plot is quite enjoyable to be read and the fights are really well written.
    Furthermore it’s one of the few battle harem where the girls get really wounded in the battles so there is a good tension.
    But the main point remain obviously the Plot.


  15. Aftab7769 says:

    HxH certainly has a good plot and it’s a good read even if there are no “scenes”. But they just add to the flair of the story. Not only that but the fights seem perfectly choreographed moreover with the characters actually getting wounded put in a certain sense of tension and suspense, so yeah the story is the main point but the scenes just add to the story.


  16. dcis1 says:

    I always read the story. The scenes are just bonuses for me.


  17. MexterJ says:

    I read the whole story otherwise the scenes don’t make some sense for me but the pics are nice and give more to the story. But I’m basically a full reader.


  18. acp says:

    Honestly, I’m reading this series just for the absurdity of how the lewd scenes will go and it will always leave me entertained. The ecchi scenes are pretty hot.


  19. Heroboy8 says:

    I think I like to read the story rather than the scenes, but still it just adds the atmosphere for me


  20. Anonymous says:

    I started out reading the entire thing, but as the story got increasingly convoluted and the lewdness started to ramp up dramatically, I quickly dropped the story and focused on the H.


  21. Anon says:

    For me the order is: character’s personality > plot > “the scenes”
    The last one is just added bonus but they are important.
    Think of it as an all-aged and 18+ version which I always choose the later.


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