HxH Vol 10 ch 4 finished

The moment of truth. Let’s see how much the number of view jumped up with this chapter that contained a ‘scene’.

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11 Responses to HxH Vol 10 ch 4 finished

  1. Mhaj58 says:

    Honestly volume 10 has been a disappointment regarding the ecchi factor HXH had built to its standards I hope they make it up to us in vol 11


    • Erosensei says:

      Exactly my thoughts. Same old blow job scenes written with different females. Only innovative thing was the futa scene which for me is a not a something I like fapping to. And the upcoming shota scene which is also a no no for me. Hope vol 11 would be better. 😕


  2. philipbaxton says:

    Wow you finished this chapter so quickly. Thanks so much Baka you are the man. You seriously deserve a rest for giving us two volumes of two different series in less than a month. If only Tachibana-san-chi no Dansei Jijou’s translations moved this fast(or at all) I’d be happy.


  3. tits says:

    your average time for uploading is 2 days so i think those who read chapter 3 hours ago probably be back tomorrow………vol 10 is not upto that mark ….but as an ecchi harem genre lover this is the only one that can compete with shinmai on lewdness level


  4. tits says:

    can’t imagine the future without your light speed translation…thank you man


  5. D33M0 says:

    I haven’t read this yet but ty for the God speed translations

    Btw where can I read shinmai?


  6. Mr.Snappy says:

    Tbh Im disappointed in the lewd scence in this volume.. I hope the next chapter contains reiri and kizuna to make it up


  7. Pervy Sage says:

    Machine god from hxh and demon god/war god from magika. Now i think, who will win if they meet?


  8. Ariel says:

    I hope the author does some yuri scene between landred and reiri sometime xd

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  9. Bob the Builder says:

    Christ I wish yuNS could match your translation speed. I only found out Vol.10 was out yesterday and you’re almost finished it.

    Konosuba Vol.10 took 3 months…


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