HxH Vol 10 Ch 5 Finished

The second part is pure torture to translate. Bleh

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9 Responses to HxH Vol 10 Ch 5 Finished

  1. philipbaxton says:

    Man that scene was not good at all. Just wasn’t my thing. I nearly skipped it a few paragraphs in. Still thanks for the chapter Baka


  2. acp says:

    I thought the second part have harder words even for you to TL. I just take a peek and it’s incest. Just a fair warning who those that don’t prefer them.


  3. Míster x says:

    At first I thought it would only be a story of the past between kizuna and reiri


  4. mapuiawahaho says:

    I thought I was ready to take it on but,but………NOO……Gimme back my innocence.


  5. Heroboy8 says:

    Thanks for the translation BP-sensei.
    Now, for the last chapter, ch 6(and an afterword and the electronic SS)


  6. Heroboy8 says:

    Also, the second part is really hard to read…but somehow I manage to read it


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