Fanfic v20 Intro and Prologue finished

To the one posting a lot of message about shinmai, nice try, but I’m just not motivated for that series.

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29 Responses to Fanfic v20 Intro and Prologue finished

  1. Thanks for the chapters !


  2. drake181 says:

    The translator for shinmai maou no testament is looking for someone to continue translating it would you take i up if you’re in need of a new novel it’s like hxh please please please please translate please


  3. Anonymous says:

    How about this [Shinwa Densetsu no Eiyuu no Isekaitan] Bakapervert-san ?
    you read this also right? please considered

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  4. youjo senki novel…just throwing it out there lol


  5. amit34521 says:

    Or how about gakusen v10??? With your translation speed, many will be requesting for the translations.


  6. tits says:

    but dude whenever u r enough motivated to translate anything in future do consider shinmai then….even if you translate one chapter a month it would be enough


  7. Pedro says:

    Guys stop being such asses, bakapervert also has a life and he isn’t even that motivated to translate ANYTHING right now and the more you guys ask more his motivation goes down stop acting like childs(maybe you are) everyong got a project they wish to see translate by a good translator (even me) but we are not even paying him to ASK for anything so just stop this and let him do as he wishes. Is it that difficult to get satisfied with only what we have now until HE himself decides on his next project? Bakapervert, my bad for these guys.

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    • drake181 says:

      Your right if he says to stop or he’s being overwhelmed I’ll stop recommending novels immediately but he just said he’s not motivated to do it so I’ll wait till he says he’s looking for a new novel to translate. And to baka if i made you upset in any way I’m very sorry😊

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      • Erosensei says:

        You do realize that you commented on every chapter asking for the translation right?


        • drake181 says:

          Nope i only asked 4 because the translator for shinmai says he be happy i a translator could help out by taking shinmai of him so i immediately thought of baka since he said that he like hxh so i thought he’ll want to do it


  8. drake181 says:

    And if you saw the same post on more than 4 it’s because my Google + account was glitching up and mass posting


  9. am23 says:

    oh, don’t forget about to read a novel that i reccommended baka-san. (Sengoku Bocchi) the one that i sent the file to you


  10. Yū YaShirō says:

    Thanks baka btw can we make pdfs?


  11. SniperIRL says:

    Would you consider translating Hague Yuusha no Aesthetic?


  12. drake181 says:

    And baka do you read WN (Wuxia novel) eg on wuxiaworld


  13. Do you think you could translate Rakudai Kishi no Eyuutan. It’s from the same author as anti hero.


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