Fanfic 20 chapter 6 Finished

Finally only epilogue left.

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4 Responses to Fanfic 20 chapter 6 Finished

  1. loshi1505 says:

    good going BP, damn fast TLing you’ve been doing for the past while. take a LONG rest after this is done man and give yourself some pampering treatment. :3


    • loshi1505 says:

      also you should make yourself a donation box or something, I’m sure people would love to throw money at you for how awesome and fast TLer you are. ; )


  2. pipan says:

    A great great thanks to you baka-sensei.
    You became the sun of my life (ok, i’m exaggerating a bit) the day you took over this one.

    Have a good rest, you deserve it.


  3. Zero1412 says:

    thx for the hard work dear lord sir BP now get some well deserved rest


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