Arifureta ch 217 finished

Here is the link Arifureta Chapter 217

I’m conflicted whether I should put the link like this or not. Won’t this affect my view count because people won’t visit the table of content page like this?

Also, does anyone has the doujins of Omodume? The ones that are not in circulation. There are still a lot of them that aren’t uploaded. Please if anyone has them, gimme.

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18 Responses to Arifureta ch 217 finished

  1. Dark Jackel says:

    I don’t see how telling people who follow your site that there is a new chapter will result in *less* people viewing it… 🤔


  2. Fossil says:

    You’re being greedy! Not that we don’t read any novels that are like that….


  3. Jeffrey Johnson says:

    Probably the biggest problem with not including the link was that you also didn’t include the chapter title. This post just says “Arifureta ch 217”, but if you go to the ToC it’s hard to find that specific chapter. It’s just called “The Snapping Abyss Lord” there.

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  4. drake181 says:

    I have a suggestion baka why don’t you have a email subscription i have to constantly check if you post something new


  5. loshi1505 says:

    hmm, I think you’ll be fine BP as not only do you update frequently but people will explore your site a good amount, and most people will want to look at the TOC page eventually anyways.
    rather does the extra click even increase the view count? I mean they’re already on your site. so does changing pages on your site actually affect it at all?


  6. Atamahead027 says:

    Holyshit…. Looking for omodume


  7. Itsuka Ayato says:

    when did you start translating arifureta baka-san??
    and when did it reach ch214??


  8. Itsuka Ayato says:

    when did you start translating arifureta baka-san??
    and when did it reach ch217??
    I thought there were only 170-180 or such…


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