Arifureta Chapter 267 finished

Arifureta Chapter 267

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13 Responses to Arifureta Chapter 267 finished

  1. Fukuda says:



  2. GM_Rusaku says:

    。 THANKS!!
     | N|ハ,,ハ
     | E|゚ω゚ )
     | P| //
     | U|(⌒)


  3. neokryte says:

    Any new on hxh or magika?


  4. gerben200 says:



  5. Sigman says:

    Release date: June 1, 2017 Book information

    Buy this book
    Buy an e-book version
    Release date: June 1, 2017

    Masuko Gakuen H × H11
    Author: Kuji Masamune
    Illustration: Hisasi
    Mechanical design: Black silver
    List price (tax included) 670 yen
    ISBN 978-4-04-104713-2 – C0193
    Extreme and fun daily routine in Atalaxia Gakuen, which is a little different from usual!
    Everyone here is a friend at Atalaxia Gakuen! A secret mission with Grace, my brother ‘s favorite, to refurbish with a shy Herculean. Furthermore, for a fun hot-spring trip, plenty of everyday chapters that will not cause scratches again!

    ▲ PAGE TOP


  6. Anonymous says:

    Vol 11 HxH is out tomorrow. There is a bonus SS of Hyakurath and Mercuria’s conversation if Vol 11 is bought at Animate, so will you be able to get it and translate it.


  7. neokryte says:

    Bout magika?


  8. Hao says:

    Vol 11 HxH preview is out, will you start working on it now?


  9. Hao says:

    I found an interesting new series called 戦女神の聖蜜 (Mead of Valkyria):

    Judging from the preview pages, this is a borderline h series like HxH and Magika. Maybe you should pick this up.


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