Arifureta 273 finished

Arifureta Chapter 273

Kouki’s stock is rising.

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17 Responses to Arifureta 273 finished

  1. GM_Rusaku says:

    _l≡_  _ |_   | Thank!!
     (≡ ì _ í。)   /~\ Nepu!!!
      (__ヽyゝOxxx| (|====================-
      /_l:_| \__/\_/
      |LlL     |


  2. drake181 says:

    Baka when are you uploading hxh to baka tsuki


  3. VelhoDit says:

    i love Arifureta even the after stories thanks, will you finish the Camp….fanfic too?


  4. dimlik says:

    Bakapervert, maybe you have seen this already, but may I ask you to make something like fan-art corner or “made by fans” like in your gallery on this website? Or just put it there, if possible. The story short is, my friend likes to draw and color things so he had done some illustrations from Arifureta in color. ( If you like it, please put it somewhere by the name “RayanArts”, he will be more than happy to see that. Here is his twitter with all his works: . I am eagerly waiting for another illustration of Arifureta from him, but it takes time, sigh…

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  5. dimlik says:

    If you have not received my previous messages, then just send me a message per email or give me your email, my email is . Thank you)


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