Arifureta Chapter 276 finished

Arifureta Chapter 276

Alright to all of you whiny brats, your beloved demon king finally showed up. So stop complaining already.

And for you who is interested with overlap-sama’s homepage, here is the address: Overlap

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9 Responses to Arifureta Chapter 276 finished

  1. Sorry that we are whiny brats but the demon king is more interesting to read about 😀
    Oh. Thank you for the chapter btw XD

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  2. uni says:

    I didnt want to whine too much but the cookie arc is already overdue. It’s like you left that cookie on the table over the weekend and now its soggy.


  3. DetaBlue says:

    I honestly liked this arc, to see actual character growth from the idiot hero was like witnessing a miracle from GOD! Not a fake evil lonely god but an actual god.


  4. Necro says:

    Madou Grand Prix Wizard Formula novel

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  5. Riverez says:

    Sword and Wizards novel
    It is very exciting


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