Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut vol 4 finished

Vol 4 finished. Look for it here: saijaku

Some of it is still password protected. Ninja-emon, the translator at Mofumofu is busy, he said that he will open the password tomorrow.

Vol 5 chapter 1 is also finished, but it will also be updated tomorrow.


PS: Anyone can tell me the best stage for farming sweet candle?

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25 Responses to Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut vol 4 finished

  1. im farming it at vladmir …. the drop about 9 per run but ve a chance of drop the CE


    • bakapervert says:

      You aren’t farming it at the second stage or the third stage, where the AP is cheaper?


      • U know that if u ve 5 copys of the same CE u can get a better CE?


        • bakapervert says:

          Uh, no. I’ve got like, ten of level 1 ce and I don’t get anything. Does it need to be 4 or 5 star? And also, what kind of better ce?


          • An Auspicious Acorn says:

            If you make craft essence eat the same kind it’s max level is raised. Make it eat 4 copies of itself the bonus is raised for example Kaleidoscope’s initial NP is 80%. Once you limit burst it (make that 1 copy eat 4 other copies) the initial NP is 100% instead. As for best candle farm uhhh I think 20 AP? However 30 AP is better for bats and it can possibly drop Halloween Princess which is the best CE in this event. If you already have 1 great you can buy out the 4 from shop and have a limit boosted CE. Remember to limit boost it after event because of course the farming CEs stack.

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          • Natsume02 says:

            I think he meant that if you have 5 copy of the same CE, you can use the other 4 to Limit Break the first one. The effects of said CE (called MLB CE, or max limit break) are better.

            If you want to farm Sweet Candle, I think it’s better if you farm on the 20AP. Equip yourself with the four Halloween Princess CE and take a support with one too. It’ll make the drop +10. You should get around 30 Sweet Candles per run on average. (sometime 15 or 45).

            If you want to farm the last Halloween Princess, you can do the 30AP one. Vlad III can drop the CE that why the other guy said to farm this one.

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          • SSmash says:

            limit break, its the 4 edges stars that appear on the CE, but its said that for the events its better to have lots of events CE than the limit break, because it will only give 1 drop more, so having 5 CE will be beter for farming
            by the way im also farmin candles… i think that second stage is the one, i get +11 candle for each, having the CE from the shop and the support one

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  3. hunter1998 says:

    CE drop is random, and the probability is small, i suggest you to try some trick where at the reddit where you just kill one of the boss at the surprise quest and look wether they drop CE or not, the percentage is quite high around 13% or so, with most notable is stage with atalanta and orion, kill atalanta and see if she drop CE, if not just abandon the fight, rinse and repeat till you get the CE.
    and Thank you for the translation


  4. primo23 says:

    Farming sweet candle at either 3rd stage where Vlad is with 5 or 4 drop ce is the best place and way to farm….
    Farming at the 40 AP is ideal as well but farming at 30 drops it most of the time


  5. happinezz001 says:

    When i checked at novelupdates and saw that the entire volume 4 was out it kinda felt suspicious when i checked the site I found out why it felt that way


  6. Raziel says:

    There are still chapters of volume 3 missing and I doubt very much that Setsuna will complete those chapters, will you take them in the future?


  7. hyddty says:

    love ya so much baka 😀


  8. Anonymous says:

    Do uncle Vlad or Tama-cat stage with shop-bought hallo princess CEs on, just 2 of them will do while the rest will equip either LHD CE (if you manage to pull one, I didn’t…) and MiH CE (for bat farming, and exchange them for cupcakes if you’re contented with whatever you have bought with bats, never farm for cupcakes~)


  9. Anam Arjekid says:

    request ecstas online please


  10. amit34521 says:

    Bakapervert, Will you be adding chapters on Baka-Tsuki as well?? I’ll till the edits are done before beginning with the epub creation


  11. lnwnepubs says:

    EPUB and Dark PDF available here:

    The translators had been properly credited in the post and page of the site. they were also properly credited inside and outside the epub and links to their respective sites has been added.. Kudos to the translators..


  12. Mr.Snappy says:

    Can someon suggest some good harem Web/light novels that is keeping updated..


  13. wetpaks says:!AkuMLQLou0L7hw2-jlO7Er8gwyUQ
    Anyone wants a pdf version of this volume? You can get it on the link provided.


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