Seigensou vol 1 complete

Seirei Gensouki Vol 1 Afterword (685 words)

With this vol 1 is complete, let’s meet again at July everyone. See ya.

Oh, and also SubZeroDaedra has joined me to be editor for Seigensou. Credit to him for his edit.

PS: Anyone here is able to defeat Ibaraki reliably when her HP is 6 million? Can you tell me the party you use if that’s the case? Even now most of the time I’ll need to use one command seal to defeat her and only when I’m lucky I won’t need to use any. (Btw, my formation is Jalter with +300% attack as support, my own Jalter with +300% attack, and then Nightingale, Mash, D’eon, and St George, two are equipped with +100% attack while the other two with +50% attack. Oh, and I use Chaldea combat suit)

PPS. Finally found the right lineup to massacre Ibaraki everytime without using command seal. Jalter (Shana oh limit break), Jack (Shana oh), Waver support (Golden carp limit break), Mash (Golden carp limit break), D’eon (Golden carp limit break), and David (Golden carp)

Editor’s Note: Deadra here. Just wanted to say that I’m very thankful for BakaPervert and Omega for letting me join. I hope to enjoy this new series (for the website and for me) with all of you.

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63 Responses to Seigensou vol 1 complete

  1. Machina says:

    You should try using support Waver with a limit broken carp CE(Kintoki one). His skills should be 10 10 10 for the cooldowns.

    I can clear it with Scathach (300% dmg), Gilgamesh(200% dmg), Support Waver (100% kintoki CE), Medusa(50% dmg), Mash and Cu.


    • bakapervert says:

      Previously I used such Waver, but then I stopped because with such party, the moment my Jalter got killed, I’m shit outta luck. Having two Jalter is safer. Another problem is that after I limit break the card that give 200% boost, I keep getting the gold carp without any of the Yoshitsune card, so I cannot set up a second main attacker by myself.


      • Machina says:

        Yup I had a similar problem with ibaraki criting on my Scathach all the time. I dealt with it using stuns. Mystic code stub, np5 waver stun, scathach np stun, medusa stun… I keep ibaraki stuned until gil kills the hands. Then I deal the most damage I can to Ibaraki about 4.5-5.5 mil and stall it with cu until the end

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  2. p132 says:

    Double Waver + Jalter made wonder for me.
    I also had Mash + 2 Cu in the back row in case rng decide to mess my formation, but usually I managed to kill it, or at least take out 5-5.5 mil hp before the timer run out.
    I also use the plugsuit, to stall the 3-charge np hand then to switch mash in to tank ibaraki+left arm np


  3. Anonymous says:

    Try using cu culann stall strategy it work for me.


  4. Yunchii says:

    My luck suck but depending on TNT sometimes I managed to kill her. My team Tamamo(carp Limit break), Support Waver(carp limit break), Orion(ushi CE), mash(3 incivility CE), Marie(+1 gourd) and Cu Culaiin(carp CE). Noted that my back team focus on surviving instead of damage.


  5. PaulNamida says:

    As the hands are Berserkers as well, you’re better off killing them instead of keeping them alive like in previous days, so bringing an AoE for first turn hand clear is advised. I use Jalter with 300%, Santa Alter with 100%, Support Waver with 100%, Mash with 100%, Leonidas with MLB Merciless One (the Jalter CE that gives 20% NP on death) and finally Cu with Volumen Hydargirum for stalling, just in case. First wave I build up NP, on second wave I use all the skills but Jalter’s self buff and use Excalibur Morgan to clear hands, then change Santa for Leonidas to raise more Buster, focus+guts, Jalter self-buff and Mystic Code att buff, LA GRONDEMENT DU HAINE!!! Banana cries, keep hitting her until she dies, Leonidas will die shortly bringing in Mashu for more stallyness, save her focus for Banana’s NP, you should have done enough damage by now so you can clean up with Santa or Cu if Jalter dies.

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  6. thaiphamminh says:

    For me, the LN version of seigensou is more interesting than the WN and I love your work, so I hope I can follow you guys in the future till the end of this series. Once again, thanks for your translation


  7. kirei says:

    As long as you have buff servant like waver (buster) or tamamo (art) every servant with single target can defeat ibaraki. I use 2 waver & cu + santa alter & can bring it to 5 mill everytime or defeat it if lucky enough.


  8. Ash says:

    How’s your left hand? I thought you’ll continue translating in around July. It’s not like I’m not happy with it but… take care of yourself first than translating. 🙂


  9. primo23 says:

    My team is Gil (300%) Hans(mlb 100% CE) support waver (mlb as well) mashu (50% CE) Nightingale(50% CE) Cu FSN (50% CE)

    I’m using default MC cuz heal + dodge
    Since I don’t have ST burst servants like Jalter or Scathact I use the servant with best AOE NP dmg against servants

    My Gil can do 1.5m dmg in a NP chain with Hans and waver while critting as much as 500k in one buster crit

    If a support dies with crit it’s OK cuz mashu will back them up so I just protect Gil at all cost
    If she will NP I’ll just let mashu tank it and let her die so that ibaraki won’t hit another servant

    If mashu is not out that time I’ll just put evade on Gil since even if my supports are gone nightingale and mashu are on the back

    If ibaraki ever hits my Gil I heal him immediately with MC skills so that the CD will start early

    By the time one of the supports are dead ibaraki is down to either 2.5 – 3m HP

    Cu is just there when things go wrong and just stall till all the turns finish

    Thanks for the chap~


  10. Anonymous74 says:

    Uhh, I can do 6m hp consistently with my art team: np3 nero bride (atker), tamamo (supp), waver (supp), with another waver as support with gourd drop ce, mash (carp ce holder), arash (carp ce holder). Or my quick team: np2 jack (atker), np2 scathach (supp), waver (supp), with another waver with gourd drop ce, mash (carp ce holder), arash (carp ce holder). Pretty sure this won’t be much help but you can add me if you’d like 006,703,071. I’ll keep a spot open.


  11. lol says:

    Thanks for the Update \o/


  12. Zeronos says:

    Well piece of advice man, a warning rather

    Sanzo event is the most tedious event(because you need to grind for points to grind again) in FGO so i suggest take it easy to prevent burnout and prepare for Onigashima instead (one of the best events)


  13. Arash says:

    Jalter ushiwakamaru CE limit break, waver golden carp CE limit break, waver support golden carp CE limit break, mash, cu chulainn CE golden carp and okita golden carp CE


  14. Vision says:

    My recommendation would be to replace St George and D’eon. Either use both Cu’s, Regular and Prototype, or Cu and either Nero or Maria if you have them.

    My team is Jalter; 300%, Waver; 100%, Support Waver; 100%, Mash; 50%, Nero; 50%, Cu; Volumen Hydrargyrum. (Personally I would replace Nero with Marie but I don’t have her.)

    When you lose your Main attacker from that point forwards you want to focus on surviving. Kill the hands then do as much Dmg to Ibaraki as possible. Ibaraki will only do two attacks per turn so it’s imperative that if you kill one hand you should kill the other fast to reduce the number of attacks from that point on. That will allow servants like Cu and Marie to survive longer.

    If you have Volumen Hydrargyrum I would recommend you replace one of the 50% with it and equip it to Cu or Marie. Volumen Hydrargyrum’s effect WILL NOT be dispelled by Ibaraki NP so it makes a great shield for survivability.

    If you are using Volumen Hydrargyrum on Marie or Cu don’t trigger their personal evade and invincible till all three charges are used up. This is because Volumen Hydrargyrum invincible takes priority and Ibaraki’s NP could dispel them before they get the chance to use any charges.

    Also a nice trick I found is that if you only have one left and that servant is attacked and killed in the first attack that then triggers guts,their will be no second attack. This trick also works with Mash’s Target focus as well no matter who else is on the field. However if Mash is killed by Ibaraki’s NP and the hands are still up they will still attack someone else.

    The final point I want to make is when to use ability’s like Cu and Nero’s guts and Cu and Marie’s evade/invincible. Their is no doubt that having Cu’s evade and Marie’s Invincible up before Ibaraki NP hits could save their lives even if the other two charges are canceled. It’s a better trade to have a living servant verses a dead one. However skill’s like Guts should only be used when it become readily apparent that the servants are about to be killed and should never be used as a way to survive Ibaraki NP. Ibaraki NP will disable any guts effect before it can trigger so using the ability right off the bat is not recommended. Also the gut’s skill only lasts for 5 turns and has a decently long CD even if it is high leveled so plan when to use it accordingly.

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  15. kazuto812 says:

    Hmmm though I still haven’t tried the one with six million hp but I already tried the 1 million the servants I use are waver, asterios, and jack the ripper First I only attack on the first turn without any skills then next turn since I alreay stacked up there NP i use both asterios and wavers Np then next turn I use jacks Np with all the skills and stuff then boom dead like that though not sure it’s going to work on the six million one


    • Zinos says:

      If you have a Waver of your own 3BP is piss easy. I’m clearing it with 2 Wavers and Medusa as the only damage dealer.


  16. Hiiragi Yuuto says:

    Hi, I have a Lewd LN for reccomendation…
    But how do i contact you??


  17. Zeronos says:

    Dear BP

    I hope its july already

    The latest chapter Seigensou WN make me want to punch something. the LN would wash the bad aftertaste of that fucking chapter



  18. Zeronos says:

    Dear BP

    I hope its july already

    The latest chapter Seirei Gensouki WN make me want to punch something. the LN would wash the bad aftertaste of that fucking chapter



  19. Leon Toralla says:

    YES! thanks you!! wating the vol 2 :v


  20. Siperioz says:

    Ahh… so lonely and bored without your releases Baka-san and welcome Deadra ^^


  21. Vision says:

    Ah ex luck problems in FGO. Get the rate up servants but don’t have the exp or the gems to level them. I went from 2 servants needing to be ascended and 0 needing gems to 7 servants needing to be ascended and almost 250 blue gems, not counting any higher leveled gems.


  22. Carlos says:

    Available on J-NC starting July…


  23. somedude01 says:

    Will you be restarting arifureta now that it started again?

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  24. Zeronos says:

    On august, Seigensou vol 11 will be released….



  25. pinglord says:

    Its almost July, cant wait for Baka’s return along with seirei gensouki 😀


  26. Hao says:

    Please tell me you will do HxH final volume once you’re back!


    • Buller says:

      I don’t think he is going to be translating HxH anytime soon since he promised some other translator that he won’t be translating anything till this one’s volume 1 to 10 is complete (an unnecessary and stupid promise since baka is making his other series faithful readers kind of dumb with this sort of promise). So judging by his translation speed I will say we will get HxH vol 13 translation by October or November. Surely a long time to wait but nothing can be done about it now.


  27. RozenMaiden says:

    Still alive, mate?


  28. jorgelotr says:

    You may want to change the status on Arifureta. There has been a Yu’s Diary 4 released on June 16th and a The Haulia Arrived! (1st part) on June 30th.

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  29. Carlos says:

    Don’t worry people, he’s coming back on saturday… Coming back to the site, that’s a different story.

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  30. Lehur says:

    Medusa for me


  31. Village Idiot says:

    Just got licensed by JNC


  32. AsVr says:

    I kept waiting…. and Unexpectedly now it’s August


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