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Arifureta 328 finished

Arifureta Chapter 328 (8329 finished) Arturia really loved me this past months. Got Lanceria and Alter from the guaranteed gacha. Then when I made my last roll before Archeria banner was taken down she came to me. And a few … Continue reading

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Arifureta 327 finished

Arifureta Chapter 327 (7429 words) Just got words from Entropy, he is still alive and kicking and plan to finish Unlimited Fafnir. So I guess now it’s back to reading for me, kicking back and relaxing. So many people asked … Continue reading

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Arifureta 326 finished

Arifureta Chapter 326 (6608 words) Got Kiyohime lancer with 9 tickets. Still have 25 tickets and 60 quartz. Hopefully my luck hasn’t run out and I can get another swimsuit servants. As for the next translation, still no reply from … Continue reading

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About new translation plan

Just finished reading Danmachi oratoria, it’s a masterpiece. I wonder if it’s licensed? Is this safe to translate or not seeing that the main title is licensed by Yenpress? Also  currently reading Unlimited Fafnir. What is the status of the … Continue reading

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