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Just an idiot that is doing this at a whim.

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  1. IceBlossom says:

    excuse me, i want to recommend a light novel
    the title is izure shinwa no ragnarok, its about a war between god and humanity got dragged into it and of course there are enough sexy and ecchi moment
    i think the genre of this light novel is to your liking, maybe and just maybe you are interested in translating this, and if you dont want to its alright too haha

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    • bakapervert says:

      Someone else had recommended it at me too. But at the moment I don’t have time yet to even read it.


      • IceBlossom says:

        i see, well its alright but if you have the time please read it, its really interesting haha


      • drake181 says:

        Would you consider doing shinmai maou no testament if you like hxh you’ll love it please consider it


      • drake181 says:

        The translator for shinmai maou no testament is looking for someone to continue translating it would you take i up if you’re in need of a new novel it’s like hxh please please please please translate please. This is the first time i have ever requested something of any translator because i thought they can’t translate more than 1 chap a month your the first person i see that translates so fast i probably am harassing you with the constant request for shinmai but i really want to read all of the volumes


  2. Stonykun says:

    Hey, I wanted to ask, if you could translate Hidan no Aria. The series has been licensed with just the first two volumes made. I really loved the novels and was absorbed in the world but there hasn’t been any development for more than 2 years and I believe that this series won’t be translated anymore. BT has revoked the ‘licensed status’ but there hasn’t been any progress for a long time either.

    Could you please be so kind to translate this series from volume 11 onward? I would really appreciate it.

    Thank you very much!


  3. kakaroet says:

    hello @bakapervert.
    Huge fan of yours and aspiring japanese learner. Need some help with language. If you could provide with a method to chat or contact you It would be helpful as I have a some question.
    My emaid is :kakaroet@gmail.com


  4. Would you consider Hagure Yuusha no Aesthetica

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  5. baseball3b says:

    Hey! Huge fan of your translations.

    Don’t mean to be that guy, but if you’re ever interested in starting another fanfic, why not try an Amagi Brilliant Park fanfic? A bit different than what you currently have, but it’s incredibly good imo. (and Sento is besto.)


  6. 'Iron Pen' de Gunn says:

    Hey! Huge fan of your lightning translate speed and your projects :v
    I wonder if you could ask zxzxzxzx to see if you can co-translate seikoku no ryuu kishi with him or not. It’s a wonderful one and u can watch its anime to see if u want to do it or not.
    Plz pick this LN, be the salvation light in this boring life of mine :v


  7. Trung-t-rung says:

    I usually am not someone who would ask other people to translate LNs since most of you guys usually doing this for free and for the love of the series.

    However due to a recent fuck-up of the series fan translator (for the condensed version, he basically made up half of his translation, added details not in the original books, changing characters’s personalitites and motives and passed it off as legit all while acting like he’s not at fault), the fandom is in an uproar and still pretty confused and hurt by this.

    Thus, I recommend and hope that you can consider picking up Magical Girl Raising Project (魔法少女育成計画 Mahō Shōjo Ikusei Keikaku). It is a rather unique LN series (with a recent anime adaptation to boost!) with interesting concepts, unique characters along with Jojo-esque battes.

    I do hope that you would help us with this.

    Thank you.


  8. Deskie says:

    Will you be translating the Arifureta after story?


  9. Dried Squid says:

    I heard Shinmai Maou Testament volume 10 finally crossed the line? Not sure but, is there really no chance of you translating it? Zxzxzx is busy with DxD and kinda takes too long to finish just one chapter.


    • dragonosman2 says:

      Zxzxzx is translating from a Chinese source and said source is the one taking long to bring out translation updates. Blame the Chinese translator rather than Zxzxzx for this.


  10. drake181 says:

    Me and you both i really really really want to read it but I’m waiting for baka hoping he’s motivated to do a new series namely shinmai maou no testament


  11. Naivra says:

    BP-san, have you try reading Hundred? i only watch the anime and i thought it has similar atmosphere as HxH but less fan service.


  12. swordman009 says:

    Question can i get epub links fixed for Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou? Wanted to download everything epub version thanks bakapervert!


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