Arifureta Chapter 235


「The data……vanished?」

Just like that person whose spirit pressure really vanish, the data didn’t revive.

I’m sorry, right now I’m in the middle of rewriting. I should be able to update tomorrow afternoon!

Although, the chapter this time is something like the exposition turn, so the story is not really interesting.

Anyway, as an apology that the update will be late, I uploaded the artifact catalogue.

Arifureta After Story II

Artifact Catalogue

This is a catalogue of Hajime’s artifact.

Please read it to kill time.

Shirakome himself doesn’t grasp the whole thing, so perhaps there is still other.

For the artifact of other members, I’ll eventually add them in the list.

(TN: I made up all the German word here because I’m too lazy. Leave a comment if you know the correct word and I’ll edit it later.)


Donner & Schlag

Total length 35 cm. Rotating style magazine with 6 shots. Made from composite ore of Tauru ore, Shutaru ore, and Athantium ore.

The origin of the naming was from German language「thunderbolt」or「lightning」, something like that.



Total length around three meter, single shot, electromagnetically accelerated anti-material rifle with zero caliber.

The naming origin was from German language「Zerschlagen(Pulverizing)」……I think.


Schlagen AA

The successor of Schlagen. Its power and range were greatly improved. It surpassed the framework of sniper rifle and reached the level of sniper cannon.

AA was the abbreviation of「Acht Acht」. I don’t know the detail of the spec, but language nuance was wonderful. It seemed that the power was also amazing. Therefore I adopted it.



Gatling railgun. Six rotating gun barrels, 30 mm caliber, it could shot about 12000 shots per minute. The cooling of early day version couldn’t follow along and it could only keep shooting for around five minutes.


Metzgerei Disaster

A six barreled gatling gun where each barrel was formed from one Metzgerei. The power was simply increased six times.



Missile & rocket launcher.


Agni Orkan

A winged cross with total length of 3 meter. It could simultaneously fired 300 pencil missiles.


Pile Bunker



Gatling Pile Bunker

Super Romance


Cross Bit

Flying cross. It could become shield, it could also fire exploding bullet. It could also form a barrier by connecting to each other with wire.


Cross Velt

The successor of Cross Bit. It had black color with red pattern. The culmination of chuuni.


Pencil Cross Velt

Alias “Don’t touch, you pervert!”



Sunlight convergence laser. It went *chudon* from the sky.


Burst Hyperion

The successor of *chudon* from the sky.


Mirror Bit

The machines on board the sky *chudon*. It could explode sunlight energy using Treasure Warehouse.



Chakram. Its central part turned into gate.


Variable style chakram   Orestes

Wire was installed inside the chakram. It could deploy an extra-large gate by splitting into three parts.


Grim Reaper

Mechanized monster. Fully loaded with ordnances inside.


Meteor Impact

A mere rock. The opponent die.


Magic power cannon Grenzen

It’s non-lethal so it’s fine!


Treasure Warehouse

Anything could enter


Magic power 4-Wheel Drive  Brieze

A car that looked like Hummer. Fully loaded with gimmicks like blade, caltrop, hand grenade, sniper rifle, etc.


Magic power 2-Wheel Drive  Schutaif

A bike that looked American. Currently it was demonically remodeled into Shia’s wheels. It seemed it could also fly in the sky.



For binding. Recently it was used exclusively for Tio, or for Hajime mommy to dry clothes.


Artificial Arm

Kuh, be calm my left hand-



Bird shaped reconnaissance plane. There were also various other shapes.


Large Shield

Coffin shaped. It could let out a stake from below to fix it into the ground. Made from the composite of three kinds of ores.


Variable style large shield   Aidion

It could turn into sphere shape that defended from all directions.


Hour Crystal

Slowing down the flow of time of a certain range.



Eu○ka (TN: Refer to Eureka Seven I think)



Manta shaped airship. It used gravity control so it could make abnormal maneuver.



It could endure even magma.


Hand Grenade      *chudon*

Flashbang Grenade      *kats*

Burning Grenade      *goo*

Paralysis Grenade      *abah*

Tear-Gas Grenade      *nngih*

Frag Grenades      ……


Telepathy Stone   Another world version mobile phone

Specific Stone   Another world version GPS

Distant Viewing Stone   Another world version telescope

Reaction Stone   Another world version remote control device

Magic Eye Stone   Chuuni

Sealing Stone   It dispersed magic power. The block that sealed Yue


Crystal Key

The key that opened even the door that crossed worlds


Compass of Guidance Crossing

It could find anything


Magic crystal series

It could stock up magic power. There were various shapes like ring, earring, bracelet, etc.



Basic ability increase. It could strengthen the body to endure Limit Break. Cheat is your friend!


Novum Idola

It can make illusion.



Something that bestowed a duplicate soul. It obstructed the soul interference from the opponent. By using it in conjunction with living golem, a pseudo clone could be created.


Lob Regenschirm

Three stages assault lance that rotated in high speed. With the sealing stone, unique unevenness, and high speed rotation, it would dig through and disperse the magic itself.


Special bullet   Living Bullet   A living bullet. It would listen to a simple order of the user and crushed the target.

Special bullet   Burst Bullet   A bullet that was accompanied by shockwave.

Special bullet   Excise Bullet   It could switch the coordinate along with the space between bullet and bullet, or bullet and the user

Special bullet   Vision Bullet   By using it in conjunction with Novum Idola, it could launch illusion.





Living Golem   Arachne

Spider type golem. It could launch things like sleeping drug, paralysis drug, weakening drug, and so on. Even transmutation is OK. It’s relatively all-purpose


Satellite type   Bel Agharta

It poured down light of regeneration magic.


Special bullet   Squirm Shell

A shell that could be packed with various things and fired. Large creature would unavoidably get teary eyed.



It could dye an oasis red. It could also kill an ancient monster quite a bit.


Tent and Kotatsu

The height of civilization that Hajime created


Camping Kit

Right now it was 3LDK with system kitchen attached by using space expansion



It increase the glossiness


Impact Grenade



Mask series

Mask pink is retired uniform. Greatly increased battle ability


Gate Key & Gate Hall

Anywhe○ Door without door (Limited to a place with Gate Hall)


Gran Farensen

It increased gravity by several times over.


Last Zell

Limit Break for everyone



Shia’s war hammer. It was changeable to become bombing mode.


Wirr Drucken

Drucken’s successor. It could become 100 Ton Hammeeerr


Black Slavery Whip

Tio’s whip. It could mass produce black dragon. There were also times where Hajime used it on Tio.


Demon Sword of Circle Calamity   Anima Ernte

Kaori’s twin large sword. Drain type demon sword.


Holy Sword of Gospel   Bel Rexion

Kaori’s twin large sword. Healing type holy sword.



Installation type. It deployed Kaori’s barrier magic in large scale.


Black katana

Shizuku’s beloved katana. The first present from Hajime. At night, she give it maintenance while grinning broadly. Lightning Clad – Wind Claw – Gravity Cut, etc.

Will demonstrating katana swarm

Anyway, it’s a swarm of black katana that moved by themselves. I’m lacking in chuuni power. Naming under review.


Twin Iron Fan

The user is Suzu. A tiny kid will look slightly elegant with this.


Air Force Boots

You can soar in the sky




Living golem   Demon Rangeeerr

Myuu’s golem squadron. They had ego before anyone knew it. Myuu christened them “Belfegoor” “Satan” “Asmodeusu” “Lusife~r” “Mamon” “Leviatan” “Baalsebuf”

Recently, the small golems that she received by begging at papa were christened with names like “Agaresu” “Sitrii” or “Marubas” and so on……


Donneer – Schlaag

The small version of Donner & Schlag exclusive for Myuu. It could also perform electromagnetic acceleration using magic power battery


Kotetsuu – Muuramasa

Short swords exclusive for Myuu. Recently it felt like they were starting to have awareness……


This is Weapon Desu

Myuu’s exclusive black whip. It could exterminate terrorist’s “son”


Don’t Touch, You Pervert

Myuu’s exclusive pencil Cross Velt


Pikko Piko Hammeer

Myuu’s exclusive piko piko hammer. Its tip had rabbit character.


Yue-oneechan’s Love

Myuu’s exclusive jewel magecra○.

Artifacts enchanted with concept magic are excluded. Because it only used that one time.

‘Other than that there is also something like this right?’ If you remember something like that then I’ll add it if I can bother you to write it at the review.

Pardon me if the artifact explanation is atrocious……

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    jemanden schlagen = to pound someone / something, to hit, to slap, to strike etc
    acht acht = 88 = eight eight – a caliber in millimeter or 8.8 centimeter
    Orkan = hurricane
    Brieze = in german should be “Brise” in english “fresh breeze”
    Schutaif = in german “steif” in english “stiff”
    Lob Regenschirm = don’t know about “Lob” but “Regenschirm” should be “umbrella”
    Ferner = further
    Shutzengel = Schutzengel in german = angel of protection or literaly a protecting angel

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    Donner – thunder
    Schlag – shock (most certainly it’s instead a corruption of Schlage – I hit, from verb Schlagen – hit/strike, as in “the lighning strikes”)
    Schlagen – beat (origin: Zerschlagen – smash, crush)
    ^- 「Scheaschlagen(Pulverizing)」<- it says TSEASHURAGEN (to crush); Zerschlagen
    Metzelei <- Metzgerei – butcher’s shop (in some languages “butcher’s shop” and “carnage” are the same word)
    Orkan – hurricane
    Agni Orkan – (mix of Agni – vedic deity of fire + Orkan – hurricane)
    Cross Velt <- Cross Welt (?) – (“welt” means “world”)
    Grantschen <- Grenzen – border, limit
    Olneis <- Ornis – bird (this one is greek)
    Lob Regenschirm – Praise umbrella (???)
    Exise Bullet <- Excise Bullet
    Bel Agarta <- Bel Agharta (Agharta is a mythical city from Buddhism suppossedly located in the Earth’s core and popular in occultism)
    Last Zell <- Last Zähle – last (I) count (I supposse he meant “zählen”, and that that “last” should be “end”, or “ende” if we keep german)
    Doryukken <- Drücken – (to) press (I supposse he meant “drücke”, a press [pressing machine])
    Vire Doryukken <- Wirr Drücken – chaotic (to) press
    Anima Erunte <- Anima Ernte – Soul Harvest (first word latin, second german)
    Shutzengel <- Schutzengel – Guardian angel

    Dunno the rest.

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