Arifureta Chapter 301

Arifureta After III   Abyss Lord Arc Chapter 2   The Lord’s ○○……Vanished?

Fresh aroma and faint steam were drifting inside the living room where the morning sunlight was shining in.

「Kousuke-kun. You want one more glass?」

「Ah, thank you.」

The one who was smiling faintly while pouring the after meal tea into the held out cup was Sophie Grant. Emily’s mother.

Her almond-shaped eyes that closely resembled cat were exactly like Emily to the degree it would make anyone thought in acceptance that indeed, the two of them were mother and daughter.

Although, her atmosphere was different from Emily. She was very gentle. She wasn’t the type with strong self-assertion and unyielding will which would be expressed through her eyes, the sharp look of her eyes gave the impression of deep thought that would see through the genuineness of something when her eyes were narrowed quietly.

She had retired currently, but her former occupation as accountant certainly felt like it suited her.

「Oi oi, Emily. Isn’t it fine even if it’s your mother who is serving second serving of tea, it’s nothing much. Stop getting offended by trivial matter.」

「Yo, you are wrong! Don’t say something strange father!」

The father, Carl was smiling wryly at Emily who was puffing out her cheeks 「Mumu-」 when seeing the sight of Kousuke getting tea poured by her mother personally. He said to her some remonstrating words.

Carl was also someone with gentle personality. His glossy blonde hair that didn’t show his age seemed to be inherited by Emily. Sophie was also blond haired, but if it had to be said, Emily’s hair was closer to Carl’s hair.

By the way, Carl’s occupation was a restaurant owner that had several branches within the country. He himself was a cook, but right now he was mostly focusing on management.

Although, his skill was the real deal. Even Kousuke who was currently freeloading in a household of Britain that was often ridiculed as the country with worst cooking had his evaluation overturned by the delicious dishes he was treated with everyday.

Emily had also received the initiation in cooking from the pro cook Carl since she was little. Recently she was especially passionate in learning, so she was good in cooking. For Kousuke, Emily’s pie dishes were masterpiece.

「What are you saying, Carl? Emily also has powerful love rival. If she want to become Kousuke’s number one, then she mustn’t let any chance go no matter how trivial. You see, man is creature that is weak against devoted woman.」

The one who said that while elegantly sipping tea with a faint smile was Sierra Grant.

She was suffering from Alzheimer, but right now she was lucid. Perhaps it was Grant family’s trait, because Sierra also had a determined almond-shaped eyes, but even her eyelids that previously were mostly closed were wide open right now.

「No, mother-in-law. Telling such graphic talk in front of the people themselves is……」

「Carl, you are really timid no matter what. If you are a father, then you should support your daughter’s battle.」

「No, that’s an exaggeration, calling it a battle.」

「It’s a battle right? Love is war. Without the spirit of charging forward, how will a girl make the man they are in love with into theirs.」

‘Uu’, father Carl was lost for words. He was basically unable to go against Sierra, and it wasn’t just because he was her son-in-law.

Unyielding, hating to lose, with a strong will that was like steel. Those were the nature of the grandmother of Grant family.

Without a doubt Emily’s inside was similar with her grandmother. She was still immature and would immediately get teary eyed, she hadn’t gotten out from the stage of putting up a false courage or simply being obstinate, but the strength of will that allowed her to run through to the end of the Berserk incident was surely inherited from Sierra.

That scene that was like in the past of her father getting talked down by her grandmother in her healthy state made Emily smiled warmly and muttered.

「Fufu, grandma, you’ve gotten completely better. ……This too is thanks to Kousuke.」

「I’m just the intermediary. The one who did it was Nagumo……no, it was Shirasaki who did it directly.」

「Certainly that’s so, I’m also grateful to Kaori-san, and also to the de, de-de, demon king-sama but……it was Kousuke who connected us.」

After the Berserk incident, Kousuke asked for a little favor to Hajime.

Yes, it was a request that asked whether Sierra who was afflicted by Alzheimer could be healed.

It was hard to heal a disease like Alzheimer that destroyed cerebral nerves and making the whole brain atrophying even if they used magic medicine. But, Nagumo family possessed a cheat technique. Yes, it was regeneration magic.

The subjugation of Alzheimer disease was also one of Emily’s life works. Be that as it may, it was still a long way off until she could genuinely research the magic medicine in Tortus and the like.

Even if Emily was going to research remedy that could be used at earth for the sake of everybody, couldn’t at least her relative get saved first, Kousuke requested.

From Emily’s point of view, actually she wished to heal Sierra with her own hand, but thinking of the disease progression, it wasn’t the time for being obstinate.

Like that, Emily too went to greet the demon king-sama which doubled as making request too, but……

Kousuke and Emily who recalled the first meeting with demon king family was,

「……It was, a sad event huh.」

「u!? I’m sorry that I messed up! But, if possible please don’t recall iiitt!」

Emily-chan put her feet on the chair, held down her head with her hands, and became small.

However, even though she put up the charis○ guard, the spear of recollection couldn’t be blocked.

Just what blunder Emily had made?

If here the mental state of Emily who resolved herself to have an audience with the demon king family had to be alluded, at that time she was extremely nervous. After all, she would meet the mastermind of that “sky *chudon* with one phone call incident”.

Furthermore she was told that even Kousuke who went through Lord Abyssgate transformation wasn’t a match against that person. So to speak, she was going to meet Kousuke’s boss.

Inside Emily-chan’s head was filled to the brim with the scene of a certain Drago○ Quest’s great demon king laughing loudly with evil expression inside the demon king castle.

And then, to make it worse, the atmosphere of the demon king house was a bit high tensioned. After all, from Hajime’s position it was a situation that exactly felt like “Comrade♪ Comrade♪”.

And then, thinking how Kousuke would become Hauria’s clan head in the dawn of his marriage with Rana, that mean his wives would become a new Hauria family member, so naturally Shia’s tension was also rising.

Lured by the two with high tension, the other wive~s were also getting high tensioned, and eventually they went 「If we are going to meet anyway, then let’s answer their expectation and act appropriately like demon king gang!」 and set up a meeting with excessive drama.

「No, that was something that couldn’t be helped. Rather, obviously it was Nagumo and others who were in the wrong with their excessive drama and mischief. Even though we were coming to visit normally, why was there a signboard of 『Human, if thou wish to have your wish granted, show me how you overcome the trial!』 at the entrance, what’s more when we entered into the entranceway, the place became a dungeon. Anyone will normally get shaking in their boots.」

「Vanessa was really delighted though.」

Yes, demon king-san’s mischievous drama――when someone passed through the entranceway of Nagumo house, it would become imitation Raisen Labyrinth~♪. (It was at the level of amusement park’s attraction in hard mode. There was no danger involved.)

Specifically, the person entering the entrance would be send to the training artifact, the game world. At the real world, Kousuke, Emily, and also Vanessa who skipped work for the sake of meeting the demon king-sama were collapsing limply at the entrance.

According to Hajime, 「No, you see, it seems they were eager to meet with demon king, so I thought that I will prepare the trials that are appropriate for demon king until they reach the end. I’m being considerate you know?」 something like that……

Putting aside Vanessa who was absurdly delighted, Emily was teary eyed from start to end, but she cleared it somehow with her characteristic obstinacy and her hate of losing.

Like that inside the throne room of the demon king castle that they finally reached in the game, demon king Hajime who was standing with overwhelming pressure, Yue-sama who was forming the dark clouds and lightning dragon, Tio who was surrounding the throne in dragon form, Kaori who was floating midair with black wings like a fallen angel, the masked pink who was looking up to the sky, and others were waiting with deep atmosphere. Seeing the demon king family, Emily-chan’s eyes finally rolled back showing the white of her eyes and her consciousness flew away.

Emily-chan who returned to reality opened her eyes in the living room of the Nagumo house, then she saw Hajime who was saying 「Haha, that was a great reaction you showed there」 in a good mood, and also Kousuke who was protesting 「You overdid it you idiot!」 to such Hajime, and she felt very relieved……

*Trickle trickle trickle trickle~*

And she messed up.

The violent shame that was assaulting Emily after the relieve caused her to start crying ‘waah waah’. Seeing such Emily, as expected even Hajime thought that he overdid it.

It caused the strange occurrence of the demon king-sama desperately soothing 「It’s fine you know~, it’s not scary at all~. Loo~k, there is only normally virtuous Japanese person who you can find anywhere here」 while apologizing.

In addition, Yue and others, the wive~s also joined altogether with the soothing after participating in something that created a black history that was too harsh for a girl.

The aftermath of Emily’s blunder was also cleaned up in a flash using magic, the adult version Yue gently embraced Emily, Shia caressed her while going ‘good girl good girl’, Kaori and Shizuku feed her ‘aa~n’ with sweet confections, Myuu and Remia also talked to her kindly. Only then Emily finally got back to her feet.

……Most likely, other than Emily, there was nobody else outside the family who ever got pampered gently and considerately until that much by Nagumo family.

「We, well, as the result grandma was healed free of charge……when I tried talking to them everyone was really kind……I’m not, bo, bothered anymore by that!」

Emily-chan acted bravely. She was bothered, every time she saw Hajime she would be absurdly tense. The only salvation was that she was completely opening her heart toward Shia who was especially considerate toward her because she would join the clan.

「Even if you say that, Nagumo and others too are really off from common sense. Emily, tell me properly if something happen okay?」

Surely Hajime too would think 「I don’t want the lord telling me anything about common sense」, and even Emily herself would surely think 「Kousuke too feels like that in general……」, but the one who was there was the maiden in love Emily-chan.

She was a simple heroine who easily blushed red just from the gentle and considerate words.

Her cheeks reddened, her eyes softened from happiness, and she spoke 「Yes……I’ll tell Kousuke properly」 bashfully.

Seeing Emily staring still at him happily like that, Kousuke too also scratch his cheek shyly……

「My, there is no need for worry looking at this isn’t it?」

「Sheesh Emily, she really loves Kousuke-kun.」

「……That small Emily, is already gone.」

The earnest words and expressions of the family caused Emily to return to her senses in surprise and she turned bright red.

To divert the attention she hurriedly tried to brew a new pot of tea and reached out her hand toward the pot. She was too flustered that she almost fell. Without delay Kousuke followed up on her. He supported her with his hand on top of Emily’s hand. Emily-chan got even redder innocently.

It was a heartwarming morning of Grant family. Today Carl also had holiday, so it was a really calm atmosphere.

But, at that time, Kousuke suddenly went 「Hm? This presence is……」 and turned his gaze to the entrance.

Right after that, *bang* the Grant house’s door was opened.

「GOOD MO~~~~~~~~RNING-! Kousuke-san! Your Vanessa has arrived!」

「Go home. Rather go back into soil.」

The one who leaped inside in “banzai” pose with a smart suits appearance was the investigator of Britain national security bureau, Vanessa Paradis. Her appearance was a cool beauty with very short hair, but like this she possessed an extremely disappointing personality.

She was a genuine otaku who boasted that her bible was Japanese manga. And then, she was the self-proclaimed “Kousuke-san’s third wife”.

Vanessa wasn’t perturbed at all even against Kousuke’s sharp remark. She sat down on a chair with familiar attitude as though it was her own house.

‘I am Kousuke-san’s wife. In other word, I am also Doctor Emily’s relative = a member of Grant family. Any problem?’ That was Vanessa’s claim.

※After the Berserk incident, Vanessa who called Emily as “Doctor Grant” now called her as “Doctor” or “Doctor Emily”. Doctor was doctor, so she wouldn’t stop calling her doctor it seemed.

「Good morning Vanessa-san. Have you eaten breakfast?」

「Good morning Sophie-san. Also everyone too. Sophie-san, I haven’t eaten breakfast yet. I’m hungry.」

The shameless Danessa-san gazed at Sophie with wanting eyes. The cool beauty at the beginning was nowhere to be found.

Sophie chuckled and headed to the kitchen in order to prepare the breakfast share for Danessa.

「And, what’s the matter Vanessa? How is your work? Don’t tell me, you aren’t neglecting your work again aren’t you?」

「Seriously, you are going to get fired at this rate. Recently the chief would contact me without fail when she cannot find you anywhere. Try to be at my position where every time I had to listen to that person’s chilly voice.」

Emily who was asking while brewing the tea for Vanessa and Kousuke who was giving candid advice with reproachful eyes.

Vanessa’s expression changed as though she really wanted to say 「How vexing!」 and gulped her tea. It seemed she liked the taste, her mouth burst slightly into a smile before she spoke the objective of her visit.

「I’m not coming here for playing. Kousuke-san, we wish to at least be informed when his majesty the demon king came. He came yesterday correct? The chief sent me here, telling me to ask about that matter.」

「Eh? It’s amazing that it was noticed. Even though he teleported directly inside the house and then left by teleporting again.」

Hajime teleported directly in consideration so that the bodyguards from the security bureau living around the house wouldn’t be spooked. And yet the security bureau also couldn’t be underestimated seeing how it was exposed to them like this. Kousuke’s eyes widened in admiration.

「From that reaction, as expected his majesty visited here isn’t it?」

「Geh, so that was a trap question.」

「Yes. Actually there was a sighting report from another place. It seems that person burned down a part of a forest, our office grasped the information from that commotion.」

「Just what is that guy doing today right after yesterday!? Or rather, what happened!?」

Yesterday Hajime said that he had date with Shia so he left the rest to Kousuke before leaving. It seemed after that he burned down a part of forest in the northern Britain.

Emily-chan was trembling heavily with teary eyes just from listening to the story. Even Carl and Sierra who were acquainted with Hajime said 「Uwaa」 with a creeped out look.

「The possibility is extremely high that person will contact Kousuke-san if he is in Britain, that’s why, why did he burn the forest, what is he planning in this country? Now, Kousuke-san. ――Please spit it out.」

「Why am I interrogated!? I don’t know anything!」

「No way……. You promised the chief right? That you will report it when doing something in this country. The chief thought that there must be a reason that Kousuke-san didn’t call, so I was expressly dispatched here like this, and yet, this is horrible. The salmon sandwich I bought while going to work for my breakfast got thrown into shredding machine before I could eat it and then I got chased out right from the morning to come here. Please talk in deference to such me.」

「No seriously. Certainly that guy came here yesterday, but it was for different matter. I haven’t got any idea at all why he would do arson. Also the chief, she is seriously merciless toward Vanessa huh.」

Kousuke raised a dry laugh.

By the way, the shredding machine of security bureau that Chief Magadanese was personally supervising would shred anything.

Whether it was important documents, or Vanessa’s rabbit ears hair band, or Allen’s smartphone, or Vanessa’s santa hat, or Allen’s specially made alloy metal chip that was stuffed with the bureau’s female members’ information, or Vanessa’s bible, or the expensive tribute ring that Allen prepared for 「I don’t know when the ideal woman who I should give this to will appear after all!」, or even Vanessa’s salmon sandwich, the shredding machine could turn anything and everything into pieces in one go.

Recently in the security bureau, it was repeated occurrence that each time the shredding machine was making *whir whir* sound, the bureau members would twitch and tremble, wondering just whose thing was being shredded this time……

The prided iron woman of Britain mustn’t be angered.

The shredding machine of the national security bureau chief-sama was in the process of turning into her symbol.

Kousuke coughed and told Vanessa of Hajime’s objective for coming here and his request.

It was at that timing that Sophie finished making breakfast and brought it to the living room, so Vanessa was listening while eating with sparkling eyes.

The crunchy and savory bread, the melting syrupy butter. The fluffy scramble egg, the crispy and juicy bacon. The golden colored vegetable soup that was warming the body until the core……

「……Vanessa, are you listening?」

「Yhes? Ih’m hislening yhou nhow? Fhlease, honcinyu」

Munch munch, munch munch, hafuu~ delish-!

The way she was eating made Kousuke doubted whether she was really listening but, ‘well fine’ Kousuke continued his explanation.

When the explanation was over, Vanessa was also wiping her mouth clean with a napkin at the same time.

「I see. Kousuke-san is receiving another troublesome request with that. Ah, Sophie-san, thank you for the breakfast. It was really delicious.」

「Every time I see it Vanessa-san is always eating with gusto. It makes me feel good seeing you eat happily like that.」

「I’ve shown you something embarrassing. Because of the bureau’s duty, it became a habit to eat quickly no matter what. I am thinking that I should fix this habit, but the meal was delicious that I unconsciously……」

「You are an investigator of the security bureau. Your body is the asset for your work, so don’t be reserved, come anytime to eat okay?」

Based from that warm and fluffy conversation, on the contrary of her words, it seemed that she cared more about “Grant family’s breakfast” than “investigation toward Vatican”. As expected, perhaps this SOUSAKANinvestigator was beyond saving already.

「Vanessa……you, are you coming for eating breakfast or for work, just which one it is huh.」

「A superior investigator like me is able to do both simultaneously.」

「Is that so……」

Kousuke could only send a fixed stare at Vanessa who said that with a sharp expression.

「However, if that person’s incident is unrelated with this then……I’m beaten. We are completely unable to grasp his trail after the forest arson. Was there no contact from that person after that?」

「No, I didn’t receive any call. I’ll try asking him for a bit just what is he doing.」

Kousuke called Hajime from the smartphone that was prepared for the clone in Grant house. However, there was only the announcement of ‘signal doesn’t reach~’ coming and the call didn’t connect.

「It cannot connect……. It’s a rare chance where that person is in our country, so the chief said that she wish to use this chance to give her greeting no matter what though……」

「No, it’s better to stop that. After all, he is in the middle of date with Shia-san.」


「Well, the plan for the conference at Japan is still not realized yet, so it’s not like I don’t understand the chief’s feeling.」

「Yes. How the Grant family went to Japan by themselves unnoticed also caused the chief to feel plainly shocked. This matter is pretty much determined to be the matter of highest priority, so if that person just give the OK, the chief is planning to match that person’s convenience as much as possible and head there immediately.」

「Nagumo too is busy with various things after all. It’s sad that this matter for that guy isn’t that high in his priority.」

For Hajime, there wasn’t much merit for him to have connection with Britain’s security bureau. If it was about connection, then it was enough to just go through Kousuke. Hajime was entrusting Kousuke with that responsibility.

And so, Hajime’s priority was his own project and the simplification of the gate to go to Tortus, then the troublesome matter that was actually befalling him……it would be great if it was something like that, but for Hajime this matter was at the level of happy family activity > meeting with the chief-san.

So far as it went, Hajime himself too had set up a day several times where it was convenient for him, but the timing was bad and it was Chief Magdanese who was unable to match the schedule no matter what at those occasions.

After all, the connection with Hajime would only be in her position as the security bureau chief, she wouldn’t be acting as the representative of Britain government. If she carelessly spread the connection with Nagumo family and some fellow who meddled with them appeared, that would affect the national security with certainty.

Within her overlapping busy schedules, Chief Magdanese had to act in a way where her surrounding wouldn’t suspect her, what’s more she had to be absolutely secretive before she could go outside the country for the conference with the demon king.

Because of that, the schedules of the two sides kept missing each other, and the current situation was where there was still no prospect for the conference.

「It can’t be helped. I’ll report to the chief exactly what I’m told here. Although, we will want to hear about the circumstance of the arson, so if that person contact, will Kousuke-san please notify us?」

「Hm, well, I’ll do that. As expected, I’m also curious.」

When the talk came to a stop, Vanessa more or less also had the self-awareness that she was in the middle of work, so she stood up from her seat. She was planning to quickly return to the bureau and gave her report.

「Regarding Vatican, I don’t think that we will be able to be of assistance, but just in case, I’ll report this to the chief too. Also, if it’s information regarding company, we too are able to get our hand on it easily, so if we understand something from our side, we will notify you.」

「About the company, it seems Nagumo will take care of it himself so I think it will be fine but……I guess. I’ll depend on you.」

Vanessa nodded, then she said 「Well then everyone, let’s meet again at dinner」 full of motivation to pester for dinner while leaving.

But, at that timing, Kousuke’s expression suddenly stiffened and he stopped moving.

「Kousuke? What’s the matter? Have you snapped seeing Vanessa’s shamelessness?」

Emily tilted her head and asked. But, Kousuke didn’t react even to her question. He was staring still at empty air without a single twitch.


「Oi oi, just what’s the matter?」

The expression of Vanessa and Carl became dubious. Sophie and Sierra were also gradually looking worried.

「He, hey, Kousuke? What’s wrong? Answer me, please!」

Emily’s voice finally turned anxious while her hands were shaking Kousuke’s shoulders.

There Kousuke’s gaze finally moved toward Emily as though he finally came back to life and he opened his mouth.

「-, there was a bit of something with my real body. Right now, he is around Vatican’s……perhaps it’s a library or a monastery I think but……it exploded a bit.」

It seemed something happened with the real body. His words were a bit ambiguous because he instantly saw Emily’s expression and so he spoke in a way to not worry her excessively.

Though it seemed that it brought the opposite effect. For Emily and others it instead became the basis of imagination of a serious situation. Everyone’s expression was tense from the sudden serious atmosphere that visited.

Although, this was about Kousuke. From the point of view of Emily and others, he was the fantasy strongest hero that was outside common sense. There was no way anything bad would happen to him.

And so, they were watching Kousuke’s condition with a vaguely optimistic feeling, but……

That feeling was literally pulverized like illusion.

「-!? What!? Red mist!? Is it poison gas!? Shit-, it’s one thing after another!」

Perhaps Kousuke had no leeway to really control the clone. Most likely, the clone was tracing the words from the real body as they were, conveying the urgent situation.

And then, time flowed for a bit with the situation still being unknown……

Suddenly, the clone body slipped out a faint words with his gaze still directed at empty air.

――Sorry, for making a stupid choice

Surely those words weren’t something that Kousuke actually wanted to convey to Emily and others through his clone. Surely, it was the feeling inside his heart leaking out.

With that small voice as the last, Kousuke――



It was the dumbfounded voice of Emily. Her expression said that she didn’t understand at all what happened.

But, the reality was right before her eyes.

No, there was none.

Kousuke, the clone of Kousuke who was always beside her, had vanished.

「Eh? Eh? Kou, suke?」

There was no one who responded even when she called.

Her mind was still unable to catch up with the reality.

Because this was strange. Kousuke’s clone body was excellent. As long as it wasn’t lethally wounded or Kousuke himself still existed, it wouldn’t vanish that easily.

And then, the clone body in this Grant house was for Emily’s protection. Even though he had to hold the burden that couldn’t be made light of from the routine magic power consumption, Kousuke had never erase this clone body no matter what.

Therefore, in other words, this was……

The proof that “something” happened to Kousuke that caused him to be unable to maintain his clone body.

「–!!!? Kousuke! Kousuke-!!」

Emily whose thought finally reached that stage became panicked and raised her voice.

「-. Please calm down, doctor!」

「There is no way I can calm down! Kousuke is-, something happened to Kousuke!」

Seeing Emily who completely lost herself, Vanessa who was also stiffening seemed to recover her calm slightly instead.

She strongly grasped the shoulders of the deranged Emily who was shaking her head in denial and,



She called her name strongly. As though to make her came back to her senses.

Emily twitched in reaction to the voice of Vanessa that was filled with dominating aura. After that the focus of her eyes was finally returning.


「Please calm down. Doctor Emily, nothing will be solved even if you panic.」

The expression and voice of the cool-headed and professional Vanessa that she met at the very beginning made Emily to recover her calm for sure this time.

Emily took a deep breath. She sent Vanessa a gaze with eyes that had recovered their strong radiance and she opened her mouth.

「Vanessa, what do you think we should do?」

Vanessa nodded once toward those words. While Sophie, Carl, and also Sierra were staring at Vanessa with held breath, she answered.

「What we know right now is that Kousuke-san’s main body is at Vatican, and something happened there. And then there is high possibility that even the common tourists are witnessing that “something”.」

「Ah, I see. Kousuke said that he was around a place like Vatican’s library or monastery before.」

Carl and others also hummed in agreement and continued.

「He also said something about explosion. The Vatican garden adjacent to it is a tourist attraction. Although it can be visited only on a subscription basis, at this time there should be some tourist there.」

「It’s something so great that make Kousuke-kun lost composure. It could be, that the tourists at the cathedral, the plaza, or the art museum also noticed the explosion.」

「I see. What Vanessa-san wish to say is that gathering information is simple, isn’t that right?[

‘Exactly’, Vanessa nodded. Before long the commotion that occurred in Vatican would surely got broadcasted. At the very least, the objective fact of “An explosion occurred inside Vatican” should be reported grandly. If they coordinated with the intelligence department, they should be able to obtain quite a lot of information.

「Anyway, I will report to the chief. If it’s the chief, she will surely obtain information somehow about what happened to Kousuke-san. Although, personally I’m not that worried. Even if he is unable to maintain his clone, if it’s that Kousuke-san then he will surely get in touch with us no matter what kind of situation it is.」

「……Yes. Yes, you’re right, Vanessa!」

This was the hero that they believed in. He was going to be absolutely all right. Yes, she strongly believed that.

「The problem was at our side instead. I think it will be all right but, now that the absolute protector Kousuke-san is gone, what’s going to happen to Grant family……」

「Is there a possibility of us getting targeted?」

Vanessa shook her head at Carl’s question that was asked with a grave voice.

「No, currently there is no sign of anything like that. Just as we told you all some time ago, we made it so everyone thought that the Berserk incident has come to an end, there is no problem. Although, there is something on my mind. The reason Kousuke-san headed to Vatican.」

「……It was because Vatican is gathering information of returnees.」

「Yes. And then, there is the uproar this time. It will be fine if this is just me over thinking it but, we shouldn’t be taking an optimistic view. Doctor, also everyone else too. I recommend everyone to evacuate temporarily to the security bureau for the time being.」

Certainly, if this was a case that was related with the returnees, not just Kousuke, even Grant family that was connected with Nagumo family which was the core of the returnees might get affected in some way. Such possibility couldn’t be said to not exist.

Till the end it was only at the level of “just in case”, but nothing could beat being prepared.

「Yes. I agree with Vanessa’s suggestion. It also seems like the information about Kousuke will reach the security bureau faster, it will be smoother to rely on the security bureau’s strength to decide how we should act from here on.」

「……You’re right. There is also the chance of the worst case. Vanessa-san, my apologize but can we depend on you?」

「Of course. I will also contact the bodyguards at the vicinity, everyone please make your preparation.」

Vanessa who was taking action promptly was an active elite investigator who was excellent as expected. She made calls one after another, reported to Chief Magdanese too, and concluded the arrangement quickly.

Like that, several bodyguards from security bureau who were living around Grant house gathered, pretending that they would have a fun outing together with neighbors to deepen their relationship. It looked like they were clamorously enjoying themselves if seen from the side, however they were nervous inside their heart. The group departed toward the security bureau.

A virtuous looking man who was watering the garden in front of a certain house, a male worker who was cleaning the street, an old man walking his dog, a young woman jogging――they were staring fixedly at the cars procession of Emily and others.

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I want to introduce the rank eight and ninth when I’m writing about Fleur Knights again.

Also, from the review, I noticed that the previous chapter was the 300th chapter.

Thank you very much for the congratulating comment!


Just in case, I also wrote this at the beginning of the previous arc, so please pay attention.

This work is――fiction! It’s completely unrelated with actual organization, country, or institution!

Vatican came out here, but it’s the Vatican of fiction world.

Please be understanding even if facility or section that originally doesn’t exist in reality appear.

Please be so kind to put on your mind filter.

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74 Responses to Arifureta Chapter 301

  1. Archus says:

    F I R S T


  2. Namae nashi desu~ says:

    Hou, the lord in pinch huh….

    Thanks for the update…..


  3. _Nobody:(_ says:

    I knew there was a chap today! Thank god!


  4. Deamonzean says:

    Well damn, if something happens to kousuke then Hajime will brain wash the world to forget about the Vatican after he thoroughly erases them. Also why not try to contact one of the wives they may know where Hajime is


    • Huh...? says:

      My guess is that Hajime and Shia both also have been targeted by the group from Vatican. And most probably even Emily and others would to (as hinted in the last line of the chapter).

      And its been only one day since Hajime requested Endo to do that work, and then burning up a forest, i doubt any of the other Wives would have an idea on what’s happening.


      • Cyrus Joshua says:

        i would be too sure on that statement, yue 6th sense may know where he is


      • The Butt Wizard says:

        If Hajime and Shia aren’t actually off somewhere swapping tartar sauce, imagine what Yue would do to return the man who stormed the heavens and killed a god to get her back. 9/11 would look like a harmless prank next to what she would do. She would just /know/. Hell, she knew about him being spirited away to the dragon world with Tio and left them alone only so they could enjoy some time together.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Sgt. Tin says:

      What’s Vatican? Is something like that ever exist?


  5. Anonymous says:

    the 4th..


  6. Boartank says:

    Lordo Abyssgato


  7. GlassyHades says:

    Thanks for the update.


  8. 28th00 says:

    Looks like some people haven’t heard the news that Kousuke only moves when the Demon King doesn’t want to do a “Search & Destroy”, but a “Capture and Erase Intel”. I pity Vatican if they truly harmed Kousuke, since he’s Hajime’s friend.

    I wonder who would win, Myuu or Kousuke? Myuu should still be physically “Normal”… But, you never know…

    Liked by 5 people

    • Huh...? says:

      The way the author seems to be writing this arc, makes me feel that the Vatican arc may finally be a major challenge arc for both the Nagumo family and Endo since returning.

      So, i doubt things would be as simple as they have been.

      Liked by 3 people

      • Shin says:

        from Shia’s arc, we know that the Vatican is seaching for ancient articles that have “power” of some kind, Hajime himself said that the box they found in that old ruin had a virus(or some such) that could potencialy kill even them, so yea i agree that it could become tricky


        • NeroZero says:

          well, it’s gonna be tricky if they still want to live peacefully afterward, i don’t think there’s anybody that can do anything if it’s no hold barred confrontation, tio have total control over weather, kaori manipulated time as she wish, and “yue word magic” are strong enough to even affect hajime for a few minute, and off course hajime that can strike anytime and anywhere as he wishes using sunlight, meteor and space magic


    • Supposedly even the wives can win in ability if not for the difference in power they would lose, so Myuu that is weaker probably would also lose, but who knows maybe mixing styles would allow her to win, but as far as we had seen Myuu still can only use one style after the other, not two or more at the same time with the exception of the ones of kaori and shizuku, but those are pretty similar so, yeah.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Myuu has the demon rangers and I think Nagumo was making her the Solomon demons or something


      • Sgt. Tin says:

        At this time around Myuu chan is still at the start of learning or not start at all I think. (It’s about five years later that she show her full ability)
        So I think Myuu chan is still no match for the veteran Kousuke at this time, except our demon king interference (which I can’t see how he won’t do if it’s Myuu chan’s matters)


  9. Leekt222 says:

    Thanks for the chapter~!
    Such flag~!


  10. Tabeleta says:

    Thanks for the chapter.
    Emily-chan should find a solution for loose bladder first before the cure for Alzheimer XD
    If this keeps happening her brain will break down before long.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Siperioz says:

    Thank you for the chapters translation !


  12. Ree Trace says:

    whats a charis○ guard is it from a game


  13. Huh...? says:

    So, the author is planning to re-work/re-modify the timeline and make the ‘School Trip’ arc after this one.
    Well this in a way proves that i was right thinking before that the ‘School Trip’ arc happened before the ‘Berserk’ arc (based on earlier events). And i guess the author understood this as well so he is changing it, so that the story-line with the ‘Onmyouji(?) Girl’ comes after Endo’s meeting with Emily.


    • Shin says:

      yea prolly so that it doesnt becomes a paradox when more waifus appear on Kousukes rising harem lol .. glad the author is thinking on writing about the onmyouji girl 🙂


  14. Kai says:

    I’ve just realised…
    When someone from the returnee’s world come to tortus, will they obtain a job like the returnees or they don’t? Since Hajime and co obtained jobs like the Synergist job.

    Liked by 1 person

    • atoktreizer says:

      I guess they don’t? Cuz in the first place, the returnees have been transported to Tortus through a summoning ritual, right? It was Ehito who decided to grant the human faction with Heroes as a chesspiece in his stupid hobby. Then again, I don’t think this is right since he gave them power just to be ironically killed by his own deed. Eh wait, nope. They won because of the powers bestowed by the liberators, infused with their own. Right.

      Liked by 1 person

    • spare says:

      I doubt it since the means of travel are different the class was forcefully summoned to Tortus by mad doG all the others are traveling through a gate Nagumo has created


    • gunmen000 says:

      I think they first need to obtain a status plate to get their own job. Because I remember that Hajime and co do not have “jobs” after summoning until they have been given status plates.


    • Lain says:

      I don’t think they will obtain a job, I mean Hajme’s and his parent didn’t obtain a job, I think Hajime and co obtain a job only because they were summoned

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    • Sgt. Tin says:

      Everyone already had their own job, just not magic included in earth. It’s just become exposed when they use status plate. I think


    • Huh...? says:

      I really wish that the author clarifies the conditions behind acquiring magical ability in his story.
      Based on how this have been, Earth also has people with magical abilities, but the criteria is unknown as well.


    • Kai says:

      Thanks for the reply


  15. .:| . :|  ☆   ! .l .l .i::l
    .:| . :|     。! .l .l .i::l
    .:| ._._ |      ! .l .l .i::l
    .:| :: || □ |  ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ~~
    :::::::~<⌒/⌒ヾ-、_ ZZzzz…
    ::::/<_/____ノ Thanks….
     ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄~ Nepu…..


  16. Thoth0 says:

    I think I almost died of laughter the Demon King’s waifus struck again.


  17. Reman Scimitar says:

    lmao Hajime really should’ve just rampaged in this case and that was sooo cute when he did a number to Emily and she received such preferential treatment afterwards X’D


  18. Thanks for the chapter.


  19. ryuukun17 says:

    Guhehehe. Making Abysslord go missing. What kind of monstrosity does Vatican(fiction) hold?


  20. jorgelotr says:

    Huh? She’s Sophie’s mother but has Carl’s surname?


    • maybe he married into the Grant family?


      • Huh...? says:

        Though i think its normal in Japan.
        But the thing is, it quite uncommon to marry into the wife’s family in majority of the countries around the world (though it does happen).
        But the husband taking the wife’s family name is even more rare. Normally its the wife who either takes in the husband’s family name or combines both the family name into her name.


      • jorgelotr says:

        It’s not usual in the UK, even less for “regular” households (i.e. non-nobility). Even in the case of nobility it’s more usual to just unify both surnames by hyphenation (i.e. young Billy Jones marries rich heiress Jane Fitzroy and they become the Jones-Fitzroy family).


  21. Shern Wei says:

    To burn down a forest in one day is a bit…


  22. Shin says:

    The Terror of the Britain Shredding Mechine! lol


    • Sgt. Tin says:

      I can imagine some scene of voice of agony echo in office “No~ my “……”” and sound of shredding machine tearing apart it’s prey.


    • more on says:

      Lol… After the Iron Lady we get the Shredder, wait, no… blasted copyrights… the Shredder Lady… or is it the She-Redder???

      Well, nevermind that…

      Is it me or does Emily suffer from incontinence?? And later on in this story we will probably have waifu number 4 an later later on an omniouji as a waifu 5… surprisingly the Abyssettes are even more out of norm than Nagumo’s waifus…


  23. Thanks for the chapter ^^ Wow it seems Danessa will hit it off rlly well with a certain disappointing dragon…


  24. D Don says:

    thanks for the update~~~


  25. Calamity says:

    It feels like it getting tense.. it’s so long after the first abyssgate arc and make me feel strange chill idk for some reason..

    And vatican, what are they doing to kousuke that make the right hand of demon king got pinch? I think last time he got pinch is when he fight with chimera in the last of berserk case that he use last zell and make many clones and he still can use his ability to cut a bullet although he’s very exhauted..

    And it’s only me or I think vatican can use any “abnormal” things?


  26. Sgt. Tin says:

    Thanks for the chapter desu

    Demon king surely playful XD, at least that dungeon had excluded dangerous thing. And seem like the wives and daughter really satisfied by receiving this new family member (future Hauria’s chief’s second wife).

    And Danessa, you really come for breakfast, right?


  27. Eeveelutionlvr says:

    I wonder if ol’ Shirakome will ever release a proper timeline for us for the after stories… it’s starting to make my head hurt to keep track of it all.


  28. Kai says:

    Wait, Lord Abyssgate do not have a status abnormality resistance?


    • Dennis says:

      Don’t think so… his status plate was already displayed back during the first chapter of the first Abyssgate arc. No resistances there.


  29. Seikou says:

    Thanks you very much for the chapter and hard work BP.


  30. aunioncom says:

    Could someone tell the author for me that i would like some Cod 3 or something like Kousuke meeting captain price or soap hahahaha im really getting addicted to cod3 also thanks for the chap gives me lots of inspiration for my web novel


    • The Butt Wizard says:

      I liked the second one more, but strangling that dude to death while the controller shudders as he struggles is so goddamn satisfying. Like, killing the villain yourself is always great, but you never get to feel it quite as viscerally as that moment.

      Liked by 1 person

  31. WorstFriendEver says:

    Were they able to sense Kousuke or was it because he made a stupid choice?

    Liked by 1 person

  32. The Butt Wizard says:

    Twist: Christian God was actually Ehito.

    Whoopsy daisy.


  33. Reaper Phoenix says:

    Thanks 4 the translation!

    I hope someone suggested that stealthy inn girl as a Fleur Knight candidate.


    • Dennis says:

      She’d be nowhere near as fun if they got rid of that normal pink color head of hers and suppressed it under maid persona. Sona Masaka. The name sends me chuckling.

      She’s fine the way she is.


  34. Dennis says:

    That last part for Endo was kinda foreboding, but I have this impression that next chapter will have Serious-san blown out of the water again.

    Something along the lines of “Oops, underestimated a trap but in reality, it’s nowhere near as bad as Raisen. Hope Emily and others not worried. Haha… damn.”


  35. Kazuto821 says:

    Thanks for the update desu!!!


  36. AL says:

    Thanks for the chapter!!!


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