Arifureta Volume 1 Extra Story

Extra Story – A Battle of 0 Percent Winning Percentage


Part 1

A wide underground space. In that gloomy space with only the faint lighting of green light stone to be relied on, two shadows ran.

In the underground space were huge pillars carved with splendorous reliefs lined up orderly, the two shadows were dashing side by side with two lines of pillared corridor between them.

Then, the moment both people entered the shadow of a pillar, a flame spear flew out from one side accompanied by terrific heat amount. That spear that dyed the gloomy underground space with vivid crimson color corrected its trajectory in the air like a homing missile and approached fast to the other shadow.

The next moment,


Like so, a dry bursting sound echoed and a crimson flash tore through the darkness. The flash that stretched out exactly like a single spear clashed with the approaching flame spear right from the front accurately, piercing through the heart <magic’s core> that ordinary person couldn’t perceive before vanishing toward the ceiling. At the same time, the spear of flame was also completely dispersed as though its power just now were only a lie.

The hand unleashing the flame spear wasn’t even concerned with what happened and unleashed spear of ice this time with encircling trajectory. The ice spear that was flying while drawing a beautiful curve approached from the front as though to obstruct the route of the target at the other side of the pillar corridor.

That spear was as expected dispersing by the flash and the simultaneous gun shot.

“……Nn. A single shot won’t hit anymore. Then……”

With her back on a pillar, a lovely voice was softly leaked out by a bisque doll with blond hair and blue eyes――a girl of beautiful face to the degree that made one mistaken her with such thing――Yue was increasing the throwing spears of compressed flame by one, two, four, eight, by many times, the total amount in the end were sixty four throwing flame spears created by her.

The time spent for creating all those was under two seconds. If magician of present time saw this, their jaw would undoubtedly fell off with clatters and their eyes peeled open. Something like magic that was invoked instantly without even chanting or magic circle in the present time was something that already surpassed absurdity and entered the realm of abnormality.

Yue who easily invoked that magic which was like a feat of god with a cool face, in the next moment, she waved her slender finger elegantly like a composer directing the orchestra group. When she did that, the countless throwing spears immediately flew out. The spears left behind beautiful fire trail that could be mistaken as meteor shower and rushed at the target at the other side of the pillar――toward Hajime.

“Chih. Isn’t the increase too much so suddenly?”

Such swearing reached Yue’s ear faintly. Right after that, explosive sounds roared continuously, Yue felt the magic she created were being dispersed one after another. She was shifting the timing delicately so that the spears wouldn’t impact at the same time for the time being, even so it was a world measured in milliseconds before the next spear impacted.

Hajime who was accurately intercepting those spears was also someone of considerable skill. No, perhaps it should be said that he had come to become considerably skilled.

That day, the two of them stayed in this [Orcus Great Dungeon], so that he wouldn’t lose to anyone, Hajime resolved to realize his equipment and trained. About one month had almost passed since that day. During that time, Hajime created magic eye stone to see through the core of magic and polished his skill of handling two handguns and midair reload, as well as precision shooting that was as though making a thread going through needle hole flying in the air.

He asked his partner Yue to attack him with magic and then he would intercept it, the result of doing that method continuously in perseverance, Hajime who was at first failed even at intercepting magic that was in a state of stopping still, right now became able to shoot through the core if it was a single magic while doing a mock battle with almost a hundred percent rate, even if there were multiple magic he was able to intercept those with accuracy rate about fifty percent.

Although the cause for his growth was because of special factors like his drastic increase in physical status by eating monster and also his possession of cheat-like skill that explosively heightened his perception ability called ‘Lightspeed’, even so to be able of mastering all those techniques that should be even called as special move in just about a month, surely the greatest reason for that must be Hajime’s own tremendous spirit.

The basis that produced that perseverance didn’t even need to be said, it was coming from his dearest wish of returning home to his birthplace. And then, inside that wish, the reason of “together with Yue” was included in it. Because she was watching at Hajime’s hard work from nearby until now, Yue was unbearably happy that she was there in a part of that wish, the blessing that she felt inside her heart was so much to the degree she didn’t know what to do with it.

“……Nn, Hajime.”

Together with a feverish breath, the expression of Yue who whispered Hajime’s name lovingly was truly bewitching. However, in the middle of a battle even though it was just a mock one, such emotion that was hard to control shouldn’t be allowed to overflow.

It wasn’t in the meaning of an opening was created. It was in the meaning, that the magic unconsciously became extreme following the enhancement of her emotion.

“Wai-, wait a seconddd! No matter what this is just too many!”


Yue returned to reality from her light trip due to that angry yell. And then, she immediately noticed. Unaware, she had made nearly a hundred flame bullets flying chaotically around Hajime. The swarm of flame bullets was dancing as though to surround Hajime, the swarm was also attacking Hajime haphazardly from all direction with complicated timing.

It looked like her feeling for Hajime was seething up too passionately. She unconsciously created flame bullets, her joyful feeling made the flame bullets danced boisterously, her errand of helping Hajime train manifested an exquisite attack.

Something like launching magic unconsciously was by no means a mistake in control, but it was something close to that. In regard to magic, this was something unbecoming for Yue who was arbitrarily titled as genius. This and also that, everything of this was because she was thinking of Hajime.

“……I love Hajime too much it’s painful.”

“That’s too sudden-, oi. I, am painful there are too much flame bullet!”

Hajime continued to intercept the flame bullets that were dancing irregularly with desperate look. Already, he couldn’t handle the attack with just interception attack, he evaded and brushed off the flame bullets with the barrel of Donner and Schlag. This training was mainly a training for precision attack of shooting through the magic’s core, but it was also a composite training for technique other than that, so in a certain meaning it became a good training but……

“-, dam-――”

As expected, with how he had been training for nearly ten hours already and the boisterous dance of the hundred flame bullets where pattern was nonexistence in it, it invited mistake from Hajime.

*kin-* Small sound was audible, six bullets were dancing in the air. In Hajime’s hand, Donner that had zero remaining bullet returned to its original position with a twirl of rotation. Hajime failed his midair reload.

Hajime whose interception method came to a halt had swarm of flame bullets assaulting him with careful aim. Hajime who had interception in his awareness twisted his body without delay although he judged that it was impossible to dodge all the attack, he attempted to defend by using “Vajra”.

But, at that time,

“Nn. A little rest.”

Together with such murmur, Yue snapped her finger audibly and easily dispersed the swarm of flame bullets.

“-, haa~, haa haa. Shit-, so I still cannot reach no miss yet.”

Hajime stored Donner and Schlag in his holsters while putting his hands on his knees and breathing roughly repeatedly. And then he gritted his teeth hard in frustration. One of his eyes that peeked out through the gap of his white hair was bloodshot, a vein was pulsing on his temple which looked like it might burst even now.

Because he had worked hard to such degree, it made Yue wanted to even give a word of praise, but she understood that kind of word wouldn’t resound in Hajime’s heart at all. And so, Yue approached Hajime slowly and sat at his side on her knees before she tapped *pon pon* on her lap.

Currently Yue’s appearance was a frilly dress shirt accompanied with frilly miniskirt and knee socks. In other words the place she was appealing with was the so called “Absolute Territory”. (TN: Zettai Ryouiki/Absolute Territory, the flesh visible between the skirt and knee sock.) The plum sensation of the thigh wrapped tightly in knee sock was extremely bewitching.

Since his chastity was stolen by Yue in the bath, Hajime came to know woman’s body――or rather Yue’s body in various meaning, due to that right now he wouldn’t get flustered by something like lap pillow.

However, because of that however……

“You are not planning to attack right?”

Yes, that was the only thing worrying him. Right now he was in an exhausted state after a long training. If he was attacked, even it if was Hajime, he would be helpless no matter what! If there was a wolf nearby, it was only natural to put one’s guard up! ……Though normally, the gender should be reversed in this case.

“……That’s cruel. It’s as though I am a ruffian.”

“At my first time, I thought you are exactly like that……no, let’s stop. It’s like I’m going to strangle my own neck.”

Hajime shook his head left and right as though to shake off something and then he accepted Yue’s lap pillow as it was. Happiness was spreading at the back of his head. Yue’s soft hand was gently caressing Hajime’s hair. Happiness was spreading in his brain.

Yue’s eyes softened looking at the relaxed Hajime, however, she was bothered by Hajime’s remark and asked with a little anxiety.

“……Hajime didn’t like it?”

“There is no way that’s the case. If I really disliked it, I’m going to resist it normally. Well, see, it’s a man’s pride or something, only such a stupid thing like that. Don’t mind it.”

The uneasiness vanished from her eyes instantly and Yue replied “……Nn” happily. Just like that she dropped her lips on Hajime’s forehead extremely naturally. ‘chuu’ a sound tinged with warm feeling sounded, then in continuation such sound sounded from his nose tip, cheek, and his lips too. A sweet atmosphere was wafting on that surely if a man without girlfriend saw it, it would make him wish to snipe Hajime with an anti-material rifle.

Hajime averted his eyes to the direction of the beyond from a little shyness, seeing him like that, Yue floated a mischievous smile and opened her mouth.

“…….Then, it felt good?”

“Hey, Yue. It’s enough already about this topic right?”

“……It didn’t feel good?”

Hajime attempted to change the topic, but Yue immediately looked sad, possibly even her expression got depressed from being vexed of her own immaturity, it caused him to raise incomprehensible groaning voice “guu”.

“That, well, about that. ……It felt good, I think.”

‘Just what the hell I’m saying……’, with an expression that seemed to be saying that, even so Hajime said the words that she wished for, that was the proof that his heart had surely been already captured.

Hearing Hajime’s words, Yue who was emitting cheery atmosphere leaked out a murmur with a little faraway look.

“Nn……I’m thankful to teacher.”

“I felt extremely complicated though.”

The teacher Yue was talking about was her teacher at the far away past, at the period when Yue was still a queen, a female instructor who educated Yue in this and that as a female. It was unknown what happened to her after Yue was confined in the abyss by her uncle’s hand, but until the last day she was a considerate teacher that Yue was indebted to.

If it was asked why Yue was expressing gratitude to that teacher, that was because that teacher was also an instructor regarding the matter of night activity. Yue was a royalty, so naturally her chastity was thoroughly protected until her marriage. At the same time, she also had the duty to leave behind offspring. As a part of that, so that the husband and wife relationship with the person that Yue would welcome as husband could go well, Yue was crammed full with the knowledge regarding that kind of thing too.

Hajime was still being toyed around at the night battle was surely, without a doubt due to that ‘teacher’.

By the way, Hajime had once doubted Yue asking “By some chance, you have experien……”. Yue also had her characteristic magic “Automatic Regeneration” so Hajime though if by some case, but……

The expression of Yue at that time was surely something unforgettable for Hajime for the rest of his life. Even though fear or the like against the monster at the depth of the abyss――Hydra was inexistent inside Hajime, yet only at that time he fell into a state of ‘a frog being stared by a snake’.

The result didn’t even need to be said. The punishment for the inconceivably rude remark against Yue who should have already shown Hajime the proof of her first was something that could be easily guessed from the fact that it even made Hajime let out an unbelievable begging of “I’m seriously sorry. Please spare me already.” That was how it went.

“Now then, one more battle for the last. Let’s also have a meal after the training.”

“……Nn. Are you okay?”

“I’m not okay though. But if I don’t go past my limit, there is no meaning in training right? My bad, but I’ll have you accompany me Yue.”


Yue too, although she had consumed considerable magic power from the mock battle until just now, but if she used the magic crystal stock then certainly there would be no problem. Rather than that, putting aside magic power Hajime who had continuously used skill like ‘Lightspeed’ and ‘Limit Break’ that put heavy burden on the body was the one in problem, but looking from the determined gaze of Hajime it was clear that it was impossible to stop him.

Hajime who raised his body from Yue’s lap pillow took distance from Yue right after that and faced her. And then he drew out Donner & Schlag and took his stance, he then raised his voice filled with fighting spirit.

“Now, any reservation is unnecessary. Come! You magic cheat!”

“Nn-. Eat this, ‘Violence of Number’!”

Inside his heart, “No way there is magic with that kind of name-“ Hajime thought that but the invoked magic was flame bullets in number that was violently fitting with that name. By the way, the reason that Yue didn’t use anything like water ball that was relatively safe was because of Hajime’s request that this way he could be fired up.

Against the random pounding of the flame bullet that was like an approaching wall, Hajime instantly plunged into the state of ‘Lightspeed’. His perception was magnified to the degree that the world grew stale in color. His magic eye behind the eye patch clearly captured the core of magic in the world where the flow of time became slow.

Like that, the fired bullets within an instant were piercing through the flame bullets without any miss. The bullets taken out one after another in the air were swallowed in by the rotation of the gun spin, just when it looked as though it was finished red flashes were launched, and yet it was like at the same time when the ejected empty cartridges were dancing in the air the next bullets were reloaded.

It was as though Hajime was carrying round shield, Donner and Schlag were spinning continuously, dispersing the assaulting flame bullets.

The number and speed of the flame bullets were increasing as though being lured on. Hajime was astonished inside his heart from the greatness of Yue’s magic skill while ignoring the pain inside his eyes and head and tried to accelerate even more……

“……Yue. Can I ask one thing?”


While their respective hands weren’t slackening down, Hajime made an expression of headache in a different meaning and asked Yue who was making an expression of “What is it I wonder?” as though she seriously didn’t understand.

“Why, why, are you making the flame bullets in heart shape?”


Yes. Unnoticed, all the flame bullets flying toward Hajime became heart shaped. Even though their speed and power were increasing, yet the shape was actually brilliant. It was an amazingly pointless skill that had been absurdly trained.

And then, Yue who was hit with that question said this……

“……Nn. My heart was completely pierced through.”

While beautifully manipulating heart shaped flame bullets that reached several hundred with one hand, her other hand was placed on her cheek bashfully while she was saying that in satisfaction. Even while that was happening, certainly Hajime’s bullets were shooting through Yue’s hearts. It might be just his feeling, but the flame bullets looked as though they blazed up fiercely somewhat before they dispersed.

“I’m training seriously here though?”

“……I too am doing this seriously. Seriously, at this rate I’m going to push down Haji――cough-. Push through and win.”

“Oi, just now, you were saying pushing me down right?”

“……Because of the training everyday, Hajime’s body will reach the limit soon. It’s no good if you don’t rest a little. But, Hajime won’t stop training until you fainted.”

“……You completely ignored that huh. So?”

“……Nn. That’s why, I’ll win and drag you forcefully. ……To the bed.”

“Licking your lips after saying that is no good isn’t it? I obviously cannot see any future except one with no rest in it!”

It seemed that in order to forcefully made Hajime who wouldn’t stop training no matter what she said to rest, Yue was planning to overcome Hajime. Although, on top of not answering the question of why did she make heart shape, her appearance that was giving out a bewitching air while licking her lips didn’t really give any credence to what she was saying.

While floating a smile “fufufu”, Yue’s magic was increasing in fierceness. Wind spear that excelled in speed was added without any advance notice and lightning ball was quickly approaching with haphazard trajectory drawn in the air. Everything was as expected in heart shape.

“Kuh, don’t tell me, are you holding a grudge because this week I kept fainting after training and didn’t keep you company!?”

“……It’s not like I’m holding a grudge. ……I’m just a little lonely.”

Although inside his heart he was emotionally touched by Yue pouting her lips, but he could easily imagine the future where at this rate he would be deliciously captured after getting blown away and became unable to move.

Hajime was also a man, so of course he didn’t dislike that by any mean but……

Thing like man’s pride or obstinacy, something like that caused him to be a little reluctant as a man to be easily defeated and got eaten, so Hajime concentrated further and kept intercepting the attacks. In outline, a round was until Yue’s magic power was used up, so if he could continue to intercept the attack until that time, then Hajime’s pride should be protected.


“-, Yue, you, are serious huh-!?”


In outline, it seemed that Yue didn’t forget the point that this was training for interception attack and precision attack so she didn’t use magic above middle class, yet the number and speed of the magic were unmistakably Yue’s serious effort. After all, the area was already like the bullet hell game in Gensokyo somewhere. Although Yue’s breathing was already slightly getting rough, she still floated a bewitching smile “fufu-“, against that Hajime was sweating coldly while yelling.

“Every time every time, you think I’m going to keep getting pushed down! Even I have my pride as man!”

In the end it was unclear, whether ‘getting pushed down’ was in the meaning of this bullet hell, or else if it was in the meaning of pink this and that.

Vast magic power gushed out from Hajime that formed crimson spiral. It was the radiance of characteristic magic ‘Limit Break’ plundered from Hydra. Hajime’s spec was leaping up into thrice the original.

“Muu, as expected, from Hajime. This is the first time you can deal with the serious barrage from the front.”

“That’s, my, pleasure.”

“……Nn. Hajime is always, the person who take my first.”

“Are you, not going, to be satisfied, if you don’t, say every single thing, like that!?”

Hajime’s words became chopped up due to concentrating in intercepting the barrage, even so he did his best to insert tsukkomi at Yue’s remark.

For the moment Yue also had the intention to mentally shake Hajime who kept persisting, so she was by no means joking around. Rather than that, if ‘Limit Break’ was used in this kind of timing, Hajime’s body that was already exhausted would be piled up with extreme fatigue that after this battle ended he would undoubtedly fainted where God Water would be needed to heal him, so Yue wanted to slip through Hajime’s interception and decided the match before the true limit visited Hajime.

Also, in this way Yue was also beginning to show the color of exhaustion little by little. Because she was only using basic magic, if she raised the efficiency of magic power usage until the extreme then she would be able to maintain the barrage for quite some time, but even so she had been already using magic continuously by accompanying Hajime’s training. Before talking about magic power and the like, it was only obvious that Yue had been saving up exhaustion. Yue’s characteristic magic, ‘Automatic Regeneration’ completely healed flesh damage, yet it didn’t include the recovery of magic power and stamina.

Even so, because of her feeling that didn’t want Hajime to torture his own body too recklessly, Yue wrung out her strength!

“After, this far, you still, kept escalating!?”

“Nn-. Something like Limit Break, is a trifle as long as there is love!”

“Something, like that, is only, you!”

Yue was a magic cheat, and it seemed she was also a love cheat. The wall of bullet curtain and the speed of the magic bullets swelled up in one go.

There was still a lot of opening in Hajime’s handling of two handguns and the motion of his artificial arm using Direct Manipulation of magic power, so although he was using ‘Limit Break’ but he became unable to handle Yue’s attack. Putting aside his perception power, the attack had begun to surpass the capacity of his judgment ability. Even among the monsters of the abyss, there was no existence that could launch this many attack, so he was lacking experience in this. Indeed, this was a good training for him.

Yue was gradually closing the distance. She put both hands to the front and while shooting magic bullet she was going “u-fu-fu-“ with her tongues licking her lips while approaching, an erotic vampire princess. Her gait was staggering from insufficient magic power, making her looked like a ghost.

In various meanings, Hajime was raising his vigor in his reluctance of losing, but Yue that was displaying an ambiguous skill of limit break from her love was……unstoppable!

Like that finally……


“…….But I refuse.”

Hajime failed in his interception. He immediately recovered from that miss, but the vampire princess didn’t miss that opening. She stepped in with one go and riding that momentum, *baccho!* she wrestled Hajime.

And then,

“……My victory. Then, itadakimasu.” (TN: Expression of gratitude before meals in Japan)

“Wai-, don’-――aa―――!!”

The raging red magic power dispersed from a cause that was different from reaching the limit. The bullet curtain of various colors was also dissolving while leaving behind remain of magic power in the air before vanishing.

The captured monster of abyss was updating the record of his defeat today too. If he simply abandoned intercepting and took evasive action, he was supposedly able to escape from Yue’s hand, that he wasn’t doing that displayed Hajime’s feeling toward Yue. To sum it up, physically, or rather, mainly mentally Hajime was unable to oppose Yue, that was what it meant.


Part 2

*juu― juu―* The sound of meat being grilled was spreading in the air together with aromatic fragrant.

The place was the stone house that was the hideout of Oscar Orcus, in the kitchen inside it. Perhaps it should be said as expected from a master of creation magic, the kitchen of Oscar resident was filled to the brim with functional artifacts that made one wanted to tsukkomi if this was actually a high tech kitchen.

In such a kitchen, Hajime was holding a frying pan in one hand to cook a large steak. Beside him, Yue with her hair in ponytail was wearing a frilly pure white apron she made herself while cooking salad and grilled fish.

The ingredient for this salad was picked from the field cultivated in Oscar’s hideout. It seemed that an artifact to encourage growth was buried in the soil, when the plant seed inside the treasure warehouse was planted there, it would grow until it could be harvested in less than a week. Although, the activation of the artifact also needed a vast amount of magic power, so if Hajime and Yue weren’t here it wouldn’t be usable to be normally used continuously.

The slab of meat that had been cooked until it turned into a nice color was spiced generously with salt and pepper (those things were also preserved in the treasure warehouse), in the meanwhile Hajime took a sidelong glance at Yue that was humming “hm hm hmhhm♪” in a good mood.

Her fluffy and soft blond hair was fluttering, underneath it her white nape could be seen. The border of her unkempt air was inexplicably looking lascivious for some reason. Perhaps he was feeling like that, was because of the remaining afterglow of the ‘rest’ they had taken until just now.

Somehow the words ‘newly wed wife’ surfaced in his head, Hajime shook his head while being exasperated to himself thinking ‘What am I thinking’.

Perhaps Yue noticed Hajime’s state that was like that, she “Nn?” tilted her head while directing her gaze at Hajime. And then, Hajime averted his face to avoid the question, seeing that Yue immediately floated a mischievous smile on her lips while pinching her frilly apron and cutely lifted it up.

“……It suited me?”

“……I think it looks good.”

Toward Yue who even twirl on the spot for him, naturally, there was no way he could say any word of denial, Hajime expressed opinion of affirmation that was relatively honest for him. Even though that was a question she asked herself, but Yue’s cheeks reddened, her long eyelashes were shivering while she looked shy. Her service mentality was overflowing from the happiness of being praised.

“……Then, should I, wear just apron?”

A shock ran through Hajime’s body. While holding a shuddering emotion of “Don’t tell me she is going to do the legendary that?” he moved his gaze to Yue. Yue who was fidgeting while toying at the fringe of the apron with her fingers was looking up at him. Even more finishing blow hit Hajime!

Feeling that at this rate they would charge into ‘rest’ once more, Hajime shook his head. Seeing that Yue without even looking disappointed said out something like “I’ll prepare it as night battle equipment”. Hajime decided that he didn’t hear anything.

While that was happening the meat was finished cooking, Hajime and Yue sat at the dining table. They put the dishes on the table that was transparent like crystal and sat down on soft sofa. By the way, there were two sofas at the table’s both side, but Hajime and Yue sat side by side. Rather, Yue wouldn’t sat down anywhere by any means except at Hajime’s side. It seemed that no matter what she would be at his side.

“Now then, let’s eat……”

“Nn. Do your best, Hajime.”

From appearance, the grilled meat looked delicious, in front of such good Hajime made an expression of resolve. Yue was also sending him a concerned gaze. While being watched by Yue, Hajime bit into the meat……

“Guu, ku……gaa”

Hajime groaned and his body stiffened. Far from chewing the meat, his lips that was tightly biting so hard his teeth itself might cracked and the clattering hands of Hajime conveyed his strange condition. Even so Hajime kept biting into the prepared meat, each time he did that he earnestly endured the severe ‘pain’. Yue looked worried, but she stroked Hajime’s back while handing at him a cup that had been filled with God Water.

“-, it’s already, a month since I kept eating this, yet this pain is still……that snake bastard, was just absurdly strong.”

Yes, what Hajime was eating was the meat of the hydra look alike that was the last trial of [Orcus Great Labyrinth].

Since he woke up that day, Hajime ate the hydra’s meat each time it was the time for meal, based on his experience until now, Hajime wouldn’t grow anymore after eating the meat of a monster once, nevertheless this hydra meat was still making him grow accompanied by intense pain. Thinking from how the meat of other monster was already ineffective for him, as expected this hydra was a special case.

“……Nn. That was really a different thing. Surely Oscar wasn’t its only creator, I think it was a join work with other ‘liberators’.”

“I guess. Even though we won, that was because there were several factors piled up that were impossible to happen normally. Perhaps originally, this labyrinth of abyss should be conquered only after finishing the other labyrinths isn’t it? If the challenger doesn’t acquire one or two god era magic, conquering this labyrinth is just too hard.”

It was exactly as Hajime said, no matter how many monster meat he ate and his body transformed robustly, surely it would be extremely hard to win against the hydra with only that.

One of Hajime’s winning factors was, not even needed to be mentioned, it was Hajime’s manufactured weapon. Things like railgun and explosive were weapon that possessed the excessive destructive power that ignored physical spec. If Hajime didn’t have them and he was only a fighter who fought normally using sword and magic, surely he wouldn’t be able to defeat the hydra due to lack of firepower.

Also, as expected the other great factor was undoubtedly the God Water. If Hajime didn’t have that, perhaps Hajime wouldn’t even be able to arrive at the bottom level at the first place. Without it he would be killed by the severe wound from the Claw Bear at the first floor of the abyss, or died from petrification of the basilisk at the next floor, other than those there were also several times where he endured through fatal wounds using God Water.

And then, the last winning factor of Hajime was Yue. Ignoring both chanting and also magic circle, and usage of the highest level magic by pouring all the magic power one had into it. Exactly because Yue was able to do that, it filled the gap of Hajime who was lacking at wide range attack no matter how high his firepower was and they were able to exterminate many monsters including the hydra.

In other words, the reason Hajime was able to conquer the labyrinth of the abyss, rather than because of his physical spec, it could be said that the biggest reason was because external factor’s help that was his excessively powerful weapon, excessively powerful medicine, and the magic cheat possessing excessively extermination power.

Before long Hajime finished eating the hydra meat and the pain receded from his body, then he finally partook in the normal meal. His chopstick pecked at the vegetable and fish that was slipping to the abyss through underground water flowing here.

“I kept only eating monster meat, so this kind of thing is delicious enough but……”

“……Nn. As expected, it’s insipid compared to proper cooking.”

Hajime chewed crunchingly at the vegetable, but he murmured with a little dejected expression, hearing that Yue was also agreeing with him while eating the fish.

Because Hajime was originated from earth where the food culture was developed, and because Yue was a former royalty, because each of them respectively knew about the taste of delicious cooking, simple cooking that was merely grilled, fried, boiled, or salted made them dissatisfied even though they understood how difficult it was to get better than this.

“……Sorry, Hajime. If only I learned more about the way of cooking……”

“No, you don’t really need to apologize. Yue is former royalty, I never really heard about a princess preparing her own meal. I myself should at least remember properly about the basic of cooking.”

Both of them, because one was royalty and the other one was a modern high school student that wasn’t really interested in cooking, weren’t people that could cook.

Yue was plainly depressed because she was unable to give her lover a serving of proper meal. Her lips pouted, she was complaining to her teacher why didn’t she teach her the technique of cooking, not just technique of the night.

Hajime was scratching his cheek awkwardly while calling at Yue who was like that.

“Well, it doesn’t matter. My mother is a person that is good in cooking, it’s fine if you have her teach you.”

“! ……Nn. Nn-! Cooking with Hajime’s mother. I’m looking forward to it.”

Hajime’s words made Yue’s eyes sparkling bright. She stood side by side with Hajime’s mother in the kitchen, being taught while cooking, with Hajime and his father watching that from the living room. And then, when the males ate the cooking created by the mother and the daughter-in-law, “Delicious!” Hajime would say that to her.

That was a happy scene that made her heart jumped in joy just from imagining it, Yue’s expression that was normally expressionless was breaking into a smile loosely.

“Yeah, in that case, I think the breakfast and lunch can be trusted to Yue. Because Kaa-san, she is a person that can only make dinner……The breakfast and lunch were always whatever is there.”

“……Nn. Leave it to me.”

Hajime’s mother that was a popular author of shoujo manga would collapse at the morning and worked at the afternoon, she didn’t have the leisure to cook. Hajime was also mostly staying up until late at night playing game or helping with the work of his parents, his sleepiness was tremendous at morning and afternoon, so most of the time he didn’t really eat anything great.

However, if Yue learned cooking and treated him meal with that, then there would be nothing more luxurious than that. The handmade bento of a beautiful blonde haired girl……that was something unthinkable when he was still in Japan.

(……No, if it was a handmade bento of a beautiful girl, I had eaten it before. It was half-forced though, it was like bed of nails that I cannot remember the taste.)

He still didn’t know what kind of life he would spent after accomplishing returning home to earth, but for example he tried imagining the scene of him holding chopstick to pick at Yue’s bento in the school, Hajime felt a really itchy feeling, however, unexpectedly he recalled the happening of the past rolling out from beyond his memory.

In that memory, at school, toward Hajime who had finished his poor lunch as usual and then tried to have a nap, Shirasaki Kaori came and made him ate her bento. Similar like that day when they were summoned, Hajime who lost to his sleepiness was late at evacuating and got invited by Kaori. The invitation was quite forceful. While sprinkling around explosive words with smiling face.

And then, she was sharing her own bento at Hajime whose expression was twitching. Of course, eating the handmade meal cooked by the girl that was lauded as the goddess of the school, there was no way the guys in class wouldn’t think anything of it, Hajime refused at first but……looking at Kaori who put back the bento in low spirit with a lonely and sad expression, all the more, it didn’t even need to be mentioned how much the killing intent of the class was.

Hell even if he advanced, hell even if he retreated. Then, he should at the very least answer at the kindness directed at him, Hajime resolved himself and accepted Kaori’s bento.

Kaori’s broad smile at that time looking at Hajime sweating bullet even while eating heartily at her handmade bento, for some reason Hajime remembered it clearly.

And, at that moment, suddenly, shuddering chill traveled through Hajime’s spine. With a ‘hah’ Hajime returned to reality from his memory lane, when he directed his gaze to the side, there was the figure of Yue there sending him an expression that was hard to describe.

“……Hajime. Who is that woman?”


‘How do you know’, surely asking that kind of question to Yue was just boorish. In front of one of this world’s seven wonders that was woman’s instinct, any excuse was futile. Because it wouldn’t work, no matter what it wouldn’t work at all. Because it was an extremely piercing method that penetrated everything.

“……It’s one of the classmate I talked about before.”

“……That is, the woman that is the cause of the cause that dropped Hajime down here?”

“Well, tracing back perhaps it could be said like that but……”

The way Yue was saying that caused Hajime to make an expression that couldn’t say anything. Ignoring Hajime that was like that, Yue asked with a tone without intonation that was excessively quiet.

“……Hajime had eaten that woman’s cooking before?”

“Well, because of circumstance you see.”


“I don’t really remember but……well, I think it was delicious. She also had good evaluation in cooking.”

“……I see.”

*jii-*, *jii~~~* Yue was staring. Like that with her gaze fixed solidly at him continuously, little by little her body was leaning forward at him.


“……She know about Hajime that I doesn’t know. She made Hajime ate her handmade cooking. She lives in Hajime’s heart, to the degree that you suddenly remember her. ……I’m jealous.”

“Ho, how straight. But wait, wait a second. Why, are you getting closer!”

Toward Yue who kept getting closer as though to tower over Hajime, he pushed back that slender shoulder while raising a voice to hold her back.

But, toward that Yue was,

“……Nn. I’m going to make Hajime’s inside full with me.”

“No no, about Shirasaki it’s only by chance that……”

“……It’s fine. It won’t hurt. It’s just a little rest.”

“I told you many times already! What are you saying, it’s basically what man say to woman you know! Furthermore it is usually said by a man that is quite no good! Have a little self-respect, this ero vampire princess!”

While pushing at Yue who was approaching with her lips pointed ‘nn~’ for a kiss, “Don’t you think that I will keep always, always get carried away! I am a Japanese that can say NO! just so you know-“ Hajime yelled an incomprehensible assertion. As expected what was there was something like a man’s spirit, pride, the inability to endure of getting weak-kneed every time, a heart of opposition that really had no meaning. Surely, most likely, inside him there was a stoic man that could easily reject the temptation of woman, Hajime had such chuuni sense of value, but surely the person himself wasn’t recognizing it.

In the first place, Hajime himself had already in acceptance, it was obvious that further resistance was meaningless.

The proof of that, during a month since the incident of Yue’s attack at the bathroom, Hajime kept repeating his useless resistance continuously, but until now he had never endured through Yue’s attack for even once.

For example, the time when they trained for ‘Presence Isolation’ and ‘Presence Detection’.

Yue who was unable to find Hajime who was seriously hiding even after searching for several hours, she became filled to the brim with various emotions like loneliness and yearning alone inside the darkness of the abyss, finally Yue’s face began to contort and about to cry, such thing happened before. “Hajimee~, where are youu~”, looking at the figure of Yue who was calling out like that with a tone like a lost child while rubbing her wet eyes and wandering totteringly in the labyrinth, even Hajime who was really stoic regarding training immediately halted the training and rushed out.

In a certain meaning, if this was called a defeat then it was really a defeat, but the true defeat was still after that.

After the training was over, Yue who turned into a super spoiled kid mode for a few days went into offensive. And the result, it went without saying that Hajime was made to “Aa-―――!!”

Another case, when Hajime was laboring industriously to practice transmutation and developing bullets and new weapon and so on, Yue was also using that time at Hajime’s side, she was producing clothes――the making over of the clothing was using Oscar’s clothes and monster skin――that they were lacking on, but whether it was about Hajime’s outfit, about her own outfit, Yue was constantly confirming at Hajime about his preference for every single thing.

And then Yue dressed up with the finished clothes and did a fashion show that was exclusive for Hajime but……Yue’s sewing technique that at first was facing a hard struggle because it was a work she wasn’t used to, was leveling up by piling up experience, like that when it was the period where Yue became able to create even more complicated outfit, finally, Yue made her move. With the adult outfit for use of night battle.

Wearing that, even though she made it herself, Yue looked extremely embarrassed, yet even so she kept doing fashion show like usual, it went without saying that looking at that Hajime’s reasoning went out of the window. And then looking at Hajime who was like that, Yue’s reasoning went out of the window in reverse, it went without saying that after that Hajime was made to “Aa-―――!!”

The time like when they went to catch fish in the river, Yue showed her swimsuit that she made together with the clothes, and the result, after one thing or another it also became “Aa-―――!!”

Since the night when they first entered the bath together, for some reason entering the bath together became an implicit understanding, but each time Hajime lost to the coaxing of Yue who was eager to be of help for Hajime and he accepted having his back washed, following the flow Yue didn’t stop just at the back, eventually, in the end without fail Hajime would be made “Aa-―――!!” that it became a habit, such thing also happened.

Talking about habit, Yue who periodically received Hajime’s blood got intoxicated each time she was sucking his blood, and the result, she became severely bewitching, and following the flow Hajime went “Aa-―――!!” was already a commonplace event that happened everyday.

So far as it went, each time that happened Hajime kept up his appearance of integrity but……

Recently, even Hajime himself came to not understand what did he want to do, the case where he was defeated without resistance was also increasing.

This time too, the army of reasoning and the squad of man’s pride inside Hajime were going to be washed away as though a wave of tsunami made from the overflowing passion and love of Yue would swallow up everything.

The finisher word from Yue was fired like a holy blade that exterminated the demon king. Together with feverish breathing that felt scalding.

“……I want, to kiss. Please.”


Her eyes were glistening moistly, there was no way he could oppose his lover that was coaxing straight at him, his strength left his body as though even his vitality was being sucked. That opening, for Yue whose love status value toward Hajime had already gone past broken and got bugged already, there was no way she would let it get away……

“Da, damn i-――”


It went without saying, that from one of the room in the hideout a futile scream “Aa-―――!!” of a man was reverberating.


The monster born at the bottom of the abyss, facing just a single girl as his opponent, had the winning chance of 0 percent.


Part 3

The artificial moon light floating at the ceiling was gently pouring down, amidst that Hajime who was tasting defeat for today too was laying down on the soft couch put on the terrace while passing the time relaxedly. In his arm was the vampire pricess making a gentle expression settled there like it was only natural.

Yue slightly moved her face that she leaned on Hajime’s chest and peeked at Hajime’s face. Hajime kept his eyes closed, it didn’t look like he was sleeping, but he looked relaxed that he seemed nearly asleep.

While for some reason she was staring at Hajime’s face that was like that, Yue directed her awareness at the passionate feeling residing in her chest. While it was a heat that even now it felt like it would burn herself to ash, that emotion granted her pleasantness that was the opposite of bitterness, Yue dispersed it out for just a little as a feverish sigh.

For Yue, Hajime was the miracle itself.

That day, the vivid crimson color that was burned in her heart was impossible to be forgotten for her whole life. The imprisonment for three hundred years, and the despair she tasted during that time, if she thought of those as something for the sake of meeting Hajime then she could throw those away. If she thought of the warmth of the place she reached, if she thought of the happiness that she would feel from now on, then she could divide it as something of the past that was a single bad memory.

Looking at it from the side, surely there would be a person that would think that it was dependence or something like suspension bridge effect. The encounter of Yue and Hajime was something so dramatic that it was natural to judge it like that.

But, even if other people said that, Yue wouldn’t waver. Those kind of words, that kind of tedious talk, didn’t matter in the least. At that time, in the middle of the death match against the scorpion look alike, that time when she wasn’t abandoned and instead he tried to pass the line of death together with her, Yue resolved herself with her soul screaming inside her.

――I’ll devote myself to this person, that was her resolve.

Hajime’s peculiarity, and the present condition he was at, if she thought about that she could see that it would be a difficult path to walk. But, even so, deep inside Yue something screamed “It’s this person”. Thinking like using him for the sake of escaping the condition she was put in, or trying to become a simple friend with him, such things didn’t come to her mind even for an instant.

If she put it into words, she had the feeling that it would immediately rang rotten, Yue wouldn’t say it out loud no matter what……even so, if she dared to say it, then it was ‘destiny’. This encounter, for Yue, was surely a destiny.

That was why, Yue wouldn’t stop.

She would express her love with all her strength, conveyed her affection with her whole body. Without hesitation, she would offer her everything. Toward the young man she encountered after three hundred years passed, following her determination.

Even if, someone else was living inside the heart of Hajime, even if, Hajime turned the world into his enemy, even if, Hajime himself grew to think that Yue was bothersome――all of those, were already unrelated.

“……fufu, you won’t be able to escape from the vampire princess.”

In other words, that was how it was.

“Hm? Did you say something?”

Hajime slightly opened his eyes after hearing Yue’s whisper. He gently used his finger to brush off several strands of hair on the lips of Yue, who was looking up at him from his chest in the posture of half straddling him.

“Nothing.” While answering so, Yue shrugged her neck as though the sensation of Hajime’s fingertip caressing her cheek was ticklish.

Perhaps feeling that the reaction of Yue that was like that was interesting, Hajime’s fingertip stimulated at Yue’s cheek and chin, and then at her neck ticklingly. Yue’s tone of “Nn-“, or “afuu” that was gradually growing sweeter made Hajime decided to distance his finger, but the intoxicated eyes of Yue were more eloquent than even words, pleading at him “I want you to continue”.

Hajime’s gaze wandered around, but his fall was quick. The beautiful girl that was too lovely cuddling at him like a cat made his hand reached out even faster than his consciousness, his fingertip fell toward that smooth skin that was like silk. This was also a minor defeat.

Surely, from here on, no matter how strong he became, this monster born at the bottom of the abyss would never win against the lovely and bewitching vampire princess, perhaps.

Although, with the saying of ‘the one falling in love is the loser’, in that meaning it was enough to continuously make the vampire princess as the loser in her lifetime. (TN: The meaning of the saying, that is in a love relationship the love of the two people to each other is 50:50, but if someone fall in love first to other people, the love comparison will be like 70:30 or even 100:0. Obviously the one falling in love is the one in the loss.)

Both of them were respectively loser, and respectively winner.

That was the relationship of the monster and the vampire princess who encountered each other at the bottom of the abyss.

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